What The Double Mercury In Pisces Transits On February 26th Mean For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until May 2020, According To Astrology

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What The Double Mercury In Pisces Transits On February 26th Mean For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until May 2020, According To Astrology
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There’s no mistaking that we need help in figuring out where to go from here. And with the two Mercury in Pisces transits occurring on February 26th, we’re going to get it. But what else can our zodiac signs expect from Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury sextile Mars?

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and emotions, and while still retrograde until March 10th we will be reviewing previous patterns, cycles and events so we can find greater clarity on how to bring it all together and move in the right direction.

Mercury has been in Pisces since February 3rd and won’t shift into Aquarius until March 4th. While we’re nearing the end of this Piscean energy, we’re still contending with it for these transits, which will help us see what we truly feel.

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The first transit that will be affecting our lives is the Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces. A conjunction in astrology means that two planets moved within just a few degrees of another, which generally combines their energies so they act as one unified force rather than two separate planetary bodies.

In this case, we have the Sun, which rules our external life, with Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication. Together, this means we’re going to feel some deep insights about how we live our life and the choices we make. And since Mercury is currently retrograde, it means we must revisit the past to do it.

This conjunction is one that occurs often during a calendar year, usually happening several times a year so we can align our thoughts with our actions and make sure we’re not only walking our talk but that we’re living our truth. This is the second conjunction, with the first being in January, and the remaining occurring in May, June, August, October and December.

The reason this is still an important transit even though it happens multiple times a year is because this is where we usually start to drift. To stay true to our beliefs and thoughts, and build a life without compromise or regret, is one of the most challenging yet meaningful things to do.

Occurring within a span of six days, there are multiple transits occurring, which all echo the energy of clarity, following one’s heart, and recognizing our truth. And this conjunction is no exception.

This is where the work is for all of us. To be able to tune out the static and tune into what is most important to us, not letting the naysayers or the doubts rule our decision-making process, but instead letting love, faith and hope be the fuel for our actions and words.

With the Sun currently in Pisces, we will be in our deepest, darkest, most profound feelings. And maybe we haven’t always been comfortable with them, and maybe we have reasons not to listen, but if we don’t listen to our truth, consistently ignoring our heart, how do we expect to create a life that is based in authenticity for us?

We will be challenged gently to go deeper, as is Pisces' nature. To feel what we feel, to follow our passion and our hearts. (Also in thanks to the full moon in Leo earlier in the month).

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With Mercury moving through the last half of his retrograde, we will take a walk through our pasts, through what we had tried to erase or cover up. All so that we can make sure not only are we being true to ourselves, but to those in our lives.

Working in perfect harmony, the second transit we experience on this day is a sextile between Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn. A sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a beneficial energy that also carries with it a dose of karma for our past deeds.

Mercury in Pisces is still acting as that anchor of truth in our thoughts and feelings, especially relating to anything in the past we had tried to move on from quicker than we were meant to. But now, instead of just thinking on it, we have Mars on the scene to make sure we’re not letting opportunity pass us by.

There is no chance that we miss. No love that we ruin or life path that we destroy. If something or someone is truly meant for you, nothing can stop it from happening — not time, distance or any obstacle.

But what we don’t realize is that we are the block. This happens when we neglect to acknowledge the truth that we feel. This happens when we try to make ourselves feel or think differently because the truth is inconvenient, which normally it is, but that’s why it’s the truth. That’s why it’s one of the most difficult energies to live our lives by.

So, we will complain about our lives or even just secretly wish they were different, all the while we could do that if we would just accept the truth that we already know.

This is what February is all about. While there may be some action, or steps taken towards you or by you this month, it's really about those big realizations. Those big truths and the sighs, realizing just how far we let ourselves drift off-course.

Together with the Sun-Mercury conjunction and the Mercury-Mars sextile, we’re going to get that clarity we've desired.

We’re going to have the pieces finally come together. And thanks to the motivation of Mars, we’re going to start seeing our way out and into the dream that we have for our lives, even when we were afraid to believe in them.

So, dare to dream. Dare to live your truth. Dare to believe that, yes, not only is anything possible, but it’s all waiting for you. All you must do is take a step towards what was meant for you all along.

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