How The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscopes & Relationships Until March

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How The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscopes & Relationships Until March
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Maybe you didn’t want the past to come walking back in, but once Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on February 17th, it seems we don’t really get a choice.

What is Mercury retrograde? In astrology, Mercury retrogrades are famous for bringing back old flames, loves, situations and even feelings from our past.

But rather than fear what this transit means for our zodiac signs, and rather than running or letting ego say you don’t need to deal with this, lean into what gets brought up, especially in terms of your love horoscope. Because whether you planned on this or not, if it’s being brought to you, it’s something you’re meant to experience.

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Mercury can turn retrograde several times a year, and in 2020 it’s happening three times, so we have three opportunities to review our past or current decisions and choices, which can make all the difference in determining our future. Sometimes, we all want to move ahead more quickly than we’re meant to, or we forget that growth isn’t linear, always going back to what needs to be revisited so we can experience greater peace and grow.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, the theme is forgiveness. But in order to forgive, we also need to revisit what hurt us to begin with.

Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and communication. At home in analytical Virgo, this sign prefers to be logical, but being rational isn’t really what we need when we’re looking to make peace with our past or when we’re dealing with matters of the heart.

Love will never be logical because there is no formula to it. There is no one size fits all experience when it comes to love, which means that it’s not something we should try to make sense of; instead, we should feel it and surrender to it.

Mercury gets a little uneasy when we start speaking of love because it’s not something he can organize or plan. But in Pisces, we’re asking him to think with his heart instead of his brain. This doesn’t mean we’re rushing ahead and making impulsive wrong choices, but instead, we’re going to get a reprieve from living with our own worst enemy: the fears and doubts of our own creation.

Mercury in Pisces sees things as positive and as a beautiful experience. Maybe he’s a little uncomfortable, but he also doesn’t give himself a choice. He’s going to tackle the hard stuff, speak the truth of his heart, and deal with what he needs to instead of running.

But Pisces has a purpose to her love, and that’s to heal, and to go deep within the unconscious so we can makes sense of all we’ve experienced.

Nothing is random and none of us deserved the pain and hurt that we’ve experienced when it comes to love. Pisces knows this, but Pisces loves anyway — not in that wounded codependent way, but in having first healed herself. She knows how to help others do it, and a big part of this Mercury retrograde is doing just that. We can’t really move ahead in our lives if we’re still dealing with the pain of our past.

Reflect to last fall when Mercury slipped into his pre-shadow phase on October 11th and stayed there for almost two months before leaving during the first few days of December. Think back to any decisions you made, any choices and even feelings that we made or felt. It’s likely we’re going to have to deal with them again.

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What we must understand is that not every decision we make is based in our healing; sometimes these choices are based in our wounding, which means our fears, our doubts and even our pensive nature about what it means to move forward.

When we’re hurt, we don’t make the choices that are in alignment with our soul, so when we start to heal and feel more grounded, we realize we did or said something we shouldn’t have. But that’s okay. This is life and this is what we experienced. Just be aware that you will be dealing with someone or something from last fall that will require you to reverse or review your decisions, leading to forgiveness and greater healing through love.

But the story doesn’t end there for any of us. Because while Mercury in Pisces will help with forgiveness, healing and love, Mercury transits back through Pisces into Aquarius from March 5th until the end of the retrograde. Then, it will once again move through Pisces, but the second time he will be direct (in more ways than one).

This is an evolution for all of us, and if we’re after quick and easy, this Mercury retrograde is not for you. But if you’re after a more authentic life based in forgiveness, honesty and love, you will bget a lot out of this.

While Mercury in Pisces was all about bringing up things and being honest about the past, Mercury in Aquarius is about speaking up and changing our mind. It’s about reversing some of those decisions and choices we made back in the fall and not caring what anyone says.

Mercury in Aquarius is about having the strength to formulate our own path and create our own future, and maybe we make mistakes sometimes, but those mistakes often end up being exactly what we need to experience in order to learn the lessons we’re meant to.

Once Mercury is direct, we’ll need to revisit Pisces' feelings. But by that time, it will be a brand new season and a brand new chapter in our lives, so we’ll welcome the honest feelings this phase of the transit will bring.

Adding to the relationship and love focus for this retrograde is the influence of Venus, which is so close to this transit and will help us keep in mind what matters most. Saturn in Capricorn also plays a part in this as well, helping us create boundaries where necessary and learning that we can’t make everyone happy, so we may as well make ourselves happy first.

A lot can change when we least expect it, and maybe coming to peace with our past is something that sneaks up on us. But once it does, it can finally unlock a whole new future.

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