How The Astrology Of The 2019 Winter Solstice Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next 6 Months

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How The Solstice Astrology Will Affect Our Next New Months
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The solstices always bring a unique energy to our lives, and this year that is no exception. When is the winter solstice? On December 22nd, in combination with the forces of energy, the winter solstice creates a dramatic point for us to move forward. And that's good news for all the zodiac signs, and individuals wondering about their love horoscopes.

Each year we experience two solstices — winter and summer — occurring every six months. Again, it's a common theme in the natural world of cycles. This December, depending upon hemisphere we are celebrating, we will be shown what truly happens when life, relationships, career and even ourselves are out of balance.

While the equinoxes represent an equal amount of day and night, the solstices are the opposite.

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In astrology, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and the winter solstice is the shortest. This shift affects us dramatically, but in different ways. For those that are approaching the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ve slowly been building to experience approximately 15 hours of daylight, while those in the Northern Hemisphere have seen daylight decrease. That is, until the 22nd, when we will experience about eight hours of daylight — almost half of what we had just six months ago!

The seasons don’t just affect us temperature-wise, but in how we think, feel and what we are drawn to invest our time in. The summer solstice has us looking outside of ourselves; we’re based in more external pursuits concerning our physical self and environment.

Because many of us are experiencing nicer weather, this is echoed by being outside in nature more, engaging in more social events, and feeling in some ways that we’re blossoming and coming back to life. This isn’t to say we’re not participating in any internal reflection at this time, but it’s just more of a time to let go than what those in the Northern Hemisphere are preparing themselves for.

The Summer Solstice is a time for celebration and making it through the period of cold and darkness that correlates to experiences within our own lives. This is the point at which we can say we made it through, we know better now, and, of course, that we’ve grown ready for whatever life may serve us up next.

It's similar but still different process for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, who have seen not only the daylight diminish over the past few months, but temperatures drop and our way of life turn within. While those approaching the Summer Solstice are stepping out of themselves, we’re being turned within.

We’ve been on this marked path of self-evaluation for several months. We’ve been thinking about that sense of balance, what feels off, and what balance even means for us. Balance doesn’t always mean 50/50; it doesn’t always mean the scales are even or the same. Instead, it’s about a complementary energy, making up where something or another lacks, and many pieces working together in a way that benefits all.

Even though the Winter Solstice is just approaching, it doesn’t mean we have six months of introspection ahead of us. Regardless of hemisphere, both solstices mark a turning point.

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Those in the Southern Hemisphere may be getting ready to initiate physical changes within their lives, but those in the Northern Hemisphere are approaching a time when we feel more confident in taking those steps into our future, even if they’re not announced to the world.

It’s the pinnacle of a journey we’ve all been on when we’re feeling stronger, more grounded, and more aware. So it’s not just a matter of moving forward but of knowing specifically what steps to take. While part of this is just the natural movement of the seasons and going within so we can see growth in our physical lives, there is also another dynamic at play.

When we hear the phrase “stars align,” it means it’s destined to be, that everything has come together in the perfect fashion, and that we’re being given a unique opportunity to seize a chance that doesn’t come around every day. While it’s a romantic phrase, there are times when the stars (and planets) really do align with specific dates or events in our lives, creating that one in a million opportunity for us.

Occurring on the same day as the Solstices, we experience the beginning of Capricorn season, Venus square Uranus, and Mars sextile Pluto. Capricorn is a sign that is earth-based; it’s also one that doesn’t shy away from hard work or making changes. It's steadfast to progress and knows the process itself can’t be rushed, nor should it.

When we are in Capricorn season, we feel more grounded, and more like we’re being logical and pragmatic about what needs to be done to get to that point that fulfills a specific goal or dream.

But the combination of planets is interesting too — Venus represents love, Uranus brings sudden and unexpected changes, and Pluto brings to light what was previously hidden. Together, these planets spell major changes and periods of enlightenment within our lives for us to act on, especially in our romantic relationships.

Adding to this energy on December 26th with our new moon in Capricorn, we will also experience a Solar Eclipse, which will be starting this new cycle earlier for us.

Together, this year the Solstices are a time for change. The Southern Hemisphere will be seeing more of this theme show up externally, while the Northern Hemisphere will feel this deeply at an internal level, which may spread to the formation of plans or conversations involving the future.

The most important thing that’s true for all, regardless of where we live, is that we are all moving to that space where we’re feeling clear, confident and grounded in where we are in our lives.

That means it’s also easier to begin to move forward. Becomes sometimes, all we need to do is accept where we are so we’re in a place to figure out how to get where we really want to be.

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