What The Mars-Jupiter Conjunction Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until 2022, According To Astrology

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What The Mars-Jupiter Conjunction Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until 2022, According To Astrology
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The hardest thing to know when making plans is when to act. But on March 20th, as we experience Mars conjunct Jupiter — with both planets in Capricorn — we will be fueled with the confidence to no longer question or put off making strides towards our dreams.

A conjunction in astrology is when two planets are within just a few degrees of one another, creating a powerful alliance and energy where, essentially, they are acting as one. In this case, both planets are currently in Capricorn and are working together to make sure every zodiac sign's desires and goals get off on strong and stable footing.

While conjunctions are fairly common in astrology, they aren’t all that frequent between Mars and Jupiter.

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Occurring on average once every two years, with the last one occurring in 2018 and the next not until 2022, these two planets are coming for a very specific reason: to make sure we don’t waste time wondering when the right time is, and instead make the time right now.

Truthfully, we could spend our whole lives wondering and working on making the timing right. We could even live under the illusion that what we do or don’t do can even affect such a thing when, in truth, it can’t. There is no right time, just as there is no wrong time.

Perhaps we use this when we feel unprepared and unready to act in our lives, whether towards a life path direction, a breakup or even new romance. But it doesn’t have anything to do with time; rather, in the confidence we feel within ourselves.

Mars is the planet that rules our ambition and drive, while Jupiter is the planet that governs abundance and luck. Whatever Jupiter touches within our lives, he makes bigger, better and grander. Teaming up with Mars, it’s the creation of the feeling that we can’t go wrong as long as we follow our hearts, and as long as we’ve grown tired of excuses.

What these two want us to realize is that luck is on our side, Spirit is on our side, and everything we’ve encountered up to this point has all been for a reason and purpose.

Sometimes we just have to trust that we’re ready even if we don’t feel it, trust the signs that are coming in, and trust that whatever happens is for a reason because we will never be able to predict anything.

We also can’t offer guarantees or conduct ourselves in such a way that the timing feels right because life will always happen. There will always be bad days, difficulties, hurt feelings, job losses, illness, and financial difficulties. Essentially, there will always be a reason why it’s not a good or ideal time.

But the most successful among us, whether in love or career, knows that it’s not about waiting for the time to be right, but simply taking a chance that now is when to act. The more we trust the universe and the more we are led, we can put it out there to Spirit: Is this the right time?

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But that means we have to trust what we receive back, so if we get a positive sequence of angel numbers like 111 or 555, that could mean a yes. So, it’s not about the perfect timing, but removing any blocks within ourselves that are holding us back from seeing that it already is.

This year will be one for the books — not just because it’s a new decade, but because there are several astrological occurrences that are unique and game-changing.

Mars is gearing up for one himself when he enters Aries, his home sign, in June and stays there until January 2021. This is significant because this planet being in his home sign means it’s about to get real for all of us. No more hiding, no more procrastinating, and no more excuses.

This year is about action and stepping out from the status quo. And while perhaps not all of us can simply snap our fingers and live the life we dream of, this transit is the beginning of being able to do just that.

With both planets in Capricorn, we’re going to feel more confident and secure, more grounded and stable. While Mars is in the last degrees of this earth sign before moving into the air sign of Aquarius, this groundedness could also be paired with a rebellious nature because of that.

This means that while we’ll feel confident, we’re also more likely to follow the beat of our own drum and do what we truly want, rather than only do what we feel others expect of us. Some would say this could be problematic, but because of the energy of 2020, it feels like this is precisely what we all need.

Think of a pendulum — often times in life, when we feel out of balance, it’s because our pendulum has shifted to one side. Whether in terms of relationships, career or the balance between effort and pleasure, our pendulum needs to find balance in order for us to feel confident enough to keep going.

But part of that is breaking out of whatever rut we’ve found ourselves in. We may need to feel the other side of our pendulum to discover what our balance even is.

Luckily for us, this conjunction is occurring on the same day as the start of Aries season and the Vernal Equinox, so balance is the theme of the week.

This means that while we’re going to feel the push to pursue our dreams and passions, we’re also going to work towards greater balance in our lives as well. But balance can’t be achieved in any area of our lives by chance or waiting for the perfect time, so we have to make that choice to stop using time as an excuse or safety net, and instead step out and try, because we never actually know until we do.  

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