How To Turn All That Time You Spend On Tinder Into A High-Paying Career

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Men And Women On Apps Tinder, Bumble & Grinder Can Apply To Become Online Dating Coaches

Bonus: This works for Bumble and Grindr, too!

If you've had some decent success matching with potential soulmates on dating apps Tinder, Bumble and/or Grindr, and have also given thought to shaking things up in your professional life, we have some potentially life-changing news for you!

British online services marketplace Bidvine is looking for savvy men and women to come aboard their newly offered "Tinder Pro Coaching" service as online dating coaches who will share their personal knowledge and expertise in order to help the cause of less experienced dating app users trying to get their swipe right and left on more successfully.

And let's be real, the scripts for potential romantic comedies you'll be able to throw together while on the job pretty much write themselves!


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"We know that there are millions of people out there who struggle to connect with the right people," says Russ Morgan, co-founder of Bidvine,"so we thought why don't we help them out? That's why we've decided to launch the Pro Tinder Coaching service, to help those who always pick 'the bad ones' or find it hard to initiate conversations, find the right person — almost like a real-life Hitch! Hopefully in a couple of months we'll have some couples that found each other using our service."

I personally have no plans to switch careers any time soon, but if I did it would have to be in order to pursue a career in a field that was totally bananas, like becoming a professional chocolate taster, or perhaps one of those people who holds newborn babies at the hospital.

That said, there are those who say it's ideal to change careers every seven years and start over again anew.

The idea is apparently rooted in the mystical and biological nature of the number seven, as Randy Deutsch, Associate Director of Graduate Studies at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign wrote:

"Besides the 7 days of creation, we regenerate our skin every 7 days; our body’s cells renew every 7 years, we’re essentially a new person every 7 years. Allowing land to lie fallow every 7th year returns moisture and nutrients to the soil, restoring productivity. As a professor, it takes 7 years to achieve tenure and 7 years to earn a sabbatical. There’s the 7th inning stretch and the 7-year itch. But there’s a more compelling reason you change your career every 7 years: People have a hard time thinking more than 7 years into the future."


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Don't get it twisted, though. This job opening isn't amateur hour by any means.

According to the job description, "Being a Tinder Coach is like using Tinder, except this time you’re going to be showing someone else exactly how to do it! Your approach to your work will depend entirely on what your customer is looking for. When they’re submitting a request [for coaching] they’ll be given some options for you to focus on — such as the type of help they need, what areas they’d like to improve on, and how often they’d like their sessions to be."

In order to land one of these gigs swiping, flirting, and arranging matches with prospective dates for your clients, you yourself must have made at least 250 matches on the app in the last year.

And if Tinder isn't your bag, they are also looking for dating coaches to help out the lonely souls searching through Grindr and Bumble as well!

While the exact salary is not included in the listing, reports say the job is expected to pay approximately $50 an hour.


Nowadays it seems like we outsource most of our chores anyway, it kind of makes sense that we'd do the same with our dating lives too, no?;


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