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47 Inspirational Quotes About Reinventing Yourself, According To Experts

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47 Positive Inspirational Quotes About Reinventing Yourself For New Beginnings

As you head toward the new year, it's common to feel as though you're not at the place you truly want to be mentally or emotionally.

While that may be feel daunting, the doorway to a new decade is an excellent place to create positive new beginnings in your life by learning how to reinvent yourself.

And often, the best way to get yourself into the proper mindset for finding happiness in your life again can be found by reading the inspirational and motivational quotes from people who know what they're talking about.

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Reinventing your life and learning how to love yourself can be a monumental task — especially if you suffer from low self-esteem or don’t feel like you deserve happiness.

If you’re tired of your thoughts and actions simply not aligning with who you hope and want to be, then it’s time to take the first step into your new future.

Reinventing yourself is no easy feat. But if you are tired of the ways things are and want to spark change in your life, then it’s time to embrace being your authentic and true self.

In order to know who you really are — whether you’re actively trying to become a new you or already on the path to reinvention — you’re going to have to prepare yourself for turbulence.

Before entering the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, you’ll have to make decisions along the way that contradict your past self.

There are many roadblocks and issues in life that prevent you from being the person you want to be and loving yourself the way you need to. But in reinventing yourself, you’ll learn to embrace the things that made you you while also letting go of the past and the habits you’ve formed along the way.

If you’re ready to learn how to reinvent yourself, here are 47 inspirational quotes full of positive advice on new beginnings from our very own YourTango Experts.

1. Begin by planting the idea of change

"What may seem like stability usually has the seeds of change within it, whether wanted or not. Your opportunity is to plant and nurture the seeds of reinvention while remaining authentic and adventuresome. The challenge is to continue honoring who you are during turbulent times, which are often beyond your influence."

—​ Ruth Schimel, Ph.D., career and life management consultant

2. Choose to be more

"There's no reward for suffering; it crushes and limits you. Choose a path to joy and soar to wondrous possibilities."

—​ Melody Chadamoyo, certified Law of Attraction and relationship coach

3. Find out who you want to be ... and then be it

"If you live according to everyone else, you can lose yourself — by finding your real self and aspirations in life."

Nancy Carbone, psychotherapist

4. If you're tired of the way things are, change them!

"When you decide you no longer wish to endure the things that drain your energy, i.e. tasks, jobs, people, relationships, you find the freedom to let go. And in letting go, you gain the space and awareness where you begin to fill your life with new ideas that feed your soul."

Susan Dykes, spiritual healing coach

5. There's more to you than you know

"Who you are is more about your thoughts than the truth of who you are. Therefore, to reinvent yourself, have clarity of who you want to become. When you're in alignment with that vision, your thoughts, words, and actions and over time will create a new version of you."

Susie Kamen, M.S.W., psychotherapist

6. Don't base your progress against someone else

"Most people hit a dead-end moment at one time or another. Don’t panic if you’re drawing a blank about the next step while everyone around you seems focused. Trust that not knowing is part of your process and it's opening up a creative space for growth."

Jean Fitzpatrick, LP, marriage counselor and psychotherapist

7. Decide the course you need to take

"The first step is to get clear about your life purpose and decide what impact you want to have in the world. The second step is to either find a mentor or take courses to educate yourself in your new direction. With the right support, dive in and do the passionate work you're meant to do!"

Amy Schoen, dating, relationship, and life coach

8. Find what makes your heart sing

"Do you remember being good at something growing up? Then life took a turn, and you did what everyone said was the right thing to do, yet found peace elusive. Reinvent yourself by returning to what you were good at and share your gift with the world."

Keya Murthy, hypnotherapist and life coach

9. Start small to make a big difference

"Make a decision to change only one small thing about yourself at a time. Do it successfully for six weeks, and a small rainbow of changes will begin to emerge. Big changes of behavior are too stressful to Your sense of self, and usually fail."

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, psychologist and originator of The Enchanted Self

10. Understand yourself as you are

"To reinvent yourself, you have to know your present self. When you know who you are, you're better able to anticipate the obstacles ahead and emphasize your strengths throughout the reinvention process."

Elayne Daniels, Ph.D., clinical psychologist with specialized training and certification in yoga integrated psychotherapy

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11. Your power is already within you

"You are an infinitely powerful creator. Set your mind to how you most want to be, then unapologetically go forth and infuse that in all that you think, say, feel, and do. One day you’ll wake up and marvel at the life you’ve created."

Nicole Gruel, Ph.D., wellness coach and author

12. You are constantly changing; embrace it

"Remember, you are not the same person today that you were yesterday. Who you will be tomorrow is filled with endless possibilities."

Paulette Tomasson, registered nurse and clinical counselor

13. Explore your inner self

"Exploring your psychic abilities is an exercise of self-discovery and personal growth."

