How The Powerful July 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life All Month Long

monthly love horoscope for July
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Close your eyes and jump.

The month of July will come in hot and heavy on the heels of Mars turning retrograde and our full moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn. For your monthly love horoscope for July, these two events together will begin the theme for the month: we are going to have to work (and wait) for what we want. From an astrology perspective, that means big changes are on the horizon this month!

July begins the second half of our year and with it brand new lessons and experiences that we will have to find ways of navigating quickly and with flexibility. Our full moon at the end of January saw the end of the previous eclipse cycle, which lasted from January to June, during which we saw various lessons and themes around self-growth, communication, and authentic relationships working themselves out.

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We had six months as the usual time frame for eclipse cycles to synthesize our thoughts and to see what exactly we were supposed to be focusing on. But from now until early August, we will see an eclipse every two weeks.

This means that during the summer months, we will experience lessons and upgrades on a much faster scale that we must be ready to work through and seize. There is no long, drawn out time period like usual eclipse cycles; instead, it’s meant to change our lives from the ground up.

While Mars will be retrograde for the majority of the summer, we will see Jupiter turn direct on July 10th, which means that while we still may be experiencing frustration by a lack of movement, we will hopefully see a return of optimism and abundance, paving the way for the changes that eclipse season is sure to bring us.

Jupiter turning direct will allow us to look at what we treasure most and will help us accept the goodness that is trying to flow to us. Often times in life, we truly are our own worst enemy, and before we’re able to accept any sort of blessing we first need to feel worthy enough to do so.

Beginning this time of great personal transition, we will see the super new moon on the 13th and also a partial solar eclipse, unearthing some long hidden feelings or desires inspiring us to be brave enough to take a closer look at our current lives. Are we happy in our relationships? Are there ways that we are holding ourselves back? What do we need to take care of before moving into new and exciting chapters of our lives? These are just a few of the questions we will have to be willing to ask ourselves as we move forward during this month.

Eclipse season always gets a bad rap, but that’s only because it brings about changes we have been reluctant to make. It’s the difference between our comfort zone and the adventure of living life as it’s meant to be. For many of us, this month may have us feeling that we can’t quite catch our breaths, or that no matter what we do we can’t quite get life to obey on our terms.

The best way to prepare for what may come this season is to know that we can try our best to follow through on plans, but in the end, what is meant to happen will, regardless of what we do.

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During the first half of the month, it’s crucial to stay in the moment and remain flexible even of changes that we had not anticipated. In terms of our love lives, many of us will experience a break during these summer months. It’s not necessarily a breakup, or even something to be seen in a negative light, but those who are on a similar path need time this summer to incorporate what we’ve learned over the past six months in order to move ahead in the second half of the year.

This break will not be permanent and many of us might not even actually even use those words; instead, it may be that life just happens in such a way that we’re asked to spend some time apart physically or just simply to focus on other areas of our lives.

During your monthly love horoscope for July, it’s crucial to not make assumptions about where the relationship is headed and just give it time, because while the first half of July may be difficult, the second half is when we start seeing things more clearly.

At the end of the month, not only do we see a full blood moon, but also the longest lunar eclipse in this century! Normally, eclipses can last just a few minutes to perhaps half of an hour, but we will see the longest one in our lifetime, lasting a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes.

The meaning of eclipses, regardless of whether it’s lunar or solar, is change. The solar affects more outward change as far as not giving up on our dreams and manifesting our lives in a positive fashion. However, the lunar eclipse is all about our emotional world, our subconscious, and our romantic relationships.

The fact that we have an extraordinarily long eclipse that governs our emotional side and relationships means we’re truly going to be asked to go within, to see some truth about our love lives that we’ve neglected or overlooked, and ultimately act upon our hearts with confidence.

July is truly a game changing month, even if we have to wait until September to see how everything plays out. It’s the month where we will begin expecting life to go one way only to see by the end that it has taken a completely different direction.

The most important thing to remember this month is that changes will be coming in very quickly. We won’t be having months to take our time; rather, we'll just simply being asked to close our eyes and trust that if the universe brings us to it, it’s because it’s meant for us. 

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