How The Mercury-Saturn Trine Will Balance Your Karma And Love Life This Week, Starting May 18th

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Mercury trine Saturn
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Once we're free from our past, we will be ready to commit to our future.

The Mercury trine Saturn trine on May 18th will help usher in a new chapter in all of our lives. And that's good news for your zodiac sign and love horoscope. In astrology, a trine is when planets are 120 degrees apart and they work together to bring out the best in each other.

In this case, we have the planet of communication, Mercury, teaming up with Saturn, the lord of time and karma. Together these energies will help us process all that we’ve been through so that we can finally take steps toward our future.

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Mercury is in Taurus for this transit, grounding communication and giving it a nudge toward the more domestic. Taurus rules home life, family, simple pleasures and sensuality thanks to Venus, the illustrious planet of love, being at home here. Taurus appreciates the aspect of home and even goes as far as taking pride in it; he protects it at all costs and views his family as his ultimate gifts.

While the planet that governs communication and our thoughts can sometimes get a bad rap for being all over the place or for tricking us with his debauchery, in Taurus, he becomes determined to speak the truths that are most important to him.

This means that we will find ourselves ready to discuss issues that we previously felt the desire to keep the lid on.

Whether we are realizing where our direction is taking us or want to step up the commitment through marriage or by starting a family, for many of us our thoughts are going to be more love-based over the next few weeks of May. It’s been said that the first week of May was a quiet one before the storm of mid-May when everything is expected to be stirred up and sweep through all of our lives.

At the epicenter of this is the new moon and Uranus in Taurus, although with this transit right on the heels of these big aspects, it speaks to us finally discussing something that was brought up recently or was discovered or learned. New moons are a time for beginnings, and Uranus in Taurus means that there was and is drastic change that is occurring. Sometimes when we have those big "ah-ha" moments, we aren’t yet ready to discuss them — and that is where this transit comes in.

Saturn in Capricorn likes to build, to create strong foundations, and to start from the ground up, working together. Saturn in Capricorn is patient, knowing that everything occurs at specifically the right time. He doesn’t stress about taking his time because when he finally does move, he’s more than certain of his choice.

Together with Mercury, this means that what comes up at this transit has been a long time coming and will be heavily influenced by the aspect of karma.

Perhaps we’ve had to clear karma from pervious lifetimes, or maybe it was outdated family karma that we had to heal before moving forward in this life. We might have had to learn some lessons before being in the place to accept real and true love, or we simply might have had to learn what love truly is.

Regardless of the journey we have taken to get here, we are at a crossroads on our journey where it’s going to be less about learning and more about reaping; less about staying in difficult situations and more about making choices that honor our soul. The new moon and Uranus are the factors that will push this new beginning, a new aspect in not just our lives but in our hearts as well.

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It’s time to stop chasing what is trying to leave. It’s time to believe that things can be different. It’s time to start actively participating in what calls to our highest selves.

Mercury trine Saturn will take the lessons we’ve been served and help us process them so we can make sense of the new information we’re being asked to take in. The thing with big changes of karma is that if we can’t actually understand the process and absorb what the meaning is, we’re not actually ready to move forward. Only when we can look upon our past with a clear heart and open eyes will we be able to start making different choices for our future.

Our lives are shaped by decisions and each one creates a different reality. Part of this transit is being aware enough to not only discuss our plans with those we are close to but also just being in the place to finally make them. It means that while whatever realization is occurring now has taken us a great deal of time to learn, thanks to Saturn being on the scene, we also are right on time.

Nothing moves and happens when we want it to; rather, it's when we are meant to. So at this point of the year, it’s realizing just how far we’ve come, and how our pasts truly don’t fit any longer.

During this transit we can expect to see big conversations centering around commitment, love and relationships. We also will see plans being formed and likely being implemented. One important factor to remain aware of is that just because a development in events may seem sudden, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t actually taken years to get to.

We don’t always see what is going on beneath the surface, especially in the romantic relationships of others, so sometimes what appears to the outside world as brash is only perfect divine timing. Because sometimes we just have to realize that it’s up to us to free ourselves from our pasts so we can commit to our dreams and our future.

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