How Big Life Lessons & Astrology Of Sun Square Saturn Will Affect Your Love Horoscope Until October 2020

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How Big Life Lessons & Astrology Of Sun Square Saturn Will Affect Your Love Horoscope Until October 2020

It's now time to focus and work through what is in front of us when we are supported by the Sun in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius on April 20th. This transit usually occurs twice a year; the last time we experienced it was in October 2019, and the next time won’t be until October of later this year.

In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, creating a point of stress and action between the two. In this situation, we have Sun, which represents ego, free will and our external self, with Saturn, representing boundaries, time and karma.

Sun square Saturn is destined to help us focus and work on what we’re meant to. Because while this is a powerful transit, it's emphasizing its energy astrologically, as well as with society's current events.

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This square is a chance to take a realistic approach to what is happening in our current lives, and make the choice to work through it; not to ignore it, not deny it or try to pretend that nothing is happening, but actually address it. 

Sun represents the self that others would describe us as — the ego and choices based in free will that we’re able to exercise as we create the life of our choosing. Taurus season just began, so while we are firmly in this sign, which means we’re ready to make choices for the good of our stability and foundation, we also are still on the cusp of Aries.

While we mostly think of as the cusp between two signs to be important when it comes to our Sun sign, it actually greatly affects the planets as they transit from one sign to another. In this case, having the Sun on the Aries/Taurus cusp means that while we are focusing on our thoughts and the plans in front of us with an eye for stability, we’re still going to be operating with the impulsiveness of Aries.

This is especially true for all of us who have had our personal freedom restricted due to the ongoing pandemic. We’re not able to indulge our impulsive self as much as we previously had. We can’t just jump in our car or go where we please; instead, we’re staying put and focusing on what is in front of us.

This benefit will be double-sided. In many ways, feeling that we’re not able to be impulsive is actually a good thing because we need to feel that restriction in order to work through the blocks we can’t escape from. But it’s also because, as humans, we tend to put off dealing with anything difficult.

We don’t want to say the hard things or make difficult choices, so instead, we take that impulsive nature and flit from one thing to another, not making any real headway and only putting off the inevitable.

But that’s not possible this time around, and thanks to Saturn in Aquarius we’re going to be looking at things through a whole new lens.

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Saturn is known as the father of the zodiac, which means we often have to learn important lessons at his hand in order to own and choose our fate. But this planet is complex and so is his impact on our lives. While there is always an important Saturnian lesson we must learn as part of our life path, it’s also the planet that governs boundaries, time and karma.

Saturn is the rule-maker of the zodiac, and while in Capricorn he was quite traditional and conformed to the social standings we all felt the pressure to operate within. But now that he’s moving, and truly just beginning his reign in Aquarius, all previous bets are off.

Aquarius is an air sign, though it’s known as the water bringer, which sometimes confuses as to which element it represents. But being an air sign, it means we’re going to be more mentally active, not just in reflecting and thinking about what we want, but we’re also open to new ideas and creative resolutions we hadn’t considered previously.

The lord of time and karma is just beginning his stint in Aquarius, having moved into this sign just about a month ago and preparing for his retrograde to begin on May 11th, in which we will actually move back into Capricorn from July to December! It's not to have us go backwards, but to give ourselves a chance to tie up any loose ends.

So, in this moment, not only are we contending with everything that the Sun and Saturn are setting up, but also the other astrology of the moment, including the New Moon in Taurus, and Pluto beginning his retrograde around the same time of this transit.

While Sun and Saturn always show us what we need to focus on, this transit is different. With the help of Aquarius, the New Moon and Pluto, we’re being given a chance to not only dive into our truth to address what is in front of us, but the Taurus New Moon will help give us hope that we’re making the right decision.

Around this time, we could see those areas that Sun and Saturn reach as the most affected, meaning any decisions or choices based in ego.

It means what separates ourselves from doing what we’re expected, and doing what our soul craves, as well as trusting in karma and timing. Especially given the environment where we’ve been homebound with those we live with, we could see new chapters beginning in terms of boundaries and even new choices taking place around what kind of life we want to live.

The unique thing is that while we don’t always want to deal with what is in front of us, this time around there is no escaping it.  

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