How Taurus Season Starting April 20th Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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It’s best to be flexibly stubborn about what it is we really want.

On April 20th, we will see the sun cross over into earthy Taurus for the next few weeks. But how will Taurus season affect the zodiac signs and the Taurus love horoscope, specifically? According to astrology, this will greatly affect all of our romantic relationships.

There are twelve zodiac signs, and while we began a new astrological year when we began Aries season last month, it’s not a very conducive energy for beginning new romantic relationships. But all that changes once Taurus season begins.

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Everything in astrology is a building upon a previous event, and many of our important changes for this year actually echo back to the February eclipses.

However, during that time we were under the energy of Aquarius and Pisces, and while beneficial for processing and feeling everything, neither were really conducive to actually creating a plan to incorporate those changes into the physical aspect of our lives.

Following that, we began Aries season, and because it’s a fire sign it seemed many of us hoped it would be the kerosene for our inner fire to get up and initiate action with the changes that occurred. But because of Chiron getting ready to change signs and Mercury retrograde, it ended up driving us further into our heads.

Aries season can sometimes be seen as a time when we focus more on the doing than the actual thinking, but for the first few weeks of that fire sign's season, we were asked to review what we were planning and to reconsider our steps forward to make sure they were truly in alignment with our highest selves.

However, just before the start of Taurus season, we will see Mercury turn direct, the first new moon of the astrological year, and a plethora of Venus transits, which means we will have a few days where we just might see ourselves exploding into action before we begin the different energy of this earth sign.

But just because we’re ringing in Taurus season, it doesn’t mean that all movement forward will be lost, it just means that how we think about doing things will be different. Aries is very independent, driven, but focused more on the self rather than the overall collective or partnership.

This means that while we probably had love on the brain, we were concerned more with our growth or on reflecting on the lessons we’ve learned over the past few years than actually moving forward with our interests.

Taurus season is different, though; the sign is a bull rather than the Aries ram. Taurus is focused on what it wants, steadfast in its beliefs, and determined to get it. But there are two sides to this sign too. The first is the typical bull in a china shop that we tend to think of, but there is another side of Taurus; the bull is gentler, and rather than forcing its way ahead, it tends to just take its time and enjoys the journey there.

We will be seeing a blend of these two energies, especially during the beginning of the season. Likely, there will be a burst of energy around the 15th of April, encouraging us to initiate change or direction.

This will feel like the fire we had hoped Aries season would bring. Yet, unlike what sometimes happens during fire season, it won’t be a quick-burning fire because Taurus will then encourage us to not only keep up with forward movement but also sustain our flames. This zodiac sign likes to take its time doing things that matter most.

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During this time we also will see Saturn move into retrograde, which will highlight our desire to take our time in our relationships and love life. It’s important to remember that taking our time doesn’t necessarily mean moving slowly or even pausing altogether. Instead, it’s continuous progress towards growth, toward a goal, and ultimately, toward being in the type of relationship we have hoped to manifest for quite some time.

If single, it’s going to possibly change some things in a very big way. During Aries season, we were probably more apt to participate in casual dating and sex, but all of that changes once we begin Taurus season.

During the next few weeks, we are more apt to enter into new relationships or change how we go about dating. It’s not going to be about just being with anyone; rather, we will be taking our time to find someone who contributes to the overall wellbeing of our lives.

Taurus loves pleasure, but even more so, pleasure in the simple things; even how we date will be different over the course of the next month. It’s not so much going to be about fancy dates or gifts, but about quiet nights in or meaningful moments we exchange while hiking or picnicking in a park together.

The aspect of emotional intimacy will be an important factor in us developing and maintaining new relationships during this time as well, because we will be seeking more connection and less superficial attraction.

Spring is a time where everything seems to be blossoming and growing around us, and is also one of the times when we see relationships begin to come together the most; after all, winter is over and we’re ready to start fresh. This means that we will be more interested in starting over and are going to know that it’s also okay to take our time.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is be flexibly stubborn about creating the type of love we desire. After all, it’s not about how we reach our dreams, but only that we do. 

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