How The Double Mercury Conjunctions (All In Capricorn) On January 12th Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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How The Mercury Conjunct Saturn And Mercury Conjunct Pluto Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope And Relationships This Month, According To Astrology
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Our zodiac signs get a dose of reality as Mercury forms two conjunctions on January 12th, just one day after our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. In astrology, a conjunction is when two or more planets meet up within the same sign, meaning they combine energies and form a unified and stronger front.

These transits are Mercury conjunct Saturn, and Mercury conjunct Pluto — all in Capricorn.

This is bigger than just this one transit, though. While typically defined as a stellium — when three or more planets gather in one sign together — since last month, we’ve seen four planets in Capricorn, including the Capricorn New Moon at the end of the month and Capricorn season, which began on December 21st.

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The last time we saw anywhere near a stellium in Capricorn was back in the early 90s, and many of us saw big life changes around that time, which translated to surprises and a bit of a chaos in the beginning. For us, we’re nearing the time when we’ll be leaving this energy, but in many ways this is the most powerful part of the energy we’ve been experiencing.

Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts, communication, and how we express ourselves to others. Depending upon which sign this planet is in makes a difference in how active or clear we feel mentally. In Capricorn, an earth sign, not only are we feeling very grounded, but stimulated as well.

This transit encourages us to complete what we’ve need to, and helps give us the focus to also make plans for our future.

During our eclipse window we just saw close yesterday, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, having Mercury in Capricorn was of great benefit because we were able to think more constructively about situations in which we’ve been having trouble, anxiety, or just that feeling of being unsettled. It gave us the clarity to know which opportunities to say yes to and which to pass on.

This is good because with these two transits occurring at this very auspicious time, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

Mercury conjunct Saturn isn’t usually thought to be a negative or challenging aspect, as the planet Saturn always brings a serious energy to any astrology transit.

Saturn is known as the lord of time and karma, the father of the zodiac, which also means we are challenged with those father/authoritative relationships in our life, and our sense of boundaries as it pertains to all areas of our life.

Saturn doesn’t take it easy on anyone, and in Capricorn is very concerned about our foundations and security. We are more apt to make big changes in our life when Saturn is in this sign because we’re going to feel more practical, logical and pragmatic about making choices.

If something doesn’t feel right or it no longer resonates, Saturn just handles business instead of debating over the emotions associated with it. But because this planet is all about boundaries too, this means there is likely an obstacle that will be felt.

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Mercury conjunct Saturn can feel limiting in some ways, not because there isn’t a way out of whatever situation we’re in, but because it’s hard to believe it. Because of the serious nature of this planet, things can look overwhelming and defeatist. It can be easy to think, “Well, this is just the way it has to be,” so it’s also a time when we not only could be harder on ourselves, but where we could feel low vibrationally.

The thing to try to focus on with this transit isn’t everything that feels wrong or must be done in order to free yourself from a situation. Instead, it's what the first step is.

Many times, when we are on the brink of life changes, the first thing we must do is have a conversation about it. Therefore, communication can be so challenging because the first step to any change is to have that difficult conversation. With Mercury in Capricorn, we’re able to utilize the gift of words, so it’s important for us to take advantage of it.

While it’s never easy to bring up what needs to be said (which, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse, is likely about family changes), all it takes is honesty and a little bit of courage. Things will start to improve very quickly, but not before we take that step to have that conversation, before we’re able to see the light through the darkness, and to not give up just because it seems hard. Instead, we have to remember that it’s through that challenge we come to earn the light or blessing that’s on the other side.

This is a transit that occurs usually once per calendar year, so while we can’t truly miss an opportunity that’s meant for us, we also don’t want to assume we’ll be given this chance again.

Adding to the intense energy we’ll undoubtedly feel is the conjunction between Mercury and Pluto, which is all about the darker side of life and secrets that will be divulged.

The last time we saw these two cross paths in the sky was last January, and we’re not going to see it again until 2021, so that energy is amplified. This isn’t to stress us or deepen those Saturnian feelings of being stuck somewhere we no longer wish to be, but instead, to help support us in making those decisions and changes now rather than putting it off for another year.

Perhaps more than at any other time, so much of the astrology at the end of December and beginning of January is encouraging us to take the leap. To take a stand for ourselves and this new year, this new decade, and to release any feelings of doubt, low confidence or self-worth.

What we came to realize is that we were the only ones holding ourselves back from the life we’ve been dreaming of. And now is not the time to become overwhelmed by what must be done, but instead to trust that everything we’ve been through has led to this moment.

And we’re ready. Finally.

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