What The Double Sun Square Astrology Transits In Jupiter & Pluto Mean For Your Love Horoscope Until October 2020

What The Double Sun Square Astrology Transits In Jupiter & Pluto Mean For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until October 2020

We’re reminded just how little control we have once we experience the double Sun squares on April 13th, which will infuse every zodiac sign with confidence to make choices, but will also remind us that we can’t control something we’re meant to experience.

In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, creating a point of stress and subsequent moment of action. While often considered a difficult aspect, in truth, it’s a necessary part of life, because squares tend to initiate action instead of just consideration or contemplation.

The first square we’re contending with is Sun square Jupiter, which is about feeling confident and like nothing can touch us. But it also comes with a dish of reality, warning us to not get too full of ourselves.

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At the time of this transit, we see the Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Capricorn; both of these placements are about bringing together the energy of earth and fire, helping us to ground ourselves while also moving ahead in our lives. This is a transit that normal occurs twice a year, and this year is no different; the last occurred in September 2019, and the next one won't happen again until October of this year.

While this transit will be exact for three days, allowing for us to feel its maximum energy, we also have to be mindful of the theme that this is beginning, when where we’re asked to work with it for the next six months.

To better prepare, we can reflect back to what was going on in our lives last September along the lines of our external self and ego, as it relates to the amount of possibility and abundance that we feel in our lives. This might specifically refer to choices we had made in terms of our life path, and even the believability in what we thought we deserved at the time.

But the thing with life is that it keeps going despite our decisions. It keeps moving, and for us that means we can say all we want, do all we want, but if something is meant for us and if our soul signed up for a particular path, it doesn’t matter how many times we walk away; eventually, we’ll find ourselves face to face with it again. The only deciding factor is if we’re ready for it.

Having the Sun in Aries will be helpful because we’re going to feel more empowered and confident as we move towards this abundant fate that Jupiter is bringing to the table.

But in our exuberance for finally feeling ready and worthy, we have to be mindful that we still take the time to make choices that are in alignment with our higher selves. We can feel confident and ready, but still remain humble and grateful, not just for the life that we’re walking towards but also for the experiences that brought us here.

This mindset is essential as we experience Sun square Pluto, with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the lord of the underworld and the keeper of secrets, and it's likely that our darkness will be tempted to come out and play. This transit is also one that usually occurs twice a year, with the last one having occurred in October of 2019 and the next one not scheduled to happen until October of this year.

While these two planets will be in alignment with one another for two days, this too represents a theme we have to be mindful of as we move forward in our life.

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Again, the Sun is still harnessing a lot of that Aries fire energy — determination, passion, exuberance and ambition — which means that we’re going to be feeling that desire strongly to go where we feel called. To pursue what it is that sets our hearts on fire, and to make sure that we’re not sitting on the sidelines of our own lives.

For all of who have been social distancing, this can either lead to great satisfaction if you’re able to act upon your desires, or extreme frustration if within these glimpses of confidence and clarity you feel restricted.

Yet even if it’s the latter, we have to understand the role that Pluto is playing within all of this: we feel what we feel for a reason, even if it’s uncomfortable. So, we’re asked to not only look at why we have potentially been trying to suppress our desires and control our fate, but also look at where those feelings of frustration are stemming from.

Are we feeling as if we’re being controlled or experiencing a lack of freedom? Is it that we are finally feeling ready to move forward, but are contending with a block that we can’t get around?

The most important thing to be mindful of at this time is that everything we feel is trying to tell us something; whether it’s helping point us in the direction of our soul or saving us from another painful lesson, we’re asked to truly look past the obvious and see what might not always be visible, or what normally lurks below the surface.

But the double Sun squares also remind us that we can’t walk the path of our fate and still hold onto the traits of darkness, such as a lack of integrity or control, which is really just our fear.

Once we can trust the abundance of our fate (Jupiter), even if we are still working on trusting and accepting that we’re worthy, acknowledging our fears (Pluto) but not acting from them, then we can harness that ferocity from Aries and go after what we want.

Because while we’ve tried at times to control our fate, the reality is, that was only our fear of not only having what we want, but also still questioning whether or not we deserved it. And letting go of fear is how we make room to receive our fate.

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