What Venus Moving Into Taurus Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until April 2020, According To Astrology

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What Venus Moving Into Taurus Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until April 2020, According To Astrology
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It may feel like a whole year has passed in just these few months, but as Venus moves into Taurus on March 5th, we’re reminded that love and life are supposed to be beautiful. And if it’s not, it’s time to ask ourselves why, with the help of our love horoscope and planetary transits.

Venus is the planet that rules love and beauty. This is the goddess of physical pleasures in this world, so it’s really about slowing down and making time to languish in bed on a Sunday morning, or delight in the way a good wine tastes on our lips as a fire dances in front of us.

Depending upon which zodiac sign she’s transiting through, Venus makes us feel her energies differently. Just finishing up from her stint in Aries, she's happy to be back in one of her ruling signs of Taurus.

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In Aries, she was asked to be bolder and action-orientated than normally accustomed to. But back in Taurus (the other ruling sign being Libra), she’s doing what she does best: making everything around her beautiful.

In astrology, Venus is the embodiment of pleasure, which is something we often lose sight of or talk ourselves out of being important. We’re told to be logical, to gear our dreams towards success, to make sure we make the right choices, yet rarely are we asked to make sure we’re happy, that we’re enjoying life, and that it feels good.

This is where we go wrong: we create a life that looks good rather than feels good. Unfortunately, love is often a part of that.

We choose the relationships that look like a good part of our story. We choose relationships that offer validation and approval from others, yet it’s often the ones that look the best that leave much to be desired for how fulfilling they are, emotionally and mentally. So, we end up in this state of push and pull, trusting ourselves and seeing our hearts as our enemy, all the while missing the simplicity behind this planet and how easy love should be.

For Venus, love is easy. It doesn’t mean the relationships always are (or the healing, or in figuring out how to mesh our lives with that of another), but love itself should be easy.

It should feel not impossible to love someone because it’s not just about the delicious romantic feelings we have, but that we’re truly enamored by the person someone is.

Then, life comes in, and while perfect doesn’t exist in a relationship or partner, we still let ourselves get confused by the fact that sometimes the greatest love will also come with the most challenging journey there. So, at some point in our lives, we try to control love.

We try to manage our beating hearts and who they beat for. We try to think that we get to decide, but that is also the journey of life; no matter how we wish a particular path was ours — because it was easier, or it fulfilled ego — in truth, what is meant for us is often just the opposite. But this is how we learn.

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If everything in life, especially our romantic lives, went according to plan, there would be no growing and no learning. And that is what enables us to keep continuing on this journey so we can evolve into better versions of ourselves.

Venus in Taurus will be a welcome relief, but also a wake-up call for those who were embracing the previous Venus in Aries energy to the extreme.

In Taurus, we won’t be able to force our way, we won’t be able to demand or make something work, and we won’t have the desire to continually try at something that isn’t capable of working.

While Taurus is the bull, it’s also a gentler sign, one that perhaps will become stubborn over those matters that are important to him, but is also very tender. Taurus doesn’t want to push his own agenda but have time to smell the flowers of life, and if he needs to dig his heels in a bit to do so, he will.

What we have to understand is that everything works together, so while we’re feeling this Venus in Taurus energy reminding us that love should feel good, if it doesn’t, we’re likely not going to see a point in sticking around, which may tie in with Mercury retrograde shifting into Aquarius.

We have been feeling the effects of Mercury on our romantic relationships since the beginning of February, but haven’t been able to necessarily put the pieces together in a way that makes sense. But now, we’re feeling a bit clearer by Mercury shifting into an air sign, versus watery Pisces.

Things are beginning to make more sense, and while we needed to go through the depths, to think about what we really want and to contemplate what love really means to us, we’re nearing that space where, thanks to Venus in Taurus, we’re going to understand what love is supposed to be.

Life is hard work, and while we often hear about it being so easy, the truth is that it actually takes work to have make it easy. We have to excavate our fears and wounding, our conditioning and story. We have to make peace with ourselves before we can surrender, go with the flow, and live in a state of receiving. The same is true for love.

We often have to go through the dredges of love in order to remember that if it’s not feeling good, not making us smile in our lover’s absence, we have to ask ourselves: “Is it really love at all?”

We mistake fear, security and obligation as love, not realizing until later that while we can fool ourselves temporarily, we can’t permanently lie to ourselves. Because while life is a lesson, so is love, with the most difficult lesson being that in its purest form, love is just meant to be beautiful.

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