What Is Your Calling, By Numerology Life Path Number

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What Is Your Calling, By Numerology Life Path Number

Whether or not you know what you want to do with your life, there always comes a point where you question it and want to look beyond horoscopes and zodiac signs. You ask yourself if you're on the right path or if you're truly going to be happy doing this one thing for the rest of your life.

When we struggle, especially with finding our life purpose or life altering questions, we look to higher powers to guide us.

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Numerology is the belief that a certain number aligns with certain events in your life. This number is found based off your birthday, and like your horoscope sign, reveals things about personality traits and life purposes.

In fact, numerology can help guide you towards what you should be doing with your life. As ludicrous as that may sound, there are certain attributes associated with each life number.

Similar to that of a zodiac sign, your number will reveal parts of your personality that can push you towards certain career or life choices. For example, your number might reveal that you are more creative.

If that is the case, you might want to stray away from a typical 9-5 job and start pushing yourself to explore options that allow you to more actively express yourself. However, you can not use astrology or numerology to be the sole deciding factor in your life.

You must take what is said with a grain of salt and apply the advice to complexity of your life. Creativity can apply to personal freedom or work. Independence can apply to work, family, relationships, or sense of self.

How you choose to apply advice is just as important, if not more so, than the advice itself. Numerology and astrology require strong awareness. Being in tune with who you are and what you want allows you to interpret signs, omens, guidance to your favor.

People who don't believe think that astrology is spewed vague nonsense when they just don't know how to identify with it. 

Here is what your life path number says about what you should do with your life, per numerology.


Being number one is a high position to be in. It's connotation implies that they are the best. While your number does not determine your success, those who are number ones take the status to heart.

They tackle new projects and challenges with ease. A force to be reckoned with, they should do whatever they are passionate about in life. If they are interested in a career that doesn't make much money, their drive and determination will propel them to defy all odds. They can make the most out of any situation so it's best that they stay true to what they love.

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Whereas number ones are more dominate, number twos are more submissive. They are idealists and sensitive souls. They are caring, compassionate, and will make sure that everyone is happy.

Empathy is their biggest strength which shows that working with others would be a good path for them. This could take on many forms such as volunteering, parenting, or teaching. Selflessness being at the forefront of your platform is what will get you far in life. 


Number threes have vivid imaginations. This extends towards their creative projects as well as how they communicate with others. Loud, exuberant, and kind, number threes would work well in the entertainment industry.

YouTube, podcasts, and outlets that reach wide audiences through personality are where they would thrive. They aren't the types to let fame and success change who they are.


Number fours are natural problem solvers. They think objectively and practically. However, they have the best intentions when others are involved. Therefore, they should work in a managerial position. They thrive under pressure and will be fiercely loyal to those who serve under them. They lead well but only when they believe in their cause. 

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Number fives are ambitious and fiery. With a tendency to act on impulses, they should follow their desires within reasonable limits. If they have the urge to travel, they are strong-willed enough to go through with a plan and outgoing enough to get a lot out of the experience. If they want to quit their job and follow their passion, they can get others to rally behind their cause. They should follow their gut and live a life that matches their wildest dreams; the mundane would never be enough. 


Number sixes will do anything for those they love. They make excellent partners and parents. However, this energy also displays itself well in law enforcement or careers where they are put in charge of others. They act best when acting on behalf of other people. 


Number sevens are very hard working. More importantly, they are sure of their work. They work well in the medical field or in a career were precision is key. Keeping to themselves, they prefer scholarly positions. They take pride in their research and are very interested in big picture concepts. Philosophy would challenge but intrigue them as they like having answers. 

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Number eights take risks that are worth it. They take control of most situations and lead with confidence. Their decisions seem spontaneous but are actually well thought out. They would work well in economics and finance due to planning and confidence. This can extend towards other risk taking moves such as bold fashion statements and lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes can include moving and taking career risks.


Number nines advocate for change. They are very intense about their causes and strive to do good. Philanthropic projects draw them in as they have something to rally behind. They can easily rise through the ranks and even start their own organization or charity project. 

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