What The Double Mercury Aspects Of September 16th Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships

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Mercury trine Pluto
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The first step to getting what you want is believing it’s possible.

On September 16th, we will experience two dynamic Mercury aspects: Mercury trine Pluto — with Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn — and Mercury sextile Jupiter — with Mercury also in Virgo and Jupiter in Scorpio. This transit in astrology will leave the zodiac knowing what they want but also being able to make those important decisions to manifest it in their lives. And that's more than a horoscope can provide.

In astrology, the planets are always moving and often they align with another. When this occurs, it’s almost like a form a sacred geometry in the sky and we feel the effects, whether it has to do with our relationships, our confidence, or even just our moods.

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Mercury is the planet that governs communication and often is nicknamed the trickster planet because in retrograde motion he causes chaos with our electronics, general way of thinking, and expressing ourselves to others. However, this planet is often overlooked for its importance to taking our dreams and bringing them to the next level of manifestation.

When we are envisioning our future, we often plan how we hope things will go or where we would like to be. While there are no guarantees, a plan can at least help us know that we’re heading in the general direction of our dreams. But if that is all they are, that is also what they may remain as well.

Mercury helps us share our dreams with others, helps us have those big relationship conversations in which we take things to another level, and ultimately, he helps us in articulating our plans so we can put them into motion.

But the sign in which Mercury rests during his alignments with other planets matter, and that is why the two this week are so incredibly powerful. Mercury is camping out in his favorite sign, the one he feels the most comfortable in and is on his best behavior because of: Virgo.

Virgo is an earth sign, so the energy to these transits are a very grounded one; it’s practical and it’s also foundation-based, so we may be reviewing the foundations of our relationships or life choices, or we may recognize some important moments occur around this time to continue building that solid footing.

Mercury in Virgo is practical and has planned out exactly what he wants to do; he's just waiting for the right time to share it. The two aspects that Mercury makes this week are positive, which is also beneficial because we just recently saw an alignment between himself and Neptune in which our thinking may have been clouded or confused.

These aspects are meant to help clear the fog, to show us that we’re on the right path, and to help us move forward in our lives with the decisions that we need to make in order to have that actually occur.

The first transit is Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld and Mercury is the planet of communication, so it’s likely during this transit that part of us sharing our plans, our dreams and where we want to go will also include us having to relive the darkness of our pasts.

The important thing is to remember that we all have a history that we’d rather not bring into our present; we’d all rather forget parts of our lives or even things that we’ve done. But to actually move forward, we also need to be able to face it.

A trine in astrology is when the two planets are within 120 degrees of one another and form a very beneficial aspect, resulting in the enhancement of energies of both planets. In this case, Pluto wants to make sure that you leave the past behind once and for all — not because we’re going to forget that any existed, but because sometimes we truly have to put it to rest in order to actually take that first step towards a new chapter.

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And a new chapter is just what the second aspect, a sextile between Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Scorpio, is promising. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, expansion and fortune, which means that any communication during this time will be about increasing our success, our love, and our overall fulfillment in some big ways.

Together, Mercury and Jupiter are here to help us increase our self-confidence so we can feel powerful and decisive in taking action to help manifest our deepest dreams, but only after we’ve deal with the past (Pluto).

A sextile is when planets are within 60 degrees of one another and truly bring out the best of one another. In this case, Mercury and Jupiter are coming together to help us create that new chapter in our lives.

Because of the recent astrology of the summer including the eclipse triad and super new moons along with the retrograde planets, many of our personal astrology has put a pause on our romantic relationships.

As we venture further and further into September, we’re seeing more of the astrology turn around and inspire us to actually take charge of our futures.

The alignment between Mercury and Jupiter is gifting us with the chance to make some important choices in our lives. Our vision will be clear and we will be in the position to feel confident that what we want for ourselves is also the best direction we should be moving in. It’s the combination of clarity (Mercury) and confidence (Jupiter) to let us move beyond our pasts (Pluto) and into the future that awaits us.

During this time, we can expect to be pulled into more significant commitments, resulting in changing relationship dynamics and structures. We could quickly move in the direction of what feels like it supports us and our growth the most, and suddenly, all the reasons why we should wait just seem insignificant.

Because when we know, we can finally do something in order to get it. 

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