How Venus Leaving Her Post-Retrograde Shadow Phase Affects Your Love Life & Clarity This Week

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Clarity Returns As Venus Leaves Her Post Shadow Retrograde and How It Will Affect All Signs

It feels like we’re able to breathe a collective sigh of relief as Venus, the planet of love, has finally reached the end of her post-retrograde shadow phase on July 29th.

The Venus post-retrograde shadow phase means we are now at the point of closing out some major chapters in our life, including those in our relationships.

Venus has been in a form of retrograde since May, as she has traversed the sign of Gemini, making us all realize just how much communication and connection goes into that relationship where we say it feels like magic.

But it’s also been about decisions, life path choices, and realizing that we can’t drag our entire past into our future, because then we’ll end up ruining it before it starts.

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Together, this energy has worked collectively with all of the Cancer energy to help us take stock of how happy and fulfilling our current relationship and home life is. So, as we start this new cycle, thanks to Venus and the Double New Moon in Cancer, we’ll be in the place to actually receive it.

What does the Venus post-retrograde shadow phase mean for your relationships?

Venus is a planet that's all about love, romance, beauty, finances, and even the personal values we have within relationships. This means that when she changes signs or turns retrograde, we can feel it in all these areas of our lives.

Venus, on average, turns retrograde once every two years, and does so in each sign every eight years. The last time we had a Venus retrograde in Gemini was 2012, and the next time won’t be until 2028, so now is the time to incorporate the major lessons that this planet has been trying to teach us.

But more so than just her retrograde phase, which was partially over on June 25th once she turned direct, we’ve still experienced her moving over the last few degrees of Gemini she had to trace prior to turning retrograde.

What does this mean? It means we are still retracing our steps, too.

Officially back in May, Venus turned retrograde at five degrees Gemini. What we’re celebrating on July 29th is Venus reaching that same degree mark, meaning that whatever lessons, reflections and redos we were supposed to do during that time have been completed, and it’s now time to move forward in our lives.

But this transit in Venus will also bring challenges into our lives.

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Venus reaching the point she turned retrograde is good news, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to come easily or that there still won’t be bumps in the road as we see ourselves move through the rest of July and into August.

Often times, Venus retrogrades are fabulous for weeding out those relationships that have unfortunately expired. But because we’re not in the mind frame to know how to move forward, many of these breakups occur after the retrograde is over.

This is, in part, because we now have the full picture, and we’ve also had a few months to wrap our heads around this new information, as well as plan out the next step. As we see July 29th approach, we may feel ready to cut strings to our past ourselves, or hear our partner say those dreaded words: “We need to talk.”

While an unfortunate side effect of the frustration that Venus brings — in this case, wanting to move forward but feeling like we can’t — we need to be mindful of sabotaging a relationship we don’t know how to leave.

Mars is currently in Aries, meaning that our tempers are hot, so trying this route, even if unconsciously, will end up only bringing more anger and drama than if we just said the difficult words to begin with.

The hard part of Venus is that if we’re feeling frustrated by wanting to move forward, it also means we didn’t make any impulsive decisions during retrograde.

This is actually great news because if we make big moves during retrograde, they can come up for review later on. But waiting, even if excruciating, ends up making all the difference. Just wait and see.

Luckily, the astrology of the post-retrograde shadow phase will bring success.

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If you've made it to this point without making any dramatic changes to your life, but you want to, congratulations! You’ve done the hard work of Venus retrograde in Gemini, and are now ready for the next step.

While cleaning up what isn’t working doesn’t sound like anyone's idea of fun, keep in the back of your mind that you’re creating space for what (and who) aligns. Now is the time to focus on what will be and make the most of the energy that's coming in.

While we could see some truths, decisions, clarity and big changes from July 29th to August 6th, we’re also set to add to that Cancer energy that has dominated our year, when Venus moves into the sign of home, family, committed relationships, and motherhood on August 7th.

Venus in Cancer means that any decisions or choices we’ve been contending with since May will likely lead to greater happiness and fulfillment as we move through the rest of our 2020.

In many ways, this is why the Double Cancer New Moon at the end of July truly is a turning point.

While the first half of the year was all about learning, the second half is all about doing: making those choices, ending relationships, creating new ones, finding ourselves, and finding joy; being happy and realizing that we don’t owe anyone anything, especially if it means we’re sacrificing ourselves in the process.

The decisions we make from July 29th and on are those that will stick.

There is a finality to many of our choices that we’re making this year simply because we’re evolving past the person that needed the comfort zones we once did. This is a year for truly moving forward, no strings attached, into the future that's waiting for us with open arms.

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