How The Jupiter-Chiron Quintile (1 Of 3 In 2020!) Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Change Your Entire Perspective Until June 2020, According To Astrology

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How The Jupiter-Chiron Quintile (1 Of 3 In 2020!) Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Change Your Entire Perspective Until June 2020, According To Astrology
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We get an interesting taste of a seldom known astrology transit when Jupiter and Chiron form a quintile on March 23rd, which will help us forgive and forget so we can move on into the beautiful futures that are awaiting us.

What is a quintile? In astrology, a quintile is another aspect that involves how many degrees two planetary bodies are separated by, similar to the more popular conjunction, sextile and square.

In a quintile, there is an approximate of 72 degrees between two planets. It’s the point between the sextile, which is the creation point, and the square, the moment of inspired action.

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The Jupiter-Chiron quintil will occur three times this year: once in March, once in June, and then once again in November. The purpose of this transit is to bring greater healing to us and our lives, which is imperative to continue to grow towards healing, while not repeating the wounds or pain of our past.

Quintiles tend to combine both the principles of the sextile and the square, helping to forge and encourage inspiration to infuse the creativity of a situation and the moment of action, all to create tangible change. Quintiles aren’t just about the possibilities that exists, but represent the product that will manifest because of the energies involved.

This doesn’t necessarily mean this particular transit will affect you as deeply as others, however. Part of the reason is whether or not we’re having a Chiron return.

What is Chiron? Chiron is an asteroid that is known as the wounded healer. In it’s wounded phase it’s codependent and self-sacrificing, which is very similar to the energy we all were working through while he had transiting through Pisces. But now, having arrived in the fire sign of Aries until 2027, this means this energy is shifted.

Just like planets have their energy affected by what zodiac sign they are transiting through, so do asteroids. And Chiron shifts only every seven to eight years.

Not accidently coinciding with Uranus’ shift, both planets represent those seven-year life phases we usually end up within. With planets (and asteroids) that spend a long period of time in one sign, we tend to see that transit carry out for a year or so until we are comfortable with the new energy. This means we’re just now settling into what Chiron in Aries feels like, especially compared to the energy of his Piscean transit.

Chiron will always be known as the wounded healer, but the question and lesson for us all comes down to whether the wounded healer can heal his or her own wounds. This paradox of the name is ironic because, if someone is a healer, theoretically we should be able to heal our own wounds.

Yet, how many times do we sacrifice our own needs to care for, protect or love others in our own lives? In doing so, our own wounds or needs will never be healed or fulfilled, and instead will only become worse or magnified over time until, eventually, they become our detriment.

Chiron in Aries is all about healing and moving forward. This energy is about using what we’ve been through, what we thought may even kill us, and using it as our greatest strength. This isn’t just healing what has made us bleed, but also healing that idea that we need another to fix us; that somehow what we need is outside of us.

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We’ve been in this energy since last February, similar to when Uranus moved into Taurus in March, so we’re at that first year of becoming more settled —  not just into this life phase, but also seeing where we’re meant to go from here, and what this particular seven-year cycle may hold for us.

There’s no mistake that Chiron ends up spending more time in Aries than any other sign, and it’s because of this that enables us to heal all we’re meant to at this point in our lives. Chiron in Aries isn’t afraid to face what we need or to have those conversations of healing.

We’re more apt to take chances and to want to let it go, which is why this is such an important triad of astrology transits for us to experience this year.

Creating a quintile with Jupiter, currently in Capricorn, is the planet that rules abundance, luck, destiny, fate and future, so quite literally these transits with Chiron are about creating the action of healing so we can move forward.

No one wants to look back at our lives and only see those things we wished we would have done; no one wants to realize one day that the reason they didn’t accomplish their dreams or have the life they’ve always wanted.

So, we’re being gifted this set of three quintiles so we can face what we need to grow, make amends, and let go of whatever previously occurred. Sometimes we hear about the term “forgive and forget,” and while we doubt whether or not we can truly forget, there is a point of forgiveness and healing in which we no longer need to remember. Because the lesson was finally learned.

We hold onto things because we haven’t yet gathered what we’ve needed from them. Whether it’s about the reflection of others or purely ourselves, we can’t forget because we’re not meant to.

But when we can finally step into that place of healing — when we can take responsibility for ourselves, be our own advocate, and no longer hide behind the illusion of ignorance and denial — we’re also ready to let it go, trusting that our futures are guaranteed to be different because we are different.  

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