What The Halloween Mercury Retrograde Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope And Relationships, According To Astrology

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What The Halloween Mercury Retrograde Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope And Rela
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It’s that time again, and that means we have to expect the unexpected as we welcome in the final Mercury retrograde of this year, this time occurring in Scorpio, on October 31st. Depending upon location, it could also occur on November 1st, but that doesn’t mean the irony of the start date is going to escape any of us. 

Mercury in retrograde is known for bringing back past situations, and Scorpio tends to expose what we prefer to keep hidden. So it’s definitely a time when those skeletons we’ve stashed deep within our emotional closets will be coming out again.

And it's just in time not only for Halloween, but also to make sure we end the year where and with whom we’re supposed to.  

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Mercury retrograde 2019 will last until November 20th, but will not leave his post-shadow zone until December 7th. We can really expect to deal with the themes this brings up until then.  

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, whether it’s our inner thoughts and processing or our conversations, even emails, with others. Depending upon which zodiac sign this planet is traveling through, it will affect how we communicate.

On October 3rd, Mercury moved into the intense and deep water sign of Scorpio and will be remaining there until December 9th, which means this entire retrograde period isn’t only going to be really intense, but it’s also going to be responsible for us reviewing many themes from the past, including old relationships.

Scorpio is a deep-water sign, so it's no surprise that during this particular retrograde it’s going to be less about what we think, more about what we feel, and how we communicate that with others, especially those who mean the most to us. Scorpio is also an alchemist, one who transforms him or herself magically, which means that in order to evolve into the people we desire to be and live the life we dream of, we have to walk through that darkness and let it work its magic on us. 

Mercury turned into his pre-shadow phase just a few days after entering Scorpio on October 11th, and from October 31st to November 20th, he's retrograde but will spend November 20th to December 7th in his post-shadow phase before finally wrapping up this particular transit.

This means the next few months will be dominated by this energy and there is something we’re meant to learn from it all. This retrograde is an alchemical process, one that will not only change who we are but also what our lives look like.

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Scorpio is a sign that has no use for the superficial. He doesn’t care for small talk or appearances; what drives him is truth, the mystical, the sensual, the unexplored and the unfathomable. Scorpio is comfortable in the depths and the dark recesses of our soul, which means we are going to take that walk on the dark side and be asked to deal with any lingering skeletons in our closet.  

Retrogrades are notoriously a time when we see exes come back into our lives. Sometimes, it’s because they realized we are the love of their lives; other times, it’s because there is deeper healing that is necessary for both.

Regardless of if this retrograde has a stereotypical happy ending, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to leave us in a better place that it found us in. What we can expect is that, because this particular period is all about those skeletons, we’re going to see a theme arise about a past relationship(s) or cycles. It may also include some sort of lie or betrayal because Scorpio doesn’t leave any stone unturned in pursuit of the truth.

Not only will we be more in touch with our own feelings and truth thanks to Mercury in Scorpio, but we’re also going to be in a place to more readily speak it to others. For many of us, this will play out in a very literal way with an ex (or even someone from our past) returning with an event or feelings from the past that blew up or ended because of a betrayal, a lie or some other devastating hurt.  

Our worst nightmare is to think of an ex returning because we don’t want to be hurt again or we can’t imagine the past turning out any different. But we also have to realize that the ego part of us who doesn’t want that can become so stubborn that we end up hurting ourselves.

Should everyone welcome their ex back with open arms? Absolutely not. But are there those situations in which whatever hurt occurred was a necessary part of growth for both people, and now that they are in the place to focus on the love and forgiveness, they should give it another go? Yes.

The journey for all of us depends which category we fall into, because as much as we think we know what's going on, and as much as we think we can discern between reality and lies, come this retrograde we may find that things are not as they seem.  

The peak week of this retrograde will be November 6th to 13th, so pay close attention to any phone calls, emails or unexpected visitors you receive around this time. And instead of being quick to block or ignore communication, take some time to hear them out; it might end up being what you needed all along.

We all idealistically think we can determine when something or someone is in our past simply because of how we think about it. But in reality, life determines what’s over and what was only on pause; what is healed and what needs further work.

So, all we can do is let go of the control thinking we know, and let life do its thing. Because sometimes, those skeletons that come out of our closet do so because we need to hear what they have to say.

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