How The New Moon In Aries Will Jumpstart Your Love Life This Week In A Huge Way

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new moon in Aries
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Sometimes, it’s just time to grow.

On April 15th or 16th, depending upon location, we will experience the new moon in Aries. While we saw the start of Aries season a few weeks ago, the new astrological year truly begins with this new moon. Interestingly enough, although it is in Aries, it is also within the constellation of Pisces, incorporating a very important spiritual element, thanks to the star Al Pherg.

What does this mean for not only your zodiac sign but your love horoscope? You can expect some big changes coming your way, whether you're ready for them or not. And you can thank astrology for that.

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Because not all lunar events are the same, sometimes they don’t include many planets or even themes. So while it’s important to take note of them, they aren’t all equal. We’ve seen several interesting moon phases this year so far thanks to all the Blue Moons and Eclipses; however, we haven’t seen anything like this moon.

To say that it’s monumental is an understatement. This moon will change our lives  that is a promise.

The thing with astrology is that it’s a building process; we see the effects and meaning accumulated over time, building to turning points that have a great and lasting effect on our lives. Even though the start of the year was rough for so many, we’ve been building towards this moment since we first rang in 2018 all those months ago.

It’s not just about a new beginning, although there is something important about what will start around this time. But it’s about the greater meaning that it has — not just in our personal lives but to the world as a whole.

Aries is a fire sign — ambitious, proud, determined and focused — but it’s also sitting within the constellation of Pisces, which means that we’re going to be seeing intuition, romance and spiritual depths associated with this moon. While most astrological transits can affect our love life, the amount of influence this moon and the other transits will have on our love lives is staggering, more so than we’ve seen with any moon this year as of yet.

There are several factors at play here that will have us stepping out from the shadows into the light of a new beginning. The first is the star Al Pherg in the sign of Aries that is associated with the pineal gland, which deals with enlightenment, steadiness, determination and ultimately success.

But the pineal gland is also associated with Kundalini yoga practice and awakening the 7th point of our chakra points. Rarely do we have an astrological alignment that includes this connection to our physical bodies.

In Kundalini, the pineal gland is considered our connection to God or the divine. In this case, what will be starting around this time holds great weight as far as the importance that it will have in our life. This is truly a moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The pineal gland is also connected to the spiritual love of Twin Flames, which seems to tie in heavily to this moon as some sort of big turning point for those who are in the place to move ahead.

However, there is also a heavy influence of Venus in this moon. She recently moved into Taurus, so she is craving stability, affection and earthly pleasures. During this new moon in Aries, Venus makes aspects to both Jupiter and Pluto, inspiring us to take a break from the mundane routine and enjoy life. Our passions will be turned up a few notches and will be only heightened by the feeling of positive karma and an intense sexual attraction for our partner.

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This moon isn’t about fleeting one-night stands though, because Venus in Taurus likes to focus on just one partner. So, it’s the perfect time to build a strong foundation with the person that we love, enjoying the beauty of learning about one another.

We also have Mars and Neptune on the scene that will also be turning up the sexual chemistry during this moon. However, there is a healing energy that will take place through interactions around this time that will affect not just our relationship but our overall life path.

As if we didn’t have enough going on, we also have Jupiter and Pluto here together that will be guaranteeing change is on the way if it’s not already happening. Because of how a new moon works, we will see this energy in place from April 15th until the 15th of May. Although so much points to dramatic change right around that April window, the reality is that the next month will be one for the books.

Adding to this feeling of newness, especially in terms of relationships, iMercury turning direct just hours before we see this potent and meaningful new moon. This means that we’ve spent the past three weeks reviewing our history, most likely exploring our personal issues related to our romantic relationships.

We’ve taken time to be by ourselves, to think about things and decide what it is that we actually want from life. And now, as Mercury turns direct, the planets quite literally align in order to bring us that new beginning we’ve been traveling toward since the start of this year.

The thing with this new moon is that the change isn’t something we have to chase or force. It’s more the type of occurrences that will occur regardless of what we do simply because of the strong aspects of karma and fate that play into this lunation. While we have to consciously choose change rather than block it, we won’t have to go out of our way to do something that doesn’t feel right for us.

This means that many of us will be starting or officially beginning relationships that are more authentic to our journey. It also signifies a turning point of some sort leading to moving in together, engagements, or another aspect of commitment. We could see another wave of pregnancies around this time as well.

However, if single, this new moon is really just about beginning a new chapter of your love life. It’s the sign that it’s time to stop dating the same type of person; it’s time to stop asking for less than you really want and to start believing in love again.

We knew this year was really about change, about us becoming who we are, not less. And sometimes, like with this new moon, we realize that it’s just simply time to grow.

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