What The January 22nd Venus-Jupiter Conjunct Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Months

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What The Venus Conjunct Jupiter Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships
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You can't stop fate.

On January 22nd, we will see things turn for the better with Venus conjunct Jupiter, with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius. For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, this transit brings the realization that some things are meant to be, and not even our humanness can stop it from happening.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets meet up in a particular sign. This one will be in the independent fire sign of Sagittarius, creating positive vibes and also bringing forth the payout of positive karma.

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While this is a one-day transit, because it’s occurring just one day after the major lunar eclipse, we could see the energies of this positive transit take six months to manifest in our lives or reach the point of resolution.  

2019 isn’t playing, and for most of us it’s exactly what we need. January began with a solar eclipse just days after the new year, and now we will see the most potent lunar eclipse we’ve experienced in recent years, identifying that whatever is happening now is something unique and special.

But the one theme of this year is to pace ourselves, to take our time, and realize that this is not about a race to the finish line but rather a marathon to improve the people we are, and to complete more of our soul work.

Just a day before this conjunction between Venus and Jupiter we will experience our eclipse as well as two different squares — the first between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, and the second being Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. It’s an interesting bit of astrology because it’s like it’s showing us what needs to change but then saying we're going to have to overcome many things to get there, but that when you do, you have this amazing love that’s going to be so beautiful and so worth it.

The beautiful love aspect is what this transit is bringing into the mix, and while it’s important to see it and feel it, we have to understand that while the love itself is fairly effortless, we’re still going to have to overcome our own obstacles to get to that place where we can be with this new person.

Venus is the planet of love and Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, or just making everything seem and feel bigger than life. It’s a planet that helps us step outside of what we think is possible by allowing us to see life as even more amazing.

Both planets are meeting up in Sagittarius, which means that our luck is going to feel more like karma and our love is going to feel a little more like it can't just make us feel good but also walk the wild side.

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Be sure to check out the planets, visible especially in the early morning sky near the eastern horizon line. While you can see them at night, they are more easily seen in the early morning hours, and if you have been noticing two stars get closer to one another during the past month, that's Jupiter and Venus. They will conjunct within a few degrees of one another before moving on, which will provide a beautiful show, especially on the morning of the 22nd.  

The planet of love sometimes doesn’t know what to do in Sagittarius because while this sign is very loyal it’s also always looking to improve, and sometimes that can also make this sign have a wandering eye. But it’s more about enjoying what comes our way, especially the payout of good karma.

For those who are less familiar with the specifics of karma, it’s the debts that we create by our actions, choices and even the ability to learn lessons and grow. Those of us who try to live as honestly and with as much integrity as possible will find ourselves reaping the rewards during Venus conjunct Jupiter.

While Venus is most known for governing love, she also rules money as well, which means that for those experiencing positive karma, we could even experience a windfall of money, inheritance, or even an investment opportunity turned lucrative. It’s a time when we will be able to experience that amazing love, and also financial security — not in a temporary way, but as part of a foundation of a bigger picture with Saturn just the day before.

Because of the timing of this transit to the eclipse, it could also mean that we might need to take the next six months to grow and put together our lives so we can experience the benefits of what this one aspect is setting into motion.

In many ways, this transit is the light at the end of the tunnel, because with two squares the energy can become heavy or challenging where we could be struggling to find the positive in a situation. However, with Jupiter and Venus in conjunction, it’s like that golden opportunity is just being handed to us.

While this is a positive transit, there is the risk that if we have accumulated negative karma instead of positive, we might see others around us blessed while we ourselves feel like life is just getting harder and harder. If this is the case, it’s important to stay positive and look for the lessons.

There are no coincidences and we do get back what we put out, so if we want a different result, we have to start putting out different energies. Even if we must work off negative karma, even if we have to figure out how to get what we want, nothing can stop fate — not even the choices we do or don’t make.

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