What The Sun-Saturn Sextile Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until November 2020, According To Astrology

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What The Sun-Saturn Sextile Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until November 2020, According To Astrology
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We get an opportunity to see how all the pieces of us come together as the Sun in Pisces forms a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn on March 19th. For our zodiac signs, it means creating the perfect environment to gain clarity for the path ahead.

Sun sextile Saturn is one that usually only occurs twice a year, with the last happening in November 2019 and the next one not occurring until November of this year. In astrology, a sextile between these two planetary bodies is a mix of our ego and the boundaries (or lack thereof) that operate within all aspects of our lives.

While this transit may occur again later this year, this is the only one that occurs during Pisces season. That means there's energy focused on the importance of our emotional body and the significance it has in determining our life path.

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A sextile occurs when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a beneficial and harmonious aspect that helps bring us clarity and a return on our karmic investments. This means that whatever we end up seeing arise during this time is because we planted these seeds prior, and depending upon our past actions and words, we will see karma either open new doors and blessings, or serve us a much-needed lesson.

In astrology, the Sun represents how we move within the world in a very external way. This is why most people only focus on the sun sign, because it seems this is not just who we are, but all that we are.

While Sun can reflect on how we move in this world, it also represents a piece of our ego, especially as it relates to the obvious within our life. Depending upon which zodiac sign the sun is transiting through, we can encounter different ego lessons and also reach new levels of growth within ourselves.

Sun in Pisces is asking us to focus on our dreams and love. Do we believe in ourselves? Do we believe in our dreams, giving them grounding and value? These are some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves this season.

But this is also how we feel about ourselves and others. Do we love ourselves? Have we accepted who we truly are? Do we set boundaries in our life for how we want others to treat us?

Sun in Pisces is challenging our egos on how comfortable they are with being wrong, how much blind faith they carry, and if they can require that no one in our lives will ever love us like we love ourselves.

These are difficult lessons for any of us to work through, but doing so during a Mercury retrograde has only made it more challenging for us. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s a futile journey.

Encouraging us even further into exploring these themes and lessons is Saturn in Capricorn, the planet that is known as the father of the zodiac, and the lord of time and karma.

Saturn can be a very rigid planet and can make us feel that the impossible is being asked of us. Famous for showing us what we wished we didn’t have to deal with, this transit is really all about creating the perfect atmosphere to face those ego lessons so we can move forward in our lives with greater clarity.

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For many of us, we operate based on the persona that the thoughts and expectations of others have helped us build. We fulfill these roles to others and, in doing so, they become our identity.

No longer do we get to explore who we truly are; instead, we’re placed in a box labeled “friend,” “girlfriend,” “mother,” or even “wife.” We end up feeding our ego’s need for validation based on how well we perform these roles, rather than living the life that truly feels authentic for each of us.

This is a Piscean ego struggle that we can all relate to: the fish swimming in opposite directions. We want a home, yet crave the open road and adventure. We desire a family, but we want to still be free and independent as well. The paradox of wanting it all but only because ego is still dictating what that even means.

Sun and Saturn are trying to help us break free of that cage of illusion. They want us to be able to see that anything that is meant for us will also accept us as we are. Any path in life we have to battle ourselves over in order to achieve, also means we’re going to have to experience an ego death to pursue it.

For some of us ready for this phase, this sextile may be just that. If you’ve been the reason that you’ve been unhappy as of late of if you’ve been the one holding yourself back because of a lack of love or poor boundaries, this is a time when you will be gifted with breaking free — not just of the confines of your previous life, but of the ego that has held you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

An ego death doesn’t mean it goes away; rather, it’s no longer in control. We don’t feel this need for external validation from others, we don’t need to be told that we’re on the right path, or that our path even needs to look a certain way.

When the death of ego occurs as it will with this astrology transit, it’s almost as if it’s placed in the backseat so that the soul can take over.

Yet while this is a beautiful experience, it also can feel rather dark. Sometimes this phase is known as the dark night of the soul — a period of time in which life can feel hopeless or even lost.

But this is the moment when we’re actually reborn and when we get to find out who we are, which is just the beginning of discovering what type of life we’re meant to live.

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