What The October 11th Mercury Shadow Zone Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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What The October 11th Mercury Shadow Zone Means For Your Love Life And Relations
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Once again, we’re going to feel the effects of the trickster planet Mercury as he enters his shadow zone on October 11th. This transit in astrology has us not only reflecting but likely revisiting issues (and partners) from the past.

Mercury is the planet whose retrograde we’re most familiar with. After all, every one of us has seen the “Mercury made me do it” memes that float around at times like this. But it’s also because there is a general shift in energy that this planet brings to our lives.  

For many of us, we start feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde long before the actual date, and that’s because he begins to slow down and feel more intense once he turns into his pre-shadow phase. This particular time lasts from October 11th to 31st, the retrograde itself is October 31st to November 20th, and the post-shadow phase is November 20th to December 7th.

During this entire retrograde period, Mercury will be in Scorpio, which not only is a great deal of intense energy but it’s also lasting for the majority of the end of 2019.

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While we will likely feel some sort of effect during this entire astrological period, we will pick up on them more strongly on the dates that he turns; in this case, October 11th.

Mercury is the planet that rules our communication and our thoughts, so depending upon which zodiac sign he is moving through, we can feel that particular area of ourselves and our lives impacted differently. This is also the reason his retrogrades causes so much turmoil in our relationships and lives; when he slows down, we do too. When he’s going through a dark period, we tend to feel it, and when he appears to move backwards, the same is true.

Scorpio isn’t the most difficult placement for Mercury (Sagittarius and Pisces have that shared honor), but it’s not the sign he feels the strongest in (Virgo). This means there will naturally be some challenging moments as we have a very talkative, communicative, and fast-thinking planet moving through a sign that likes to spend time turning over ideas in his head. Scorpio wants to not only go deep but explore the depths, the part of our lives and psyche we tend to gloss over.  

But there is always a purpose for these retrogrades, and while we may not want to hear it, this one is because there is something we’re either hiding from others or hiding from ourselves. This is the purpose of Scorpio, and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio: To help us revisit those difficult scenarios and moments, to bring greater clarity or closure, and to help us bring to light what was previously in the darkness.

The pre-shadow phase has a different energy than the actual retrograde, and in many ways it’s stronger because we’re not accustomed to it. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3rd and remains there until December 9th, so we don’t really even have a chance to get used to what this energy is before he begins to slow down.

For many of us, we could feel the energy during the first few weeks of October as we prepare to walk whatever path this retrograde is meant to lead us on. But it could also be one we’ve traveled before.  

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What’s so interesting about Mercury retrograde is that they always seem to bring an ex back into our lives. Maybe it’s the one that got away, maybe it’s the childhood sweetheart, but it seems that as soon as Mercury ticks over in its pre-shadow phase, we start seeing those old flames get just a little bit hotter.

The full moon in Aries on October 13th may magnify this energy and be responsible for having someone return to our lives we never thought would. Aries is a fire sign, one that is all about getting things done and moving forward with determination. As we see Mercury start slowing, the fast-paced energy of the ram may amp up the effects of this pre-shadow phase.

But that doesn’t mean we get to bypass the lessons. Regardless of whether we feel like we’re in a quieter phase these next few weeks, or if we find our ex on our doorstep around the time of the full moon, it’s still an important time for us to review how we think and communicate to others. Specifically, how our communication or lack thereof has really affected the relationships we’ve begun, and also how it was part of their demise a well.  

We may also be asked, or even forced, to deal with our own truth. So often, when our hearts become broken, we want to just move on, to forget, to bury the past, so instead of dealing with our feelings, we hide them. But when we bury something, even if it’s something as simple as loving someone we’re no longer with, we also program ourselves to ignore and deny our own truth.  

Our truth is made up of who we are, our needs, dreams, and even experiences, so to deny any part of that means we’re also sending the message to ourself that we aren’t worthy of expressing and fulfilling our truth.

Mercury in Scorpio wants us to right that wrong, and whether we’re going to have to accomplish that by long nights by ourselves or in working through things with an ex, the one guarantee is that if we give our all, we will get even more back.  

We can always go deeper. There is always more healing available and more truth to the surface, but in order to get there, we have to first show up for ourselves.  

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