How The Leap Day Mercury-Uranus Sextile (2 Of 6 In 2020!) Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Relationships For The Next 4 Years

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How The Leap Day Mercury-Uranus Sextile (2 Of 6 In 2020!) Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until March 22
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One of the zodiac signs' most active transits is Mercury sextile Uranus, with Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus, occurring for the second time this year. On February 29th, leap day, this not just sets the tone for the rest of the year, but quite possibly for the next four years.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of another, which ends up creating a harmonious and beneficial aspect that also ends up delivering a dose of karma for our past decisions and actions. While this sextile between Mercury and Uranus can occur a few times a year, during 2020 it happens a total of six times, being so relentless in the signs that we can no longer ignore them.

We won’t experience the next and third Mercury-Uranus sextile until March 22nd, so we have a bit of time to work through the purpose of this one.

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While this is a transit occurring multiple times, it won’t always be under these specific parameters.

During the first one, Mercury was just moving into Pisces, and now with this one occurring on the 29th, not only is this planet, the ruler of our thoughts and communication, quite literally in over his head within the depths of Pisces, but he’s also retrograde.

But when we’re making renovations or changes, sometimes we must get to that messy stage before things start to make sense. This likely will be that messy stage for us when, mentally, we feel confused, we’re ready for change, but we can’t quite formulate how to start taking those steps.

Around the 29th, it will feel like that moment when we just returned from holiday, and we’ve unpacked our bags but haven’t put away anything nor sorted them. We all need to unpack our baggage (quite literally) at some point, so what better time than during Pisces season? We can feel what we’re meant to, even if Mercury wants none of it.

Normally, Mercury is very cerebral; he’s mentally very active and likes to figure things out and see things from all angles. But in Pisces, these thoughts start to feel cloudy and our feelings bubble to the surface, so instead of being able to logically plan out what we’re going to do with precision and confidence, we become emotional and reminiscent.

Often, Mercury helps us keep a lid on all that, so we don’t show our hearts. But with this transit there’s not really an option.

This energy suits the other power player in this sextile just fine, as Uranus likes to keep us on our toes. Uranus, the planet of shock and awe, likes surprises and sudden changes, so this planet will tend to make the impossible (and least expected) happen.

While at times we can all blame a big life change or breakup on Uranus, especially while he was in Aries for the most part, as much as we may curse this planet he’s also the one to help propel us to the next level in our lives.

About a year ago back in March 2019, Uranus began a new cycle in Taurus, the first time most of us are experiencing this in our lifetime. So, we’ve been learning what Uranus in Taurus really means. Understanding this is the key to seeing his ultimate purpose this year.

While there’s no doubt this is the theme for 2020 with six sextiles, there’s also a connection to the date. One often carries over to the next, so this energy of Mercury and Uranus may very well be what we embrace for the first half of this new decade.

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Mercury and Uranus say what matters. They aren’t afraid of change, they’re honest, they don’t particularly care about what others think, but they also want to do things right. Therefore, while this is fantastic energy for all of us to have in our lives, right now it’s not so much action-based as working our way through feeling what we’re meant to.

But don’t worry! Especially for those chomping at the bit, knowing the life they want and deserve exists, the time for action will come and likely quicker than we all think.

This is the second of these transits this year, and while falling on leap year, the 29th is a positive omen for the direction of our lives in 2020. It also points to the significance of this day this year. We all know that we don’t lose our chance at something or someone meant for us, but it doesn’t mean that each chance is the same.

Sometimes we can complicate things because we refuse to jump or because we think we have time. Take advantage of the trust we have in the universe, knowing that this year, the universe is turning the heat up — and with it, the opportunity to have your future start now.

We will have Mercury-Uranus moments in the next year. Moments to speak our truth, to say what is real, and to take a chance; to say yes to an adventure, a proposal, an opportunity. But there will never be this moment again, and maybe that’s the real lesson the universe wants us to learn.

Just because we can put off something, and just because that chance or person will still be there at the end of the year, it doesn’t mean we should wait. So, we’re being called to be aware to balance, knowing when we’re ready or if we’re procrastinating.

Mercury won’t be retrograde in Pisces again during these sextiles this year, so this is a special moment. This is a chance to go back into your past with greater clarity, to feel what you’ve been hiding from, and to set yourself free from thinking. This is just how it has to be.

We also must let Uranus move us, inspire us, and help us find those few moments of courage we need to speak our truth.

Because while we could spend our whole life asking for signs on what to do, if we don’t plan to listen when they come through, what’s the point of asking at all?

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