John Cappello, psychic medium and author

14. Dig deep to find what makes you unique

"Reinvention begins when you remember that all you need has always been, and will always be, tucked safely away inside of you. You have the power; you were born complete, perfect, whole, and lacking for nothing. Go within and remember."

Jen Narragon, life coach

15. You're more than what you've done

"You are so much bigger than anything you have done or anything that has been done to you. Let go of the shame and resentment so you can rise into the fullest expression of all your beautiful gifts, talents, passions and purpose for being here! Your loved ones — and the entire world — are waiting for that something special only you can bring!"

Veronica Monet, relationship coach and certified sexologist

16. Be yourself!

"The best way to reinvent yourself is to just be you. Shed the masks and false identities you've taken on and discover your authentic self. Be that person and you'll find true freedom."

Janelle Anderson, professional certified coach for women

17. Find what's already there inside

"The easiest way to reinvent yourself is to follow the line of least resistance and surrender to more pleasure in your body and life. Do more of what feels good! Become playful and allow for your innate erotic energy to emerge, ignite, and rebirth you naturally."

Sacha Fossa, holistic sex coach

18. Be vulnerable

“With complete vulnerability comes absolute empowerment."

Poppy & Geoff Spencer, relationship coaches and certified counselors

19. Let your outside reflect the truth

"Reinventing yourself is really about having the inner freedom to become on the outside who you know you are on the inside. It is about the inner freedom to shed the need for approval from others and show up as you truly are. Reinventing yourself is about letting go of the past and opening windows and doors to the present within!"

Geraldine Kerr, Ph.D., LMFT, therapist and life coach

20. Remember who you really are

"You don't 'reinvent' yourself; you peel away layers of societal conditioning and heal past wounds, revealing the authentic self that has been there all along. Reinvention is a word of the ego; remembering is the word of the soul."

Sarah Lamb, holistic life coach and therapist

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21. Choose your own path

"You and only you get to choose what is possible for you. If you think it's possible for you, it is. Why not fight for the best possible scenario instead of limiting yourself to past beliefs or experiences?"

Susie Pettit, certified life and cognitive coach

22. Just take it a day at a time

"When changing habits, start small. Look to change one thing at a time. Practice that one habit. When that becomes so much a part of you that you don’t even think about it, then change one more thing. Change is hard, but as the saying goes: 'Nothing changes if nothing changes.'"

Diane Quintana, certified professional organizer

23. Transform your life whenever you want

"Whether you’re stuck, dealing with loss, or facing a significant life change, it’s never too late to transform your life. Visualize the future you want and create an action plan that sets you up for success. Reach your potential and become who you are meant to become."

Lisa Petsinis, certified life coach focusing on stress management

24. Change is inevitable

"The fact is, you're reinventing yourself all the time, but you may be carrying into the future the same limitations and areas of discontent that plagued you in the past. To create a future radically more fulfilling than anything you’ve lived before, you must disconnect your point of reference from the past. Generate within yourself the essence of who you desire to be and allow that energy to guide your every thought, word, and action."

Christy Whitman, energy healer and life management specialist

25. Don't sell yourself short

“It's possible to reinvent or reprogram yourself if you experience and believe yourself to be less than optimal. Whatever you believe or have been programmed to think about yourself is your reality until you decide to become curious about what other reality of yourself is possible. Because you know that the brain is able to transform and change its understanding, you too, can transform and change your understanding, thus reinventing yourself!”

Nicklas Ehrlich, M.S.W., marriage and family therapist for individuals and couples

26. Refocus yourself

"When things get tough, it's time to refocus your creativity and become resourceful. Discerning what's truly important, not what's idealized to be important."

Anna Thea, author and sex educator

27. You don't have to stay unhappy

"Don't ever tell yourself you have to stay in an unhappy place; you never do! To reinvent yourself, all you have to do is take some new actions. Do something different to get different results instead of just staying stuck and being unhappy."

Kristine Carlson, psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner and author

28. Discover yourself and appreciate it

"The key to reinventing yourself is to become a keen observer of your current way of being so you can identify what thoughts and beliefs are driving your actions. You'll begin to see what previously seemed like a permanent element of your personality as the result of a practiced way of thinking. With acceptance of what you have created, you can then teach your brain to think differently in a way that is in alignment with who you really are — rather than who you think you are 'supposed' to be."

Michelle Thompson, life coach specializing in the Law of Attraction

29. Separate your feelings

"In reinventing yourself, it's important to remember that you are not your feelings. They change like the weather. What doesn't change is the commitment you have to make a difference in life."

Phyllis Koch-Sheras, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and co-founder of Couples Coaching Couples

30. Commit to loving yourself

"The word 'reinvention' can be overwhelming. You may not have the time or bandwidth to undertake a complete metamorphosis, but if you have a craving for your life to be something more or different, pay attention. Create some new habit, however small, that honors your inner voice and commits you to your future self."

