What The July 9th Mercury Retrograde In Leo Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships All Next Month

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How Mercury Retrograde in Leo Will Affect All Signs For the Next Month
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On July 9th, Mercury, the planet that rules our communication and thought process, will shift into retrograde motion in Leo, challenging us to get in touch with our true emotions and no longer resist acting from them. But Mercury retrograde in Leo means there will be troubles for our zodiac signs.

Most likely, what we have to deal with is something we’ve tried to bury or walk away from in the past. This retrograde lesson will be that we can’t hold back our feelings and we can’t bury our emotions forever, because whether or not we want to, they always come out.  

In astrology, Leo is represented by the lion, a sign that rules our hearts. Leo is passion. He is exuberance and follows his heart with abandon. He’s fueled by desire. Leo knows what he wants. He’s king of the jungle, and doesn’t need anyone to validate him.

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Leo is emotional, but as a fire sign it’s not of the passive, quiet feelings we think of when we associate emotions to a water sign. This is out loud. This is what happens when we hold back our feelings for too long, the dam finally breaks, and there is nowhere for our emotions to go but out.  

There is a bigger picture at play here, as there always tends to be in astrology. In this situation, we are within a game-changing type of month.

During July, both eclipses occur, which mean that change is on the horizon, even if we don’t see it manifesting quiet yet. But it’s also occurring during our Mercury retrograde period. 

This summer’s Mercury retrograde is a bit different. Beginning on July 9th in Leo, Mercury will appear to move backwards, transiting into the sign of Cancer on July 19th before turning direct in Cancer on July 30th, and remaining in that sign until moving once again into Leo on August 11th.

This back and forth motion into these signs is importantl it’s the dance of family, home, passion, ambition. This is the lesson that not only can we not hold back our true feelings, but we also need to go back before we can move forward.  

Mercury in Leo is associated with feelings and passion, and in retrograde, it means we have tried to bury or hide, even forget something that was important to us. Perhaps this will touch on a personal desire like a career or even life path; however, it’s also likely this will indicate a relationship or ex from our past that will come back around.

Sometimes, in order to survive the craziness that life brings, we need to operate in absolutes. If it doesn’t happen now, it will never happen; if he’s not willing to commit now, he never will. And so on.

But just because we speak these words or operate from this mindset doesn’t make it true. We can say never in order to move forward, to live, to grow, but that doesn’t mean the universe will follow suit.

In truth, none of us can say never, none of us know for sure when a connection is dead, or an opportunity has passed for good. And Mercury retrograde always has a way of bringing something that we thought was over.

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Whatever comes up for us in the beginning of this retrograde period — July 9th to 19th, which is well within our eclipse window of July 2nd with the solar eclipse, to the 16th and 17th when the lunar occurs — has do with following our hearts, and listening to our emotions with a situation or person from our past.

Does this mean that everyone is going have an ex come back into the picture? No, but it does mean that we’re all going to be having to revisit something that we thought was over; something we tried to fit into a nice and tidy little box so we could move on more easily.

Heading into this retrograde phase, we have to understand that it occurs during that two-week "anything goes" eclipse window, often referred to as the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is off the table, and that means nothing is going to abide by any rules we have previously felt controlled to secure within.

We have to be prepared for life to change, to be challenged, to be asked to have courage, and to embrace wherever we’re led, instead of trying to always dictate where we go.

Our eclipse that occurs on the 2nd in the sign of Cancer means that our focus will be on home and family. With Mercury transiting retrograde about a week after, it means we’re likely going to have rough spots on the home front. Yet, whatever does occur, we have to believe it happens not only for our highest good, but the highest good of all those involved, even if it looks like nothing but chaos.  

From the 9th to 19th, while Mercury is in Leo, expect bursts of emotions and moments of stubbornness, feeling headstrong, and as if you just can’t hold in or repress anything anymore. This is the catalyst phase, the time when whatever we’ve been holding back comes out.

During these ten days, it's important to remember that Leo also can be dramatic, which is emphasized during a retrograde period. So, try to be mindful that you’re not being too over the top.

There will be moments of disagreements, challenges, hurt feelings and times when you feel as if it’s all your fault. But as much as this is about embracing what you truly feel, it's also about realizing you’re not responsible for how others feel. You’re not responsible for making others happy, or for living life according to their expectations.  

Leo puts us in touch with what truly matters to us. To who we are, what we feel, and what we want so we can be honest. We can make moves and live life based in our truth, regardless of what that is. There is no escaping our emotions, but only the journey for ourselves to be honest about what we feel.

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