How The Mercury-Uranus Sextile (1 Of 6 In 2020!) Will Affect Your Love Life & Relationships For The Next Few Weeks

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How The Mercury-Uranus Sextile (1 Of 6 In 2020!) Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next Few Weeks
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During the first week of February, as our zodiac signs experience Mercury sextile Uranus — with Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus — on February 5th, we get the sinking realization that life just isn’t going to go according to plan.

In astrology, a sextile is when to planets create a 60-degree angle, which is positive in nature and generally has a beneficial affect on our lives. With the sextile, there is also the energy of reaping what we sowed, which plays in with a bit of karma. While karma is neither positive nor negative, we also tend to get served what we’ve been dishing out during these transits.

The last time we experienced Mercury sextile Uranus was June 2019. This is a transit that occurs twice a year on average, but this year — are you ready for this? — it happens six times.

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This is one of those times the universe is asking us to pay attention, not just to this transit occurring more often, but what that represents for all our paths forward into this new decade and new year.

Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and communication. At home in Virgo, this is a sign that loves to plan, that needs to have life figured out, and that takes pleasure in the logical and analytical details. This isn’t a sign that really believes in spontaneity, which means that Mercury himself prefers things a bit more routine and expected — exactly the opposite of what Uranus is after.

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change. Uranus is the one that often comes in when and where we least suspect it to change our entire lives around. This planet moves in seven-year cycles, and since having begun his newest in Taurus just last year, we are still getting acquainted with all he will bring into our lives, which means we don’t really know.

We know that when Uranus was in Aries, he broke a lot of things apart, relationships and marriages included. But in Taurus, he’s more concerned about the putting together that comes after the fall.

What will make all the difference with this transit is that Mercury is currently in Pisces.

While he's at home in Virgo, he’s not comfortable in the romantic water sign of the fish because Pisces asks him to feel, to follow his heart, and to think and operate from a more emotional standpoint.

But (yes there’s another) we’re also in the pre-shadow phase for our first Mercury retrograde of the year, which means that during these times, the past often comes back to visit us.

Looking at this beautiful, perfect storm of astrology, we must keep in mind that the universe has our back. The universe wants what is best for us always, even if the methods sometimes seem questionable. This means that while we’re going to be in an early retrograde phase — while having Venus in Pisces transit Pluto and Saturn, Mercury moving into Pisces, and now this sextile as we build to a full moon in Leo — we’re going to have to trust.

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As humans we have these ideals of what it we want for our lives and how they will play out. We have these beliefs and expectations, so whether we think we’re being open or flexible, this framework for how our life should go dictates the life we end up creating.

But we only cling to these plans when we are afraid of what would happen if we don’t. This is where trust in the universe comes in with the challenge as to whether we can truly let go of our egos long enough to let fate have a say in what happens.

Mercury in Pisces is all about our feelings, and in pre-shadow retrograde motion it’s about emotions or even relationships from our past. This is about us welcoming whatever comes up, whether it is a person, a thought or a feeling, not irritated or frustrated because we seemingly must backtrack again, but instead practicing that trust and welcoming whatever clarity or lesson is trying to come in.

The thing we underestimate is how letting go of plans and simply trusting and opening to the truth will change us and our lives. This is Uranian energy, especially in Taurus.

There is a saying that sometimes we must let certain things fall apart so better things can fall together, and that is the theme for Uranus in Taurus. We might have to let go of certain things in life. We might have to mourn plans or ideals, even versions of who we thought we were all so that we can create space to welcome in what is more aligned for us.

A Uranus-Mercury sextile is about making room for the unexpected, the sudden, and even the impossible.

We will be drawn to have more interesting and exciting conversations about our truth, and what we feel and want from life and relationships. We will be more apt to act with courage, to take chances, and to let ourselves leave the safety of our comfort zones so we can experience more of life.

The changes that this sextile initiates won’t necessarily occur overnight, but instead will build as we experience this astrological event another five times this year, occurring again later on February 28th, once in March, twice in June, and then once in July.

2020 is the year of creating our own path, breaking out of whatever molds we’ve been living within, and doing it in a stable way. This is the year where we learn just how the seed feels when it breaks apart right before it starts to grow, and in ways we’ve never imagined.

Because only when we let go of how we thought life would go can we finally welcome the life that was always possible.

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