What The Double Mercury Sextiles Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until June 2019

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How the Mercury Sextiles will Bring Great Change to Our Lives
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On February 8th and 9th, we will experience two different sextiles involving Mercury: Mercury sextile Mars — with Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Aries — and Mercury sextile Uranus — with Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. 

This transit is going to bring new opportunities into our lives and give us the courage to seize them. Not only will this impact our zodiac signs, relationships, and love horoscopes, but we will be encouraged to make the most of this unique astrological time.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which encourages a positive and beneficial environment. It means that while we may have to work for what we want, the payoff is there if we can just get through the hard times. In this case, we have Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries, and then once again, Mercury in Aquarius will sextile Uranus in Aries, firing us up with motivation and new possibilities.

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So while these two transits are just one-day individual events, together they will be starting a new chapter in our lives that we may see continue until June when the next sextile occurs.

Mercury is the planet that governs our thoughts and communications. In Aquarius though, he is more concerned with the unusual or the unique. This is where our subconscious dwells, as well as those thoughts and feelings we try our best to talk ourselves out of.

Mercury in Aquarius is also those situations in which we say are impossible, too difficult or pointless to even try, which may be in terms of career, higher learning, or even our romantic relationships. In this rebellious air sign, we become more concerned with making sure we’re not just endlessly following the desires or wishes of others. It’s about us finding what beats within us that feels like it’s part of a bigger purpose, and then acknowledging it and communicating it to others through big declarations or plans.

The first sextile is Mercury in Aquarius with Mars in Aries, which will be lighting a fire under us and making it impossible to just sit this one out. Mars is the planet of action and ambition, and Aries is his ruling sign, which means in astrology he’s currently at his best; he’s strong, focused, and just doesn’t know what he wants, but also intends to go after it.

It’s likely we all have a little bit of Aries in our charts, and it’s necessary because we need to feel motivated to go after what we want or to make those big dreams a reality. Mars in Aries doesn’t like to wait, and plans out their maneuvers with expertise and precision.  

This sextile is also heavily connected with honesty, both in how honest we are with ourselves as well as with others. Aquarius is here reminding us that maybe what makes us happy or satisfied isn’t what others want for us; maybe it’s not what we had envisioned for our lives, but if we feel that spark of life within our hearts, we know it’s something that is meant for us.

Mercury in Aquarius encourages us to find what feels like our truth, and usually will be apt to speak it. However, with Mars in Aries in the mix, that is now a guarantee. This transit is usually responsible for sudden or unexpected engagements or proposals, even elopements.

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If we have recently been experiencing disruptions in our love lives, or even separations, we may hear from our lover. Even if a proposal is not part of the offer, it’s likely there will be a plan put on the table, and regardless there will be motivation in making things right and rekindling whatever was left to the wayside over the past few months.  

Adding to the aspect of the sudden or unexpected is Uranus in Aries sextile Mercury in Aquarius. Uranus is known as the planet of shock and awe because he often brings about events that we could never have pictured in our wildest dreams.

This sextile is also about looking up and opening ourselves up to options we haven’t previously considered. A sextile is closely related to the idea that we reap what we sow, and we might be ending up somewhere we hadn’t planned for. But that doesn’t mean it’s not exactly where we are supposed to be.  

We will be drawn to those situations and people that excite us, that feel connected, and even authentic for who we are and what we want. Because of so much Aquarius energy, wherever we’re directed it will be off the beaten path.

This is not the transit that favors your longtime partner of ten years finally popping the question, but rather, meeting someone unexpectedly on vacation and falling in love at first sight and changing all your plans in a moment's notice. Uranus is going to make sure we take advantage of whatever opportunity comes our way because part of this year's astrology is to finally and fully separate from doing anything to make others happy.  

Living a life we love has nothing to do with how satisfied others are by our choices or even how well we follow the rules or expectations of others. Sometimes that means making choices no one understands or believes in. Yet, we hold onto that faith that if we feel it, it must be for a reason.

Astrological transits often occur in groupings, which means that the energy can linger for longer than just one day. The Mercury-Mars sextile will last until the next one in March, meaning that whatever opportunity we have, it’s meant to be seized now and not delayed; however, the next Mercury-Uranus sextile won’t occur until June, suggesting that whatever changes we begin now won’t full manifest or form for about five months — not because we’re going to have to struggle but because sometimes it takes time for things to fall into place.  

These Mercury sextiles are about shaking us awake, getting us in touch with what we really want, and realizing that we can’t possibly be living our best lives if we’re still doing it according to the rules of others.  

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