How Venus Moving Into Taurus On March 31st Will Deeply Affect Your Love Horoscope For This Entire Month

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Venus moves in Taurus
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It’s time to step up.

On March 31st, Venus moves into Taurus. Venus is the planet of romance and love, which many of us pay attention to because it has such strong ties to what we are called to do and encounter with others in our own love lives.

But what does this mean for your zodiac sign and, specifically, your love horoscope? Astrology has a funny way of making that message clear.

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Since the beginning of March, Venus has been in Aries; she’s not at home here and while some of us have felt the drive to go after what we want, we’ve also felt like doing it alone more frequently. We’ve felt the desire to just do what we want and forget what anyone else thinks.

But as much as we’ve wanted to move ahead into new relationships or phases, we’ve still had our Sun in Pisces slowing us down. 

Pisces likes to think things over, so during the past few weeks, it’s been the push-pull of wanting to move ahead but feeling like we couldn’t. We might have been spending too much time in our heads, but perhaps that is also what we need to do. Now that our Sun will be in Aries and Venus moves into Taurus, everyone will be where they are more comfortable.

Venus in Taurus likes stability; she wants commitment, long-term plans and dreams. She’s more sensual in her expression, leading to more connectedness during intimacy, and a deeper awareness through the act of physical love. Taurus likes her love grounded and real — something she can wrap her arm around at night and know it will be there when she wakes up in the morning.

In one of her ruling signs, Venus can do what she does best which is love fully, completely and wholeheartedly.

Just leaving Aries can make us feel like we had become disconnected from our hearts, that maybe we have let love slip the last few weeks as we put ourselves and self-work on the front burner. But all of that is about to change as we usher in this new energy thanks to Taurus.

During this transit, we will also be experiencing Mercury retrograde which Venus does quite well in. Venus in Taurus is all about slowing down, not dragging our feet romantically or changing our minds, but simply to enjoy the process of love, of learning about one another, and getting to know each other.

If you’re looking for a quick whirlwind love affair, this is not the time. But if you’re looking to start building your forever — for commitment, growth and consistency — then this is the transit for you.

We knew that this year was going to change a lot about our relationships, and so far we’ve been following the exact cycle we needed to. We went through periods of growth, of clearing, of self-reflection and introspection, and now we’re moving into the synthesizing phase where we’re going to be taking everything we learned and actually acting upon it.

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Now is the time that we start putting together our romantic lives in ways that feel supportive and healthy for us. It’s the time that we are going to be slowly acting upon our dreams and desires.

This means that for those who are already involved, this is going to be a time of growth and whether or not you are meant to stay together. If you are in a relationship which fosters growth and fulfills your needs, during the next few weeks you’ll become even closer and more committed to one another.

This may translate as wanting to plan a trip, meet one another’s families or friends, move in together or have a commitment of sorts. It’s the act of commitment that we will be working toward, not just the words themselves. For those who are in temporary relationships, you may find yourself at odds with the person you are dating, especially if your long-term vision doesn’t match up with theirs.

There is always an opportunity for us to communicate and compromise, but both people have to be willing to be vulnerable and flexible. Yet for those who are unattached or just newly dating, this time will provide an interesting change of pace.

We will be less likely to just go out and find Mr. Right Now just because we may be lonely or bored, and instead, we will be more selective about who we spend our time with. There will also likely be a shift within new relationships from light and flirty to more serious and deep.

Venus in Taurus isn’t about settling down or getting a ring on your finger, but it does believe in the simple pleasure of loving for love's sake.

It likes to enjoy the romantic process of dating, courting, surprises and small gestures that help build the intimacy and love between two people. Venus in Taurus doesn’t feel rushed to do anything, nor does it feel like it has any pressure from the outside world. It just believes in doing its thing to the best of its ability and enjoying the journey along the way.

Sometimes in love, it seems that we rush it to get to the finish line. But in love it’s about the process to get there; it’s about what occurs from "hello" to forever that matters most, because that is where the story is written.

Venus is ready — not just for a moment but for forever. She just wants to take her time in getting there. After all, we have those moments where it’s time to just step up and take responsibility for creating consistency in love, because there will always be a reason not to.

But it’s about seeing that all it takes is one reason to. And for all of us, that reason is love itself. 

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