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How To Tap Into Your Dreams & Subconscious Mind To Find Love

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How To Tap Into Your Dreams & Subconscious Mind To Find Love

Perhaps you're tired of being single and are looking for love. The secret to unlocking true love may lie inside your subconscious mind.

Believe it or not, your dreams are a powerful tool for discerning what you're looking for when it comes to love and relationships.

Learning how to activate your subconscious with a dream journal might give you insight you never imagined before.

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Finding a meaningful partnership is something many people desire, but it’s not easy out there today: Dating apps are challenging, technology can isolate us, and work relationships are tricky at best.

Sometimes, you aren’t sure what you want in a partner or how to draw a healthy relationship into your life. Working with your nighttime dreams can help you both clarify what you want in a partner, remove blocks to finding one, and optimize your chances for success.

Your "wise self" knows who your soul is seeking for companionship and love

Your nightly dreams contain wisdom and information that your daytime self is not yet aware of. They can provide you with access to your deepest and wisest self, as well as to the wisdom available from the collective unconscious.

In the depths of your dreams, you have direct access to the unconscious part of your "self" that your waking and conscious mind can’t tap into.

But if you develop a practice of remembering, recording, and working with your dreams, you can bring that unconscious wisdom up to the surface to be available in waking life for guidance, direction, and healing.

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Write your dreams down in a dream journal. 

Start by keeping a journal right next to your bed and write down your dreams when you first awaken. Dreams can be like mists or puffs of smoke — move too fast and they're gone, so try to catch them right away.

If you forget, no worries! You can always write them down later when you get a chance. (I sometimes remember I've had a dream while taking my shower, then scoot to dry off as fast as I can and capture it before forgetting).

Before going to sleep, directly request guidance and advice.

Through a process called "dream incubation," you can ask your dreams to provide you with information on what your blocks are to finding your ideal partner, what you can do to heal or repair the stuck or wounded places in your life that might be interfering, or even what circumstances or venues are optimal for you to find a good match.

In short, you can ask your dreams to help with anything you need.

To incubate a dream, simply spend a few minutes before bed each night writing or journaling the question or dilemma you want an answer to. You can spend two minutes, half an hour, or as long as you want or need: The choice is yours.

Be sure, however, to end your writing with a question. The clearer and more direct the question, the better the chance that the answering dream will be transparent and not need too much decoding.

Be patient, you may not get the answer right away, but if you are persistent, a dream will come through. Write it on the same page as your question, and then work with the question and the answering dream to find the message.

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Linda Schiller, MSW, LICSW is a psychotherapist, consultant, and speaker. For more information on how "dreamwork" can help you find the love of your life, contact her at her website.