How The May 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign & Relationships All Month Long

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How The May 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign & Relationships All Month Long

The May 2020 love horoscope starts off big and ends no differently. It's not necessarily offering reprieve from what we’ve been going through, but instead showing us that the way through anything is to keep going, trusting that everything will become better and make sense.

While each month has its own sun sign that can overlap a zodiac season, it also uniquely has its own theme, which is dictated by the transits, planetary movements and even moon cycles that occur during it.

In astrology, the monthly love horoscope includes numerous planets turning retrograde. This means we’re asked to truly go within ourselves so we don’t miss what we did last time.

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Venus-Neptune square: May 1st-May 8th

We begin the month with a Venus-Neptune square, which is all about the point of action between the planet of love (Venus), and the planet that governs our illusions and fantasies (Neptune).

This means that we’re likely to see something brought to a head in which we will be asked to make a choice from the truth of a situation, rather than what we had perceived it to be. The energy of this square will be in effect from May 1st until May 8th, as the square between these two will be exact until then.

Full Moon in Scorpio: May 7th

This carries directly over into the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th, which is about highlighting the truth of any situation we’ve ignored or held denial about, and will help us transform ourselves or any areas of our lives to greater embody this virtue.

This full moon is one that traditionally tends to bring about a new lens for seeing the world, but it’s also about going deeper within ourselves. We tend to be drawn more towards intense and meaningful conversations, as well as pursing those types of interactions with others.

Scorpio is a very passionate and desire-driven water sign. So, around this time we can expect that those will be heightened within ourselves.

Saturn retrograde, Mercury moves into Gemini, Mars moves into Pisces, Venus retrograde & Jupiter retrograde: May 11th-May 14th

Following the full moon, we really get into the excitement of the month with multiple planetary transits.

Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius on May 11th, which is the same day Mercury moves into Gemini. However, within just a few days, we will experience Mars shifting into Pisces, Venus retrograde in Gemini, and Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn.

One of these events alone would cause us to feel a shift in both our internal and external lives, but for all of them, it means one thing: change isn’t just on the horizon — it’s here, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

Together, these planets all rule major parts of our lives from time, karma, communication, love, abundance, and the future that is ours to create. We’ve all known that we were at the brink for some time, and while we’ve all prayed for change, it doesn’t mean we knew we’d be asked to walk through fire in order to receive it.

This may be a really tough month for some, especially those that are further away from realizing or living their truth, as retrogrades of any kind tend to push us inward. But having this many at one time is really the Universe begging us to stop, to pause, and to make sure we’re really on the path we’re meant to be on.

Pluto, the lord of the underworld and the harbinger of secrets, already turned retrograde last month. With so many planets slowing down before beginning a new cycle, it’s time that we focus on doing that for ourselves.

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There is no way to invite change in without surrendering to what that change may mean for us; in this case, while it’s certainly about bringing greater truth to our lives, it’s also about living through our hearts realizing we all have a choice.

Saturn often brings harsher lessons than we would like, but these lessons are always fair, and they always help things turn out as they are meant to. While Venus tends to rearrange our love lives, she also does so for our greater benefit.

But through all of this, Jupiter — who operates as the divine teacher, especially in retrograde motion — asks us to go within ourselves to learn that this isn’t just about these individual lessons, but looking at how all of it comes together for each of us, and what it means as we figure out how to move forward in our lives.

This energy will dominate the next few months until the planets begin to shift out of their retrogrades and we welcome in the eclipse season energy, which promises to create a completely different theme for the second half of the year.

New moon in Gemini: May 22nd

Shortly after this period of planetary activity, we celebrate the New Moon in Gemini, which will highlight this theme of decisions and choices. The astrology of this month will kickstart that energy, because it’s not just about finding our truth, but what we’re going to do differently because of it.

Gemini always represents the idea of options, paths and being at a crossroads of life. But because of the retrogrades, it’s likely that this is something that ties back to a path we thought we’ve already decided upon. So, the biggest obstacle isn’t necessarily what to choose, but how to un-choose what you thought you wanted.

Juno turns direct & Mercury moves into Cancer: May 26-May 28th

On the heels of the new moon, we will see Juno the asteroid, which governs marriage, family and motherhood, turn direct. This means that a lot of these truths, decisions and paths we have been presented will be centered around those areas of life.

Mirroring this is that, as one of the last aspects of the month, Mercury shifts into Cancer, the sign of the mother and home. This shift is letting us know that this is an area that our communication will focus on for the next few weeks.

What do all these planetary transits mean for your zodiac sign?

What’s important to remember as we head into this season, is that praying for things to be easy isn't the same as praying for divine timing in all things.

The best part of life will not be the easiest. And it's simply because it’s the path through the difficulties that enables us to master the lessons required to be great and to have that great love.

So, try instead to lean into what feels the most difficult, to practice blind trust, and have faith that you were brought here for a reason. You don’t need to know everything in order to take the next step today, so try to focus on where you are now, trusting that you’ll eventually end up where and with whom you want.

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