Monthly Parenting Horoscope Forecast For April 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

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Monthly Parenting Horoscope
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Your parenting horoscope revealed.

By Caitlin Flynn

April brings showers, and soon enough, we’ll be rewarded with May flowers. This month also puts Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, front and center. Whether or not you're an Aries, April marks the ideal time to focus on new beginnings and adventures in parenting with your family. This month, we spoke to astrologer and author of Babystrology: The Astrological Guide to Your Little Star, Judi Vitale, about what the stars have in store for you and your little ones in April 2018. 

"April is the transition from the fierce energy of the first of spring, symbolized by Aries, the ram, to the protective spirit of Taurus, the bull,” Vitale says. "High energy levels will help you to power through the hectic schedule, but don’t forget to stop, inhale and use all your senses to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you at this glorious time of rebirth and renewal." Ahead, find out more about what the universe has in store for parents in each sign this April. 

Aries: March 21 — April 19

Aries hate to move backward, but Vitale says you’ll be involved in more than one do-over in April. She urges you to "go, but more slowly" this month and apply this mantra to how you approach being a good parent. Rather than attempting to try every spring activity in the book, she suggests focusing on one or two that will truly engage both you and your child. 

"Earth Day-focused events will create plenty of smiles, as the Leo moon on the 22nd wakes up your parental passion," Vitale says. "You’ll also find there’s more time than you thought there would be when Pluto’s move into retrograde makes you charge less hard at work."

When it comes to your relationship, Vitale says to let Jupiter "rekindle memories of the kind of date that would get both of you so fired up, you could hardly wait to get home and beneath the sheets." Get a sitter who can put the kids to bed early (or schedule a well-timed sleepover) and then enjoy some quality time with your partner. 

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Taurus: April 20 — May 20

Your child may do a lot of silly things this month, but Vitale provides the reminder that teaching requires the kind of patience that only you (and Saturn) can achieve. So, don’t give up, Taurus; you're up to the challenge.

Because the best lessons aren't always taught directly, Vitale suggests a hands-off parenting strategy in April. "Saturn will be teaching you how to show your little ones that you’re capable of allowing them the leeway they need to make their own mistakes," she says. "Of course, you’ll be there to catch anyone who should even begin to fall, but there is no better way to parent than to lead by example." 

Your child’s respect for you — and your wisdom — will increase when a teachable moment occurs on the 25th and by the 26th. At this time, Vitale says Mars and Pluto will "join forces to ensure that your authority is no longer questioned." (Phew.)

In terms of romance, the weekend of April 21 to 22 will be your high point because Mars and Jupiter will combine the key ingredients of passion, compatibility, satisfaction and comfort. And for the single parents out there, Vitale adds this could be the time when you find a new love interest in an unexpected place. 

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Gemini: May 21 — June 21

Expect some shake-ups in your regular routine this month. Vitale says Jupiter will create the need to "go back and reconsider some opportunities you might have passed on before." 

Luckily, you have the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Vitale says you’ll need to have plan B as a constant companion in April because Neptune may confuse things both at work and home. Around the 13th, a career shift could open the door for an opportunity to spend more time with your kids. But don’t worry; the job change is a positive one “that elevates your status and relieves you from being bogged down in detail," Vitale explains.

The happy-go-lucky spirit that makes you a joy to spend time with will peak once Venus enters your sign on the 25th.“Children could inspire you to new heights of creativity around the 27th, when the Libra moon hooks up with Venus in your sign,” Vitale says. “These sultry planetary vibes will also improve your love life at the end of the month." So start planning that weekend getaway you and your partner have been talking about for months.

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Cancer: June 22 — July 22

Vitale cautions that any type of one-on-one relationship in your life could pose a challenge thanks to the quantity and quality of the people Mars encourages to show up in your life.

