What The February 23rd Pisces New Moon Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships For The Next Few Months, According To Astrology

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What The February 23rd Pisces New Moon Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships For The Next Few Months, According To Astrology
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Every zodiac sign is tested as the new moon in Pisces rises on February 23rd, invoking the dilemma of what to do when it appears our fantasy is becoming our reality.

New moons are a time for beginnings, the start of beautiful new chapters and planting seeds, which we will see come to fruition around the full moon in Pisces occurring later this year.

In this case, the full moon in Pisces occurs on September 2nd, when we see the results of what ends up occurring around this new moon.

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Life may be fast, but the Universe has no sense of time. The Universe doesn’t care how old we are, how long we’ve been dating, how long we’ve been separated from our love, or even how long we’ve given up hope of living the life (and love) we’ve always dreamed of. The Universe only cares about divination, soul contracts, Kairos (the idea that everything happens when it’s meant to), and about giving each of our souls exactly the experience it needs in this life.  

It’s sometimes easier in this life to tell ourselves that what we really want doesn’t exist, than to risk being let down or hurt. The idea that our comfort zone keeps us safe while anything outside of it is a risk too big to take.

In part, this is just a method of self-protection, something we do to avoid the perceived hurt we know correlates with big risk, but to believe that what we really want and need doesn’t actually exist, meaning we’re not accepting a piece of ourselves. To accept who we are, to own our truth, to give ourselves the internal validation that we’re just as we’re meant to be means also accepting what we feel, what we think and what we dream of.

Pisces is the sign that is ruled by Neptune. She is the dreamer, the mysterious, the seductive and the fantasy. Pisces is the siren, the mermaid, the ideal of unconditional love and beauty. But what happens when we tell ourselves that the Piscean part of life isn’t attainable? What happens when we talk ourselves out of our Piscean dreams or desires, and instead talk ourselves into thinking we must choose between reality and our fantasies?

Usually when faced with this, we without question abandon our dreams, telling ourselves to be more realistic, to look at what we should do, what is more sensible or even logical. But within this choice, what we are really doing is telling ourselves that we’re wrong, that there’s something wrong with us for envisioning this fantasy, that we want too much, or maybe we think we are too much ourselves.

We are debunking our truth because of the belief that life doesn’t add up to what we want it to be, that we are destined to be disappointed or always in a state of lack, not realizing that every time we talk ourselves out of believing in the reality of our dreams, we create the barrier to actually manifesting it.

With this Pisces new moon, surrounded by Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Mars, we get the opportunity to feel what it’s like when our fantasy becomes reality.

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When we live our deepest desires and can wake up to the fantasy we thought would only ever be a dream, we also feel this. But for this to occur, for us to enjoy this new beginning where we no longer accept less, where we find fault within ourselves instead of the system that deems to control our happiness, we must receive this energy. We must accept the wonderful things that are manifesting, the love that is blooming, and the opportunities that are knocking.

To accept and receive our fantasy becoming a reality means we also get to face any lingering feelings of unworthiness. Not only do we talk ourselves out of life and love being as amazing as we dream, but we do so to not risk sadness or disappointment because we don’t feel we deserve it. That somehow because we’re human and we’ve made choices we wished we hadn’t or hurt people we care about, we don’t deserve love.

Therefore, everything in life we experience on the outside all comes down to what is happening on the inside, because life only ever mirrors our internal circumstances. If we don’t feel worthy of the amazing, if we don’t think the dream is possible, it isn’t.

Not because that’s truth or reality, but that’s our level of acceptance. So to change that, we must hope, we must start believing, and we must have faith.

Pisces is all about faith,believing in that which we can’t see. So it’s also the perfect sign, and the perfect time, for that new beginning to actually allow ourselves to believe it’s possible to create a life based on our fantasies. It's possible to end up with life being far more amazing than we’ve previously settled for. It's possible to feel the peace that comes not from having life be what our ego wants, but from no longer holding ourselves back from the greatness within ourselves and the life we choose to create.

While this theme of the Pisces new moon can extend to our careers or life opportunities, there’s no deeper place this hits us than when it comes to love and the romantic relationships we choose to enter.

To help prepare yourself for wherever this new moon will hit you, it’s best to look within and be honest about where you’re talking yourself into believing something is unattainable. Then, start the work to process the meat of it. Don’t just go deep — go into it, and wallow around it in until you get to the root of why you thought you didn’t deserve something that feels like it’s meant for you.

Because only then, only once we believe we deserve to live our fantasy, the reality we wake up to will be also be in the place to create it and fully accept it.

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