What The Sun Sextile Uranus Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until July 2020, According To Astrology

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What The Sun Sextile Uranus Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until July 2020, According To Astrology
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When our zodiac signs witness Sun sextile Uranus, with Sun in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus, on February 22nd, we get a little reminder that while we can plan for many things in life, it’s also those meaningful moments that happen spontaneously.

The Sun is the planet that governs how we move within this world, and Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change. This means this transit may reveal a whole new direction that may appear for our internal compass.

In astrology, a sextile is considered a positive aspect as two planets come within 60 degrees of one another, essentially blending their energies and even acting as one singular force. This then creates the opportunity for possibility within our own lives.

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On average, this transit usually occurs twice a year — once in February and once in July. This year is no exception as we’ll see the next one occur on July 1st.

These little pockets of energy are meant to remind us that while it’s important to plan, we also can’t ever really plan when to fall in love, when career opportunities may knock, or when we get that chance from out of the blue that just may change our lives completely.

As humans, we have this whole idea of what we want that makes up the margins of how we define ourselves. We live by these ideals, adopting them as rules and not realizing that we live within them, often refusing or struggling to venture outside these self-imposed boundaries.

Yet, we also often complain about what we created. We often see things as happening to us, instead of for us, not realizing that life is not only responding to our vibration, but also to what we have conceived as possible or right.

This idea of there being a right and wrong is what weighs on most of us at one time or another. We struggle with figuring out the right decision, afraid of making the wrong choice. We like to be right because then we feel like better people, while being proven wrong often leads us unhappy or triggered.

We want to make sure we choose the right partner, that we go about the relationship in the right way, that we pick the right job, and even wait the right amount of time before having children.

Yet, what’s truly scary to most is that there is no right. There is no way to live this life, and there is no plan that any of us need to follow. There is no right because, in truth, there is no wrong. When we look at the choices or decisions we usually think of as being wrong, it’s because it didn’t pan out how we thought, we had to learn a hard lesson, or we got hurt.

But, in truth, we needed those experiences even more than we needed those that ended beautifully or just the way we planned.

In the natural world, there is no positive or negative, no right or wrong — only balance. There is a balance to living, to loving, to making choices, and realizing that sometimes the worst thing we can do is think or believe we have it all figured out.

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As much as we said this was a brand new decade, we’ve still been living as if it was last year. As if we still had something to prove, as if we hadn’t learned that everything can change in an instant, and that even if we take the long way there, it doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable or beautiful than the shortcut.

But that has to end. We have to realize that there is no plan that needs to be followed, no rules for happiness or love. This experience we call life is really about how we move through all we encounter, rather than what we come across.

Sun in Pisces gets this. The Sun in Pisces is ready to go deep, to look at things more closely, to see what matters most, and to let go of what doesn’t. Sun in Pisces doesn’t mind saying she was wrong, doesn’t care what people think, or if she’s doing today what she said she’d never do yesterday.

Sun in Pisces gains her inner validation and security from the well of love and acceptance within herself, so whatever she does receive from others, including that great love, only overflows her cup, but she never is the one to fill it.

Sun in Pisces is ready for a change, for a surprise, for a plot twist. Having exhausted herself planning everything, she’s ready to just simply surrender to that beautiful oceanic flow of life. To be the fish and no longer fight against the current, especially the one filled with love and passion; instead, she'll simply go with it, trusting that whatever comes to her is meant for her — and Uranus couldn’t be more pleased.

As the planet of shock and awe, Uranus is the one that brings in sudden changes. So, we are readying for a new chapter within our love lives, or a moment that opens a door we never thought even existed.

But as we’re learning, there’s nothing to really fear or even be wary of, because now that Uranus is in the grounded and loving earth sign of Taurus, the changes he brings our way are more about what we will build, what can grow, and what just feels good to our soul.

Sometimes we get to that place where we are so secure within our inner world, and we realize that our outer world no longer determines that sense of peace. What we often find is that we all need to be surprised by life occasionally.

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