"You’re no fan of confrontation, but when feisty people get in your face, your fighting spirit can arise. While your easily hurt feelings could be at risk, the passion someone brings to the bedroom could be a lot of fun," Vitale says. "Plan close encounters with the one you love, especially if work or parenting stress creates a need for release."

And while Jupiter makes your child’s life easier than usual, the little ones may take this surge of optimism and run straight into trouble — so don’t be surprised if you get a call from a frustrated teacher or fellow parent when your kid’s behavior gets rowdy around the 3rd. 

Vitale tells us the 15th is the perfect day for new beginnings and turning over a new leaf. She says you’ll think more clearly then too. Workplace chaos may erupt around the 18th, but "don’t let it throw you," she urges. "Jump into the arms of someone you love instead."

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Leo: July 23 — Aug. 22

Vitale says generous Uncle Jupiter could bring good luck to the domestic side of life this month, so it’s the perfect time to consider a move or an investment in real estate. But even if you’re not looking for a change of scenery, home and family will be the defining themes of April. Be sure to celebrate holiday traditions on the 1st and 2nd. A good time will be had by all when the moon and planet Uranus get you out and involved in your community," Vitale says.

If your child was difficult to deal with last spring, Vitale has some good news for you — thanks to Saturn’s shift into Capricorn, you can expect fewer mischievous antics in 2018. However, she advises paying special attention to the safety aspects of new sports your child may join in April. 

"Your creativity and desire to keep your family healthy might lead to holistic ways of staving off allergies. Talk to a wise authority figure whose 'old-fashioned' remedies might give you a new look on your family’s health,” Vitale says.

And finally, when the sun enters Taurus on the 19th, work will pick up — and so will your standing with the boss. It could be time for that long-deserved raise.

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Virgo: Aug. 23 — Sept. 22

With both Mars and Pluto inspiring power plays and other parent-child games of skill and strategy, Vitale warns that your child will be quite a handful this month. If he or she wants to be in charge of something, she suggests offering them a job. Saturn provides a sense of responsibility, and letting go of the situation long enough to let your little ones try their hands at a new task will be a learning experience for all of you. 

"When it comes to the way you judge what your kids do, an attitude of 'progress, not perfection' will help make you happier and less critical of their every error," Vitale says. 

She adds that your child may express a sudden interest in returning to an activity they’d previously abandoned — so that old ball glove or dusty piano may come in handy. "Be open to renewing a commitment to a sports team or a course of lessons after the 22nd, when Pluto puts long-term projects into a rewind of sorts," she says.

During this busy month, give yourself a much-needed break. Vitale says that Friday the 13th will be anything but unlucky, so "let Neptune take you and your honey out for a dreamy date" that night. 

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Libra: Sept. 23 — Oct. 22

Thanks to Saturn, the responsibilities of being a parent will weigh heavily this month. "Be playful. Even when it doesn’t seem appropriate, a whimsical outlook can often help you discover new ways to solve old problems," Vitale advises. 

April will be a month when you’ll have to work for the peace you desire. Whether they're issues at school or the stresses of potty training, Vitale says you may doubt yourself as a parent. “Pluto and Mars will also be pulling at you to work harder and be a 'better' everything in all areas of your life,” she explains.

To alleviate some of the stress and pressure, strongly consider saying yes if your partner suggests doing something impulsive around the 18th. Vitale says not to worry about a thing, especially the financial aspect, because the full moon on the 29th just might bring along a cash-related surprise. "That previously-thought-to-be-unaffordable family vacay could suddenly come within your reach," she says. 

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Scorpio: Oct. 23 — Nov. 21

You probably feel as though the year is flying by, but Vitale says April is the month you’ll get a chance to catch up on Jupiter’s opportunities — including ones you thought you’d missed entirely.

"Sometimes your deliberate way of doing things can cause you to stall, and that doesn’t always work in your favor," Vitale says. She suggests taking a cue from your creative child and going after your dreams. "While you might not magically turn into a princess with one bippity-boppity-boo, you can still treat yourself like one," Vitale says. "Meditate on it during a spa day over the weekend of the 14th." 

