How The Sizzling June 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life All Month Long

monthly love horoscope for June 2018
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Who we have beside us determines where we end up going.

It’s time to turn it up, get focused, and go for what it is that we really want. This month we have a lot going in astrology, which is going to seem like the hands of fate truly are handling matters of our hearts. And in your monthly love horoscope for June 2018, your zodiac sign will find that overcoming even the hardest challenges will take work.

Everything that is worthwhile is a process, sometimes one that seems like there will never be an outcome or an ending to. Perhaps it’s not really about an ending but just a moment that lets us know we haven’t been imagining things and have actually been working toward something all this time. And this month may provide just that.

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Everything in nature comes in cycles, and astrology is no different. We began an eclipse cycle back in January and now at the end of this month with the full moon we will see what the point of it has been for us.

We know that this year has had a more love tinge to it than previous years, and we have all felt that in our lives in some way. Whether it’s about approaching dating in a new way, getting more serious about a relationship, or even contemplating marriage or children, we will see big changes in our love lives this year.

Beginning off the month is a series of trines including the luscious and romantic grand water trine. Trines are a benefit to us all, make things happen, flow and become simply more beautiful. They help u, with only our best intentions at heart. But a grand water trine means that we’re going to be in fluid and deep waters of astrological signs like Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, focusing heavily on love and relationships.

Sometimes in love our self-worth reflects who we spend time in relationship with. When we don’t believe that we are worthy of lasting romantic, sizzling, and supportive relationships, we enter into unions with those who mistreat us or don’t give us all we need from a partner. Yet in these situations, we often blame the other person and try to make them treat us the way that we want, rather than simply seeing that they might not be the person we need.

Most of the frustration we experience in relationships is because we try to force our partner to do or be something they naturally don’t want to be instead of us seeing that we have two choices: to accept them as they are in this moment, or to move on and find someone better suited to our needs.

This majestic water trine is going to be tilting the scales for us on those partnerships where we spend more time battling for them to meet our needs than just simply loving. Part of us achieving that romantic relationship that we desire is releasing what no longer meets our needs.

The really interesting aspect is that to release what isn’t working, it takes a lot of courage. It means that we’re abandoning lies we told ourself about the relationship, and that we’re ready to be honest with ourselves.

Gemini season is upon us and this talkative, communicative sign loves to be real; in fact, they sometimes have a hard time doing anything but that. In combination with the trine and the upcoming influence of Neptune retrograding in Pisces, we will be drawn to the truth of our hearts, but we will also be in the place to express it.

This is all leading to us getting to that finale in our current eclipse cycle. While it may be different for all of us, it will still be one of those moments we remember for the rest of our lives.

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Because of the nature of moon cycles, we will be feeling this energy of something coming to a head the entire month of June, likely having begun with the full Sagittarius moon at the end of May. We could see situations accelerate or change rapidly in the coming weeks.

The thing with the astrology this month is that if it’s something that is meant to be in our lives, we’re going to see it bless our lives, we’re going to see it expand thanks to Jupiter, and we’re going to see what the power of love can actually accomplish.

However, as with everything, there is another side. If we are still hanging onto those situations and people that have already served their purpose, we will also see their exit from our lives accelerated. We will see things play out that make it easier for us to say goodbye, to change direction, or to lovingly let go of those people that are best kept at a distance.

Sometimes, the best way to love someone is from afar — not because they aren’t incredible, but because not everyone we love is actually a positive addition to our lives.

Yet even with this possible aspect of letting go, everything that occurred did so for a specific reason. In time, we will be able to reflect and see how the experienced shaped the person that we have since grown into.

Not all loves are supposed to last forever; in fact, only one is, and for many of us it’s a long road through learning what love is not before we’re finally in the place to be able to welcome it. As we grow older, we realize that it’s less about the flowers and candy and more about shared ambition and unconditional love. We learn that it’s not fancy dates that are going to help us through the hard times but rather the support of a partner who has our best interests at heart.

Because one of the most important lessons we will learn is that who we have besides ourselves determines where we end up going in this lifetime. 

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