How The Romantic April 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life All Month Long

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monthly love horoscope for April
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Let love make you better, never bitter.

Your monthly love horoscope for April is here! And with it, we are heating up our romantic relationships in a really big way. We’ve had three months of dress rehearsals, but now, this is the main show. This is what our zodiac signs have been preparing for since last year.

This month has been on the horizon for quite a while as the time when things are finally going to start coming together after the eclipse season. In astrology, every month is built upon another, so April is one more step in being able to understand just what 2018 has in store for us.

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The entire year is going to be about soul-focused relationships, a greater sense of authenticity, and more conscious and spiritually deep connections. It’s not about finding someone that looks good on paper or whom our family likes; instead, we’re being drawn into those situations that transform us like an alchemist in the process.

Sometimes we have to get to the point where it feels like our lives are being unraveled, all in order for us to be in the place to welcome the type of relationship we are seeking. The most difficult lessons for us all stem from our greatest obstacle: ourselves.

Yet, perhaps at this point that knowledge is old news. After all, that is what many of the lessons surrounding the first few months of this year have been about. It’s been about dismantling the system we thought we had to have in place in order to be happy and successful, and instead, opening up room in our lives for things to manifest themselves as they were meant to.

For many of us, we are seeing events and situations in our lives that we never could have conceived of; almost as if the impossible has suddenly become possible. Even as far as we have come though, we have yet to truly see some situations and relationships come to fruition, which is exactly what your monthly love horoscope for April is all about.

April is about action, movement, new beginnings and change.

Just a couple weeks in around the 15th, we will see Mercury turn direct and the new moon happening almost simultaneously, which will serve as the ultimate green light for all things to move ahead. During March, as much we had wanted to move forward in new directions with our relationships, we couldn’t. It was almost as if we were on pause or stuck waiting for the go ahead.

But all of that changes once Mercury moves out of the way, allowing us to continue onto the path that we began several months ago.

At times it can feel like we aren’t where we are supposed to be, as if a delay means a dead end. It’s a lot easier to give up than to practice understanding for the moments when life doesn’t move as quickly as we hoped it would.

An important part in achieving happiness in our romantic relationships is to understand that it’s not a race, because the best of connections never reach a finish line simply because they have no end. But in the past we have been taught to marginalize and categorize relationships based on external factors like labels, milestones, or even just those demonstrations of love that are for others instead of ourselves.

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As far as what to expect, we are going to have to be prepared for change. This means that things might come in fast around the time Mercury turns direct. The person we haven’t been able to catch up with, the one that got away, the complicated situation — all of that will come back up and will show us in what direction we need to move.

The true beginning of the astrological New Year is the new moon in April that occurs on the 16th. Prior to that, it’s a time of in between, when we are supposed to be taking the time to think things over, to reflect on what matters have played out like they have.

Sometimes it feels that we go through these moments in which we aren’t moving ahead at all, almost as if we are just at a standstill. However, it’s within these quiet moments that the most growth occurs.

Right now, even if you’re frustrated by the lack of action, know that it will soon clear up, and instead of becoming focused on all that isn’t happening, try to focus on all that is.

In terms of love, it seems that we often search for answers, thinking that we can somehow control what is happening to us, like how long it takes him to call back or why a particular relationship ended. However, all we can do is control ourselves, our thoughts, and what we choose to do.

It’s the time to tie up loose ends, reflect on where we’ve been, the choices we’ve made, and how we want to do love differently the next time around. We should be focusing on what we want out of a relationship and what we hope to build with someone who cares for us, ultimately forgiving ourselves and those who were in our lives.

April is here to transform our lives, to start new relationships, to jumpstart our love lives, and to help deepen and elevate the commitment between those who are already working toward love. It’s a time when we will be asked to truly put the past behind us once and for all and to let ourselves not only believe in starting over, but also take action in creating that new life.

None of us have done this love thing perfectly, and we have all made mistakes and hurt others (or even been hurt ourselves). But ultimately, it’s our decision to have those experiences make us better, not bitter. 

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