Helaina Altabef, coach and founder of Pique Learning

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31. Make your statements affirmations

"Protect whatever follows ‘I am’ as it’s who you are and will be. Look into a mirror and exclaim out loud, ‘I am a child of God, I am loved, I am worthy, I am connected and I am good,’ when doubts whisper in your ears. Be thoughtful and intentionally inspire yourself into being."

Laila Daniel, licensed professional counselor

32. Celebrate yourself as you are

"Accept in this moment, all your feelings, sensations, and situations while releasing limiting beliefs and fears in the future. Breathe calmly to focus on your deepest values and what you can do today to express them, no matter how small they are, or how bad you feel. Relax and celebrate these mostly unnoticed and unseen triumphs, and affirm that who you are is more than pain and you are enough right now."

Mary Wells, LCSW with specialized training in enhancing neuroplasticity and brain regulation as well as understanding and managing chronic pain

33. Reinventing yourself comes with big changes

"If you’re miserable at work, career transition may be the key to reinvent your entire life. Taking a manageable leap of faith will require courage, but it's often the only way to open a door that's sealed shut until you honor the need for change. Listening to your intuition will point you in a direction that honors your authentic self, even if your next step seems to defy logic."

Doris Helge, Ph.D., certified leadership and executive coach

34. Invest in self-love

"To reinvent yourself is really about reinvestment. Changing your path leads to new views and new experiences. Life is an adventure; be brave to create a new you."

Geraldine Moran, family coach and the founder of OZ Spectrum Success Coaching

35. Find out what your weak areas are

"If you don't know how to fix a broken clock, you'll only get the correct time twice a day. You cannot change anything unless you know what it is that needs to be changed."

— Joseph LaFrance, psychologist

36. Chaos can be a good thing

"The process of re-inventing yourself can often be a pretty wild ride! One of my favorite quotes regarding this is from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: 'One must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.' So, embrace the chaos and look for pearls of wisdom to guide your way to your dancing star, your next magnificent version of you."

Deborah Roth, M.A., PCC, relationship coach and founder of Spirited Living

37. Every moment brings new opportunity

"When you live your life in the moment, the world is your oyster. Embrace the wonderful opportunities today, to become the person you know you were meant to be!"

Glynis McCants, relationship coach and numerologist

38. Trust your true self

"The greater reality of who you are will emerge when you have the courage to let go of everything you use to create artificial feelings. Trust your true self, healthy relationships, and your higher power to give you the love and guidance you need to transform."

Michael Regier, Ph.D., therapist, coach, and educator

39. New beginnings require strength

"Reinventing yourself is a new beginning. But it requires a willingness to surrender the old in order to find victory in the new. It's a revival of your mind, body, and soul."

Amy Debrucque, author and inspirational writer

40. Risks are worth it

"Inside each person, there's a power to reinvent the self and become great. However, to make it a reality, the desire to manifest it has to be bigger than the inherent fear of failure. Any successful endeavor always involves taking risks and going out of your comfort zone."

Ellen Patricia, family coach and life counselor

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41. Let things that don't serve you fall away

"The best part about the worst times is you get to let go of what doesn’t serve you. This gives you the space to reinvent yourself."

Lianne Avila, MFT, marriage and couples counselor

42. Every day brings new opportunities

"Nature will automatically replicate what worked in the past, but you have the chance to make tomorrow different from yesterday. This is the gift of being alive: To not blindly repeat the past and consciously choose how you want to show up today."

Jeffrey Siegel, holistic wellness coach focusing on weight management

43. What are you telling yourself?

"The most powerful thing you can do in the process of reinventing yourself is to examine the story you tell yourself about who you are. With reflection, you might discover that what you believe no longer applies to your present-day reality and has blocked you from growing and reaching your goals. Re-framing and letting go of limiting concepts can allow you to continue the important journey of becoming your true, authentic selves."

Debby Gullery, relationship coach and author

44. Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

"Identify any negative or limiting beliefs and take responsibility for your life choices. Use your past experiences as lessons and not as obstacles for your new phase in life. Embody being the creator and get support and inspiration from people who have reinvented themselves successfully."

Ute Luppertz, holistic healing coach for animals

45. Create your own reality

"Every day, every moment, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself by choosing your focus. The stories you are telling yourself about your circumstances are creating your reality. It's worth being inventive."

Susan Shearer-Young, life coach and author

46. Let go of people-pleasing

"To reinvent yourself you have to stop caring if everyone likes you. People-pleasing must be a thing of the past. If someone doesn't like you and if someone doesn't know you, then it's not about you."

Lesley Goth, PsyD, psychologist and couples counselor

47. Learn to love who you are

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself."

Ramie Haas, hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner

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