How The June 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign & Relationships All Month Long

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How The June 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign & Relationships All Month Long

Life has a way of working out when we least suspect it.

Our June 2020 horoscope starts off with an intense energy that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. We will be in the throes of Gemini season and of Venus retrogrades through this same sign. Love, choices and life paths will be on our minds as we begin this month.

Usually around this time, we are able to make changes in our own lives and act, but because of current circumstances we’ve felt such a slowdown or pull back that once we feel free to move in new directions, we will do so quickly.

What does the June 2020 monthly love horoscope mean for your relationships and life choices?

Depending on the transits we experience, we can expect this energy to change our path.

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Chiron, Vesta and Pallas: June 1st-3rd

Beginning the month, we experience a series of changes at the hand of major asteroids — Chiron, Vesta and Pallas. While subtle, they will set the tone in many ways for what lies ahead.

In a quintile (a minor aspect indicating the planets are 72 degrees apart) between retrograding Jupiter and Chiron, we can expect have themes of healing, abundance and the solutions to problems to promote both, which very much sets us up to look at changes positively this month.

Also occurring around this time, Pallas Retrograde enters Capricorn, calling into question our healing as it relates to our primary foundations, including those early childhood wounds. Vesta moves into Cancer, asking us what home and family mean to us.

Sagittarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: June 5th 

We begin eclipse season with the Full Moon in Sagittarius asking us to combine passion with purpose.

This moon will ignite us in many ways with wanting to move forward in our lives because of its fire sign qualities. But depending upon our current circumstances, we may feel unable to do so.

This will determine how we greet this moon. Are we inspired to move forward? Or, do we feel frustration and anger because we can’t?

What will help is if we can see the positive of either response, because even if we’re unable to take physical steps at this point, we’re still experiencing our commitment to the path that we have chosen, even if we’re delayed in starting it.

Because of this being a lunar eclipse, we can also expect to feel and process our emotions during this moon, especially as they relate to philosophical debates over our own life. To begin eclipse season in a fire sign is difficult, because while we may want to jump ahead, what we have to remember is this is still just the beginning.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: June 18th 

Well, if we didn’t have enough planets retrograding, here's Mercury adding to the mix! Instead of looking at it as an inconvenience, at this point we just have to smile and roll with wherever the universe takes us.

Beginning with the themes of family, foundations and healing that the major asteroids brought in at the beginning of the month, this retrograde will center around themes of family and home, thanks to the influence of Cancer.

Mercury retrogrades are generally short, about three weeks, so no need to sink into despair! Instead, take this as time to truly focus on what you need (and want) from this area of your life, and be open to any new thoughts and realizations that arise.

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Cancer Season (Sun in Cancer): June 20th 

Shortly after Mercury moves into retrograde, we welcome the start of Cancer season, again emphasizing this focus of home and family.

Often times, this area of our lives can be the most sensitive to look at and reflect upon because it’s so tender or close to our heart. It’s also related to our own foundations, and the wounding and conditioning we experienced as children, which means it’s more triggering to deal with our own experiences as adults.

But we are here, nonetheless. In order to truly get the most out of this season, we have to be open to what the current retrograding planets are asking us to consider, while also being open and receptive to change. Things happen because they're meant to, and it’s not always our job to understand them, but continuing to have faith in the process.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer: June 21st

Now comes the physical manifestation of the changes that have been occurring below the surface.

This moon is all about new beginnings in our home and family life. This moon is about what we commit to, what we take care of, and how we want to be cared for.

Occurring at this time, we’ve had almost the whole month of June to process our feelings about choices, paths, and our home life. And now, this is the time that we will feel more able to make movement.

For many, it’s also likely that this is coming as social distancing and quarantine restrictions are being lifted, so the new moon and new movement will likely be occurring congruently around this time.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: June 23rd

Neptune retrograde is actually helping us this time, thankfully! While many retrograding planets cause hiccups in our day to day lives, having this planet turn retrograde right around the time of the new moon is actually a great omen for new beginnings.

Neptune rules illusion, fantasy, dreams and even unconditional love, so while retrograding we’re able to see the truth more clearly, we’re being more honest, and we’re taking off the rose-colored glasses so we can see what’s in front of us.

For those making big family and relationship changes around this time, this is great news. Whatever choice we’re making, we’re doing so with our eyes wide open. While love may be blind, unconditional love sees it all and chooses it anyway.

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Venus turns direct in Gemini: June 25th 

The planet of love, beauty and material wealth turns direct, and while it will be a few weeks until she’s completely left her shadow zone, giving us the green light to move ahead, there's still relief to be had.

More than likely, many of us had our choices, both past and present, called into question over the last 40 days. Most of this had to do with our own healing from what we went through as children and the adults we have become despite any conditioning that we encountered.

Now, moving forward, we’re able to choose our own self, our own authentic path, and those relationships that foster the self we want to continue to evolve into.

Mars moves into Aries: June 27th 

This says it all. Mars, the planet of addition, drive and motivation, moves into his home sign of Aries, where, because of his own retrograde later this year, he’ll be in until 2021.

This means it’s time to act. It’s time to get things done. It’s time to take a chance and to feel motivated (and confident) enough to make those big choices.

Mars in Aries usually is one to act without thinking, but not this time. Not after all the planets in retrograde, not after our lunar and solar eclipse. This time we’re moving forward and acting, simply because we’re finally ready to do so.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto: June 30th 

We end this month with a test. How far have we actually come? How much growth have we actually done?

Jupiter is the future and our sense of abundance, while Pluto is the truth that we normally hide from. In a conjunction, where both planets are in the same sign (Capricorn), we’re being tested to see if we actually have done the work that was asked of this past month.

Have we faced our inner truth? Are we ready to let go of foundations that already are crumbling? If not, are we ready to step up to the plate?

Because so many of these big changes and moments of growth we’re being asked to experience this year, there's no going back, only forward. Always only forward.

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