How The February 2nd Mars-Pluto Square And Venus-Uranus Trine Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

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How the Astrology of 2/2 will affect the Truth that is in our Hearts
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We can't change our hearts until we change our minds.

On February 2nd, two powerful alignments will occur that will challenge us to not only accept the change that is brewing, but also to embrace what we find there. The transits are Mars square Pluto — with Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn — and Venus trine Sagittarius — with Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.

But what do these transits mean for our zodiac signs and love horoscopes? Well, while Mars square Pluto could present as a tense aspect, Venus trine Uranus will be beneficial in successfully moving through this day.

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While these transits are occurring on just one day, they have the power to affect our entire month, especially if we take this chance to acknowledge our truth and not wait for the universe to push us even further.

The first transit is one that is going to create a moment for us to have to integrate and learn from. Mars is the planet of action and ambition; in its home sign of Aries it’s at the strongest and most powerful it can get. But that means that arguments are also possible too.

We will quite literally be feeling fired up, and while that energy can be beneficial, we must make sure that we’re not just plain old aggressive. Mars in Aries doesn’t wait; it goes after what it wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. It’s not easily persuaded or discouraged; it believes in itself and trusts that it can get the job done no matter what that entails.

For us, we’re confident. Trusting. And failing is not even an option. But the downfall is that we may be too eager to think that our way is best or that success can only come by us doing something in one particular format.  

Pluto in Capricorn is an interesting mix; the Lord of the Underworld likes to expose, to bring up secrets, and to show whatever was previously hidden. With Mars in Aries this could mean some explosive energy, especially if, because of what was revealed, Mars then needs to change or alter his plans. Pluto in Cap will be suggesting that something from our pasts or even our foundation isn’t actually making us stronger; almost like there is a weakness, or a breaking point that is already there that we just can’t yet see.

In all likelihood, this square is about realizing that something was or is off about a relationship, perhaps something was hidden or overlooked, and when it comes to light, Mars may lash out — not necessarily just from anger but from feeling like he has to change all of his plans once again.  

Luckily for us, there is another transit on this day which will help us smooth things over and help us move through the changes that are occuring. Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries is about big changes in love, likely due to what Pluto revealed.

Often times in love, our first reaction is to be angry when it comes to matters of the heart; even if we are no longer emotionally invested in a partnership, we can become triggered when feeling like we’re abandoned or being deceived. It’s these feelings that tend to ignite that disruption of our peace of mind; in other words, we become crazy.

We start to look for every little thing to mean something and we tend to play the victim while secretly beating ourselves up for that text we wished we didn’t send or wishing we had reacted differently to a situation.

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While it’s normal to go through this process, having Venus trine Uranus means that while we’re going to face a disruption or change in our love lives, we’re going to be more accepting of it, which will mean that we will be able to heal and move past it more easily. Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t want to be tied down; they are only focused on the most valuable relationship. Because with this placement, we’re more than fine to be alone and content on our own.  

What is interesting is that both Pluto and Uranus are seen as the big change agent planets. Pluto usually does so by digging up secrets, and Uranus elicits sudden change without notice or time to plan. Together, we’re going to have a big unforeseen (Pluto) change (Uranus) in our romantic (Venus) relationships; we will first act with anger (Mars), but will likely invoke that Sagittarian energy to forgive, move on and let go more easily.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we’re going to all be breaking up; this could actually be a day that brings us closer together with our partner, depending on how we react to what is revealed. According to the angel number meanings, "2" is indicative of new beginnings and a fresh start, so perhaps it’s going to be that a relationship we thought had died is suddenly back in our lives causing disruption or fear at first.

We might also just be faced with seeing our partner for who they truly are and not who we are projecting them to be, which might cause us to face our own feelings.  

The thing with this transit is that it’s not just about surface changes but those deep within, and it’s not just our partners or relationships that Uranus and Pluto want to bring a new chapter to, but to us as well. It’s never easy being faced with changes we may not necessarily want to make.

However, in order to keep moving forward in life and love, we have to accept what we receive with an open heart and always be willing to change our minds, especially if it means also having a change of heart.

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