How Saturn Moving Into Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Horoscopes & Relationships With Its Life-Changing Energy Until July 2020, According To Astrology

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How Saturn Moving Into Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Horoscopes & Relationships With Its Life-Changing Energy Until July 2020, According To Astrology
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We get a taste of just how different the new decade will be as Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 22nd, creating an entirely new era in our lives, relationships, and love horoscopes.

In astrology, Saturn is the planet known as the father of the zodiac. As the lord of time and karma, this powerful planet is often associated with major life lessons that must be learned in order to enter into our fate or destiny.

Depending upon which zodiac sign Saturn is transiting through, we expect to see a shift in our lessons and the energy in which we approach boundaries, as well as the existing structures of our lives, including those we find security by living within.

Last December, Saturn moved into Capricorn, placing his gaze on what we're working for and whether or not we’re wasting our time. While Saturn is the planet that can make us more aware of our boundaries and provide lessons, it’s also the planet that can help us move past areas we’re stuck within, including stagnant life paths, careers and even relationships.

The thing with Saturn is that it can be pretty harsh and abrupt with its presence and redirection in our lives.

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Usually, Saturn camps out in one sign for about a year; however, this year we’re seeing this planet move into Aquarius from March until July 1st, during a portion of its retrograde phase which begins in May. But in July, he moves back into Capricorn until he finishes his cycle for good on December 17th, when the planet that governs time and karma moves once again into the air sign of Aquarius, helping us permanently move past areas we’ve felt stuck in.

While Capricorn is a grounded earth sign that is characterized by the mountain goat slowly making his way to the peak, Aquarius is the air sign that is known as the rebel with a cause. Aquarius is everywhere and is very dynamic, yet he's also very independent and prefers to walk his own path, regardless of the thoughts or opinions of others.

This is great energy for all of us because we’re at the point where we want to make changes and break free from the comfort zones that have held us back.

When we’re looking at a birth or natal astrology chart, depending upon where our Saturn is will determine what our Saturnian lesson is. Our Saturnian lesson will help us overcome our past karma or that past life debris we carried over into this lifetime.

Only once we have healed or learned our Saturnian lesson can we move on towards the fate that is represented by our North or True Node. We haven’t seen Saturn in Aquarius since 1994 which, for many of us who have this placement, was too young to overcome and master our lesson. But now is our chance.

Saturn in Aquarius is the moment that many of us have been waiting for. It’s a time when we can see the way out of the life we’ve realized is trapping us from achieving our dreams.

Saturn in Aquarius will help give us the strength, confidence and the rebellious streak that will assist us in pushing past those who said we can’t or shouldn’t. Life with Saturn in Aquarius can look impulsive at times; it can look like “who are you now?” to those that feel ego pain by life choices.

Saturn in Aquarius can have us doing and saying things we’ve long wished for because we’re able to see a way out. Many times, Saturn in Aquarius can feel unpredictable, but that’s just because what we’ve grown accustomed to is stagnancy.

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There is also a strong romantic connection to Saturn in Aquarius, which we will see between now and July 1st, specifically once the retrograde begins in May. Because of the influence of Saturn, in terms of time and karma, we could see development and relationships beginning that have a strong spiritual significance in our lives.

Whether we want to call these relationships soulmates or twin flames, the idea is that important relationships will begin and come together around this time, which will have a large impact on society.

This is because Saturn in Aquarius isn’t just about breaking free of routine, working hard or keeping up the status quo that this planet can get stuck in. Because it’s also about bringing things (including relationships) to fruition when it’s time.

But to get to this place of being able to follow our hearts and make choices based on our souls, we’re going to need to start now. We’re going to need time to get our heads around the idea that maybe we can’t always change what we’ve outgrown, but we can always choose to leave them.

While Saturn in Capricorn has been about change, Saturn in Aquarius knows when it’s time to move on, which can be difficult, especially when people are involved in those close and personal relationships.

But this is what Saturn does. Saturn know what we need before we even know, and why it’s not about sticking with it or putting in the time. Sometimes it’s not even about helping someone else change or awakening them to the possibilities that exists within life; instead, it’s knowing when our only choice is to leave altogether.

Saturn in Aquarius isn’t just about breaking free or even bringing together spiritual romantic relationships — it’s also about helping us see that sometimes we really do have to care about ourselves and walk away from anyone or anything that isn’t serving us.

The great thing is that we’re going to see the bigger picture of where we’re headed by May once this planet’s retrograde starts, and while Saturn will transit back into Capricorn from July to December, it’s only to help tie up loose ends and deal with things once and for all.

And when 2021 begins, we’ll be able to say for sure that this decade will look nothing like the last.

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