What The July 3rd Venus In Cancer Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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How Venus Will Either Bring Us Closer Together-Or Split Up During The Month
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Focus on what matters most.

On July 3rd, Venus moves into Cancer, bringing our focus to our relationships and the stability (or lack thereof) that we feel. Venus changes signs every month or so, which means this goddess changes her view points on love from being flirty and fun to being serious and commitment-orientated, affecting our relationships.

Venus will be traversing through this water sign until July 27th, when she will shift her focus into Leo and become even more headstrong about pursuing what is closest to her heart. And for the zodiac signs, that means their love horoscopes will point them in a certain direction.

In astrology, while Venus is the planet that rules love, she isn’t the only one to influence our romantic relationship; yet her affect is one that is truly unique. Venus isn't responsible for how we mentally see our relationships or how we behave, but in the pull that we have to another.

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Venus is the pure connection that we feel between ourselves and a partner or a possible love interest. She isn’t here to make us overthink or abandon our needs — it’s truly love in the purest sense of the word.

In Cancer, Venus’ energy is more focused. Cancer is a water sign and while not considering the ruling sign of Venus, they do get along quite well together. The crab is known for being emotional and is concerned with those relationships that are closest to us.

Cancer is a feminine sign, one that rules the moon and the home. If Venus in Cancer represents anything, it’s the idea of family. There's the family we are born into and the family we create; it’s not that one is more preferable over the other, but sometimes in life part of the journey comes from understanding that each has their place within our lives.  

This isn’t just about how we all get along with our distant aunts and cousins, because while Cancer is family, Venus is love. This transit is going to bring the focus on marriages, serious relationships, those living together, and even those who just have deep feelings for one another.

The focus isn’t only going to be on how we feel about someone, but if it’s as supportive as we need. Does it feel like family? Does this feel like the committed relationship you had hoped to create? Or, do you spend more time talking yourself into something, hoping one day it magically will be so?

Venus in Cancer is only part of the story, so we can’t ignore everything else that is going on because it’s going to affect what the next few weeks have in store.

Venus moves into Cancer one day after the new moon in Cancer and our total solar eclipse, igniting a brand new eclipse cycle. We’re having new beginnings in the area of our family and relationships, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be with new partners, thanks to Mercury turning retrograde just a few short days after Venus moves into Cancer. 

We know that Mercury retrogrades are those sticky times that bring any exes out from the woodwork, either because we’re meant to have another chance or because we are meant to reach a new level of healing within them.

This is a triad of astrological events that will play off of one another and dictate how we move forward during the next few weeks.  

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Yes, Venus in Cancer is going to make us focus more on home or family, but with the new moon in Cancer, we’re going to feel strongly about doing something different. We want a new beginning, a new chapter, even if it’s in an existing relationship.

This is about change. Something in our home and family life isn’t just bound to change in the coming weeks, but we need it to because this, whatever this specifically is, isn’t working.  

In many ways, this Mercury retrograde period is going to be extremely beneficial because while this trickster planet is known for messing up the best laid plans, it's actually about reviewing, revising, and revisiting something that had previously happened.

Sometimes it’s helpful, even if a relationship isn’t meant to end, to gain greater clarity on how we ended up in a particular situation. Yet it’s also beneficial for those relationships in which we spontaneously ended things because it was easier than doing the work to figure them out.  

This isn’t only our second chance, but it’s also a time when we’re being encouraged to go our own way. Yes, family may be everything, but we have to make sure we surround ourselves with those that mean everything to us too.

Venus in Cancer during a retrograde and eclipse season — specifically, the two-week wild card window between the solar and lunar eclipses — means that changes are afoot. Big changes. Unescapable changes.

It means that this is the time that is going to make or break our relationships. Either we’re going to go through this period and end up feeling stronger than before, or we’re going to realize that we can’t keep a relationship on life support any longer.  

The dust may not settle from the effects of Venus in Cancer until the beginning of August, when we’ve had time to process and end the relationships we were meant to, but there is no doubt that the two-week time of Venus’ stint in Cancer, specifically the 3rd-17th, will prove to be a very active time full of unexpected events.  

Going into this season, it’s important to try to remain as unattached as possible to any outcomes or scenarios. Trust that everything and anything that happens is ultimately for your highest good and all those involved.

Make a commitment to speak your truth with kindness, integrity, and as high vibration as you can. But perhaps most of all, keep focused on what matters most, whether it’s love, peace or your relationship. Because at the end of all of this, it’s only going to be what matters most that actually survives.

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