How To Master ‘Flow’ To Take Action On Your Goals Now

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How To Take Action On Your Goals Now

Taking action toward your goals can be difficult and requires a lot of action. Sometimes, it's easier to just go with the flow.

The idea of "flow versus action" has to be the most misunderstood operational principle of the Universe. It's the topic of more distraught clients, frustrated business owners, and spiritual seekers than almost all of the Universal Laws combined.

"I'm going with the flow."

"If it was meant to be, God would bring it to me."

"I hit an obstacle, so I guess it wasn't meant to be!"

Really, now? You'll all have to forgive me as I go on a bit of rant here, but when did the New Age movement get the ancient teachings so very wrong?

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When did flow come to mean no boundaries?

When did flow become associated with a lack of personal responsibility? When did flow become associated with inaction?

When did the saying, "God helps those who help themselves" go missing in action? (No pun intended!)

Mastering the "flow" looks like this...

First, you set an intention. Such as, "I want a healthy and passionate relationship."

Then, you take an action step. Taking action is how the Universe "listens" to you, by the way. It's how you "set space."

Finally, the Universe will "test" you up to three times. If you take action for your goals, the tests disappear. But if you waiver, you stay in the test step.

If Christ, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Buddha were all tested — why is it a shock that we are tested, too?

We have a saying in the transformation field: Unless you're tested, the goal wasn't big enough!

You're only tested once the Universe has heard you.

Once the Universe has heard you, it flows opportunities to you. Then, it's up to you to take the opportunity.

As soon as you decide to take the opportunity, you'll be tested to see if you can live within the new boundary.

Hint: The tests are really about new boundaries! So, the only way to have no tests is to have no goals.

Stay in the present and take action.  

An easy way to remember this is: "Flow is now." The Universe flows opportunities and experiences to you in the now.

Action is about directional focus. You take action in the now to align yourself to future goals.

Flow is an action, and in order to be in the flow, you must also be taking action.

It's a paradox. 

No wonder esoteric masters have been attempting to explain this for a millennium!

It's a paradox, and all the Universal truths are taught in paradox because the only way to understand a paradox is visceral.

Your body and your unconscious mind can hold both aspects of the paradox at once, but your conscious mind can't.

Picture it this way: When a stream is flowing, it's moving.

Movement denotes action. Energy is always in motion. Even in stillness meditations, we are attempting to be still, so that we can be, so that we can experience, and as soon as we experience, we are interacting with the flow (a.k.a., doing).

This action leads us to have a different set of opportunities brought to us.

So, are you continually flowing through your experiences as a human being? Or are you refusing to experience the flow by refusing to take the action?

You have to be, so that we can do, so that we can have.

That is the real flow: Be. Do. Have.

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It reminds me of an old joke: A flood had torn through a small town, and volunteers are in a rowboat picking up those who are stranded and in danger. The volunteers find a priest stranded on his porch.

"Father, we have come to rescue you. Get in the boat."

The priest replies, "No, my children. God will rescue me."

The waters continue to rise. The volunteers take a motorboat and find the priest hanging out of his second-story window.

"Father, we have come to rescue you. Get in the boat."

The priest replies, "No, my children. God will rescue me."

The waters continue to rise. The volunteers take a helicopter and find the priest clinging to the chimney on the roof. "Father, we have come to rescue you. Get in the helicopter."

The priest replies, "No, my children. God will rescue me."

So, the priest drowns. In heaven, he comes face to face with God. He asks, "Why did you forsake me when I have dedicated my life to you?"

God replies, "Forsake you?! I sent you a rowboat, a motorboat, and a helicopter! What else did you expect me to do? Get in the boat for you?"

Yes, you will have opportunities flow to you.

Yes, you will be tested.

And, yes, as soon as you take action, the tests will disappear.

So get in the boat, everyone. I know I will!

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Dr. Kim Redman is a leadership coach, business coach, speaker, and presenter.