The new moon on the 15th may result in a desire to change up your daily routine. Vitale says Mercury has some great ideas for you, so be open to all channels. As the month comes to a close, she suggests delving deeply into your love life on the 29th, "when the full moon reminds you how satisfying a truly romantic relationship can be." 

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Sagittarius: Nov. 22 — Dec. 21

In April, Vitale says the planet Uranus will give you the chance to return to your own youth by seeing the world through your innocent child's eyes. 

There are many forms of excitement, and you can expect the good kind this month. Enjoy celebrations early in the month and take in the beauty of spring as it begins to unfold. Your kids will love having you as their over-size playmate. Use this time to investigate all sorts of parent-child activities. Vitale suggests taking some time off work on the 5th and 6th to enjoy yourself with your children. 

"Your energy levels are stronger this spring, but you might have some worries about money," she says. “There are always things to do that are free or that cost almost nothing."

A new moon on the 15th could lead your child to discover an activity that will give you and your partner some free time to reconnect as a couple. "Venus' move into Gemini on the 24th will definitely pump up the volume on your favorite love songs," Vitale says. 

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Capricorn: Dec 22. — Jan. 19

Be prepared to set boundaries and limitations with your little one this month, Vitale warns. "Pluto, Mars and Saturn are having a powwow in your sign this month. This might mean that you need to exert your authority in ways you have not yet imagined," she says. "From tantrum-prone toddlers to terrifyingly arrogant teens, children will behave in ways that seem to ask you to set the limits."

But don’t worry, Capricorn — Vitale says they’ve come to the right parent, and you shouldn't be afraid to exert your authority. Sure, your popularity may dip by a few percentage points, but you’ll know you did your job right. She cautions that the 25th and 26th will be particularly challenging, so mark your calendars.

As a remedy, Vitale suggests getting the entire family more involved with the community. "An opportunity to make the world a better place could arise under the full moon on the 29th,” she says. “Your honey will think it’s pretty sexy to make a difference and will demonstrate how much of a turn-on you still can be.”

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Aquarius: Jan 20 — Feb. 18

As an Aquarius, you generally love being with big groups of people. But Vitale says this month will be an exception, and the planet Venus will encourage you to spend more time at home in the company of your family and children. 

Spring-cleaning may inspire other, more ambitious domestic endeavors, such as renovations and redecorating. “Venus could put you up to something like this, but don’t let the size of the project or the monetary commitment scare you away,” Vitale says. "This year, things are more flush than they were last, and an investment in your home base could really bring the family together." She urges you to get your kids involved in these projects and encourage their creativity when they’ve got their own ideas — even if they seem a little wacky. 

You may also be in for a pleasant surprise at work. According to Vitale, a conversation you’d forgotten about entirely may come up and result in a promotion or a raise. It may even "inspire you to strike out on your own," she says. 

And be sure to mark your bedroom calendar for the 22nd. “You're going to love getting down and dirty around Earth Day,” Vitale says.

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Pisces: Feb. 19 — March 20

As Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto slide back through some nearly forgotten territory, Vitale says April could be a month to remember. Found money, a renewed sense of purpose for your child and the reunion of old friends may be in the stars for you this month, Pisces. 

But wait; it gets better. Vitale says this will be an especially fruitful month for you financially. Whether it’s a forgotten stash of cash in your spring jacket or an opportunity to earn money from home, expect a welcome and pleasant surprise. Vitale says you’ll be especially lucky around the 6th. 

Your child’s feelings may get sensitive around the 21st, so be prepared to cuddle up and give some extra affection. "Try not to take on too much of their angst or sadness — you’ll be needed to pick up the pieces and maybe put together a favorite dinner for your child and some old friends,” Vitale advises. After all, when it comes to comfort food, you know exactly what your little one needs.

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