What The Ceres Asteroid Moving Into Pisces Means For Your Love Horoscope Until September 2020

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What The Ceres Asteroid Moving Into Pisces Means For Your Love Horoscope Until September 2020

A return to kindness.

While asteroid Ceres isn’t as well known in popular astrology, this important planetary body will shift into Pisces on April 23rd, bringing with her more kindness, caring and enjoyment of the simple things in life.

What is Ceres? In astrology, Ceres is an asteroid that is the largest among the dwarf planets located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Ceres can have a more erratic transit cycle than that of traditional larger planets, and while she can spend a few months in one zodiac sign before moving to the next, she can also spend much longer periods in one as well.

For this cycle, Ceres will stay in Pisces until September 27th when, during her retrograde, she will cross back into Aquarius. This lasts until November 9th when she once again is back in Pisces, staying there until she finally transits into Aries on February 21st, 2021.

Ceres moves into Pisces and stays there much longer than usual, but it’s precisely what we all need right now.

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While Ceres represents seasons, agricultural and phases of womanhood, she also represents women, motherhood and unconditional love.

The mythology of Ceres (known as Demeter in Greek mythology) is that Pluto fell in love with her daughter, Persephone, and wanted her to come live with him in the underworld, but Ceres couldn’t bare to be separated from her daughter. Once Pluto essentially stole Persephone and brought her into the underworld, which he ruled, Ceres left behind everything to find her.

During this time, the world as we knew it fell into chaos, sickness abounded, and the animals and plants began to die off. Once Ceres found her long lost daughter, Ceres and Pluto agreed that Persephone could split her time in both the underworld and the upper. This enabled Ceres to return to earth, and with it the bounty and hope of Spring, as animals were born and crops grew again.

While this is the myth connected to the meaning of Ceres, we have to use it to look deeper within our own lives.

As far as the sickness goes, it doesn’t take much to make a connection between the myth of Ceres and the events that have flooded on Earth this year. It’s not just about what’s happened, but the promise of what’s to come as well.

Even after the hardest winter, Spring returns. Even after months of darkness in the northern hemisphere, light returns in the summer. Whenever we as a society face something it seems we will never be able to recover from, we always do. Perhaps it may take time; it may take us making permanent changes to our lives, but eventually, we come back from the brink of wherever we were, stronger, more aware and ready to move forward.

For many of us, we’re being drawn back into our communities with others. We’ve been staying at home and focusing on those in our own neighborhoods during this season (another Ceres metaphor), while tending more to our home, nurturing those we care about, and spending more time in that mothering role. In many ways, we’ve been preparing for Ceres’ phase in Pisces before it’s even officially occurring.

However, once Ceres makes the shift into the water sign of Pisces, we can expect to see definable differences both within ourselves and the lives of those around us.

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Pisces is a water sign, one that is incredibly emotional and also spiritually connected. The sign of the dreamer, this represents the ultimate in unconditional love. For Ceres, she’s at home here because it mirrors her own love she had for her daughter, which means we’re going to find this an easy transition into a more sensitive and caring dynamic.

Ceres in Pisces is all about nurturing children, loved ones and even dreams. The energy is very much about being able to tend to new growth, and through challenges and difficulties being able to flourish; it's very much the vibration we’re all under as a collective.

We’re being supported here. Not just in caring more about our health and our families, but in the whole of everyone. We’re cooking more home-cooked meals, spending more time outdoors, and even thinking about growing our own food. While this likely began as we progressed through the pandemic period, it’s also one that will likely continue.

Even once things began to stabilize, we can’t unsee what we’ve seen, we can’t un-experience changes to our daily lives and culture. So, while we will rebuild and become stronger after this period of time becomes nothing more than a paragraph in a history book, we will forever be changed by it.

Another really beautiful aspect we’re going to feel in the coming months is the simple pleasures that are associated with just enjoying life. This might mean that we discover a newfound appreciation for sitting and watching the waves roll in and out on the beach, or maybe, instead of needing to travel the world for excitement, we just need to take a walk hand in hand with the one we love.

This is not just the idea that we’ll be able to enjoy the simpler things, but also that we’re creating a new way of life based around these principles.

To make the most of this though, we’re going to have to actually walk through the lessons we’re being presented with. This means we’re going to have to face those old bits of our lives that stand in the way of us being able to bring more of the energy of Ceres into our lives.

In order to be able to enjoy the simpler things, we need to simplify. And that's what Ceres in Pisces will teach us.

This might mean being asked to leave behind jobs or relationships that stand in the way of us being able to love or spend more time with those that we love. This is a time to not just return to kindness, but what truly matters most.

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