How The Invigorating September 2019 Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long

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How The September Love And Astrology Forecast Will Affect All Signs
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Sometimes, it seems that everything happens at once. We get to this space where we’ve made sense of things, have closure and peace, but then a tornado rips through and turns everything upside down.  

Well, your September 2019 love horoscope is the tornado, and its target is our lives. We knew it would take a while for the dust to settle from the eclipses in July because of Mercury retrograde and Jupiter retrograde. As many ideas as we had, we weren’t able to put them in motion.  

August brought greater clarity in that we were able to think about things  and start to formulate plans, but it still wasn’t the right time to jump or move ahead on things. In contrast, the monthly love horoscope for September 2019 will impact our zodiac signs in transformational ways.

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For many of us, August was a month of patience. A month of doing more waiting that any of us would like, and it was also the time for planning and plotting, encouraged under the Virgo stellium we saw around the Black Moon.

But September is here, and with it a whole new set of energy. And whether we feel ready for it or not, it’s certainly one that is going to keep us on our toes.

Within the first nine days of September, we will experience 14 transits! This is very quick activity focusing around Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. This means that our Black Moon on August 30th was the kerosene for whatever fire we needed lit so we could move ahead in our lives. And the astrology of the first week of September is obliging us with its support.  

We can expect that during these very fast-paced transits, our mental state will feel stimulated and active. We will be planning, but we’re also going to be making quick decisions and choices that are will affect our lives for some time, if not indefinitely.

The choices we’re focusing on will be centered around our futures. What do we want them to look like? What feels passionate and important to you? The other theme we’re going to feel present is the desire and need to speak the truth. This isn’t the sugarcoated words we sometimes say when we don’t know what we should speak on, but the unadulterated truth — the words that align with us, even if others don’t necessarily want to hear them.  

This is setting us up to be in the position to move, to take this and find that we’re in the place to make some pretty big decisions. Whereas in the past we felt overwhelmed or scared about this, the first week of this month, we're ready to jump in with both feet.  

Following the activity of the first nine days, we experience our full moon in Pisces, which is going to be a restart for many of us. A rebirth will be situated within the constellation of the phoenix.

The phoenix is a bird that continually is reborn from the ashes, uses its hardest times to rise into its greatest, and it’s this energy that will be infiltrating all of our minds, encouraging us to rise, let ourselves have a new beginning, and believe again — in life, in love, and in everything working out exactly as it’s meant to.  

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Pisces is a water sign that represents deep spirituality, love and connection. Pisces is mystical, romantic and understanding, sometimes beyond their years of logic. With our full moon under such an emotional sign, our own feelings will be emphasized and even overexaggerated around this time.

While big, grand gestures can make all the difference in the world, being overly reactive or stubborn can negatively affect any new plans we may initiate this month.  

The same day as the Piscean full moon, we also will feel Mercury shift into Libra, giving us the perfect balance of emotion and logic. While perhaps we will be feeling everything to the max around this time, we should be more prepared to express our emotions in a way that is clear and also one that encourages a better response from others.  

While this month will be active in all parts of our lives from career to family to love, this moon itself is strongly tied to new beginnings within our love lives, which may mean the relationship we have with ourselves may begin to grow and deepen. Pisces is also a sign of extraordinary forgiveness, so this moon will assist us in finally putting the past behind us so we can take the steps forward.

This is only increased by Venus moving into Libra on the same day, the planet that rules love, money and pleasure. We are going to be reminded that we have to have a balance within our relationships. We can have adventure and unconditional love, but we also need to know that we have a true partnership. And this transit will help us by making sure that any rebirths or resets that occur with our full moon will be for our highest good.  

We’ve been in Saturn retrograde since the end of April, which has been about teaching us self-control and restraint. This period has been one to focus on our boundaries and approaches to the various situations that life can throw at us.

But as of September 18th, Saturn turns direct, which means we’re likely to see a lot of action in our lives. Specifically, those areas that have felt stalled since April. We are finally at the point where we’ve done enough work on ourselves and can actually trust ourselves to move forward.  

We end the month with our new moon in Libra, which will be a point where we can finally exhale. Not only did we survive this incredibly active month, but we also made the changes we needed to. We did the hard work, we made the tough choices, and now all we have to do is remember what matters most. 

It's actually what we’re going to be realizing this month, because sometimes, it’s not always what we think it is.

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