What The Venus-Saturn Trine Means For Your Love Horoscope & Choosing The Right Relationship, According To Astrology

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What The Venus-Saturn Trine Means For Your Love Horoscope & Choosing The Right Relationship Until October 2020, According To Astrology
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When we're free to choose, we're also free to choose love.

Life looks different with a side of freedom — that is we’re going to be more aware of as Venus in Aries forms a trine with Saturn in Aquarius on April 5th. And with our love horoscopes and relationships on the front lines, we'll learn whether we are in the right relationship, or if it's time to let go.

In astrology, Venus is the planet of love and beauty, while Saturn is the lord of time, karma, and also the one to help teach us about healthy boundaries. Depending upon which zodiac sign these planets transit through makes a difference in how the aspects are felt.

In this case, Venus trine Saturn is about the motivation to be free to make our own choices.

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This particular alignment is one we often see occur twice a year, and this time is no different. The last time this transit happened was September 2019, and the next time we’ll see it is October of this year, which means we may see how the past will play into our future.

Recently, Saturn changed signs, which is really what is making the biggest difference with this transit, because if he hadn’t then it might be more of the same we’ve recently been experiencing: looking for stability and greater grounding. But now, with Saturn having moved into Aquarius just a few weeks ago, we’re seeing and feeling things quite differently.

This is a time when we no longer are concerned about having things stay the same, or receiving our security and validation from our comfort zones; instead, we are becoming less afraid of moving forward.

While not exact today, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is still in effect, which is about embracing our fears and darkness, not holding ourselves back or becoming disbelievers in our own dreams, but moving forward in our lives. Not only were we aware that this transit would bring change to our lives, but it’s also really about initiating an entirely new way of being, which is mirrored in Saturn’s transit of Aquarius.

While not permanently in this independent air sign, Saturn is giving us a bit of a preview from now until July 2020, when he returns to Capricorn to tie up loose ends, until officially beginning his reign in Aquarius once again in December.

There is always more going on below the surface than we can initially see, and the same is true for astrology, because this isn’t just about a trine between Saturn and Venus, but how together all of these planetary alignments are occurring to help shake us loose from these old ways of living.

In astrology, a trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees of one another, encouraging both planets to act together in a favorable way. With this transit, we are combining time, karma and love, which means that while there’s no reason to rush what’s meant for us, we also owe it to ourselves to make the most of every moment.

Venus in Aries is not her normal placement and at times can feel uneasy here. Thanks to Aries, she’s having to think and act in a more masculine way because this is the energy of this fire sign.

Venus is still all about the love when in Aries, but becomes more determined and motivated to pursue. No longer is she concerned with just sitting about eating grapes; instead, she feels drawn to act on her feelings and desires.

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This means we’re going to feel that same push. But because of Saturn in Aquarius, we’re not going make decisions that cause the least ripples, but instead feel like those that most closely align with who we truly are.

Saturn in Aquarius is in many ways the opposite of who he is. In Aquarius, Saturn is more about independence, breaking the rules (for those things that really matter), finding his own way, and blazing a new trail. This planet also aligns more closely with the sense of divine timing rather than that feeling we have that no matter what we do, the timing always feels wrong.

Aquarius makes Saturn more spiritual, more meaningful, and during Saturn’s transit of Aquarius, we can actually expect soulmates and twin flames to join together because of this sense of divine timing.

But Saturn represents more than just timing; he is sometimes that reminder that, thanks to karma, we always reap what we sow. We often correlate this to negative results and situations, but the truth is, it also appeals to those that are the most wonderful and beautiful in life. Because we plant the seeds for those too.

This is also what this transit is about — not only that sense of finally stumbling into that sense of divine timing, but also that we’re in that place to receive the karma for our past choices and decisions when it comes to love and relationships.

For many of us, we’ve been doing so much work the past year, not even focusing on if or when it would pay off, but simply trusting the process that we’re in. And even in times when it seemed like we were slipping backwards or felt that fear bubble back up, we were reminded that who we are is not who we were, and because of that there is never going back, only forward. Only into whatever may come next.

Think back to what was going on last September, especially in terms of karma, choices, fear and love. More than likely, we’ve changed quite a bit since then. We’ve evolved into these new ideals and personas, so that also means our choices and decisions will eventually catch up to us.

Perhaps we’ve paused our romantic lives while it felt like we were supposed to look more within, but that is also changing as we realize that we can do both — we can keep growing personally and explore that growth with another that feels in alignment with us.

This might be one of the most important lessons of this transit.

It's not just that it’s a sense of divine timing or karma, but also realizing that when we are free to choose, we are free to choose whatever kind of love feels most in alignment with us.

We are able to choose not only who, but the ability to create whatever type of romantic connection feels right. Because when we embrace our independence, it’s not about no longer needing anyone, but in truly needing someone who’s done the same.

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