How Pisces Season, Starting February 19th, Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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The only guarantee is that nothing will ever remain the same.

On February 17th, the sun will glide into watery and romantic Pisces, beginning a whole new astrological season that is focused on bringing the change that we desperately need into our lives. So, what does your Pisces love horoscope have in store for your zodiac sign?

Just days after the new moon solar eclipse, we will see the beginning of Pisces season, and with it a brand new chapter.

Pisces is symbolized as two fish swimming in opposite directions and for many of us it’s this energy that is in place which will finally push us to create some aspect of change in our lives.

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This water sign is the 12th sign of the zodiac and is said to embody qualities from all of the signs as well as some that are solely their own. In this season, we think less and feel more; we don’t mind traversing the depths and can often come up with resolutions that previously eluded us.

There is a saying that every ending is also a beginning, and in this season when we are internally taking review of what brought us here and also feeling the pangs of a new cycle. With the eclipse, it’s time for even this fish to stop swimming in two different directions.

Pisces is ethereal, beautiful and soulful, and has a depth that most would find intoxicating. So while the Sun transits this sign, even if we are not within our birthday month, we will all be asked to feel things as deeply as a Pisces. For some, this can become unexpected opportunities to look at things in a new light, but for others it’s the desire simply more forward more than backwards.

But there is something about Pisces season that somehow changes our entire year.

It has been an intense year for all of us so far and we’re only about 6 weeks into 2018. With the planetary alignment in Capricorn and then Aquarius, it’s clear that the one thing we aren’t meant to do is stay where we are. But Pisces struggles with that, sometimes not knowing which way to swim in order to get out. But just because it’s difficult at times, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Pisces season also usually aligns with the eclipses, which is always a major agent of change for all of us. This year we see the new moon solar eclipse just days before Pisces seasons begins, indicating that this year, Pisces will be all about moving forward into unchartered waters.

But regardless of how much we want to transition to another life phase or know that deep down we are ready, change itself is still difficult. We struggle to know when the right moment is, or what the first step should be, but none of that is real — these thoughts are only us and our fear of the unknown.

To resist change is really to be fearful of the unknown and unpredictable. But during Pisces season, this intuitive fish comes together with the eclipses to not just force change but also help us see things with a positive light, and in a way in which we are also being true to ourselves.

Many different aspects of change are highlighted during this time — career, moving opportunities and even pregnancies are more expected around this time, but more than any other aspect, Pisces season seems to really be about a change in our romantic relationships.

It feels like there are many of us who have been on this journey of finding out who we are so that we can know what we are looking for in terms of love, and honestly, it’s been a really exhausting journey.

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For most of us, we learn what we want but are experiencing what we don’t. We don’t all want or need the same thing from our romantic partners and the first step toward even learning what that means for us is also taking a stand and saying when something doesn’t feel quite right.

Over the past year since the last Pisces and eclipse season, we’ve been working our way toward autonomy in our relationships, which means we’ve had lots of opportunities to go over and really get into what love is NOT to us. This means that where we are right now is vastly different than where we predicted we would be a year ago.

But that doesn’t mean all is settled. Within the next six weeks or so, we see ourselves focusing less on what we don’t want and more on what we do. This will look like us not so much bemoaning what hasn’t worked, as anything that wasn’t working or didn’t align to our highest truth should have already been dismantled at this point.

But instead, this time is about focusing on what we do want, and building what we hope to grow during the course of this next year.

There is a time and a season for everything, and we’re done feeling sad, unworthy, depressed, anxious or even confused over our love lives. Now is the time for us to shift the focus to what feels good, what builds us up, and what inspires us.

Whatever we give the most attention to is what will also grow, so this Pisces love horoscope is about shifting that focus to all the beautiful aspects of love that we have learned. We are prepared to step up and take part in creating it.

During this time we will see less breakups and more first dates; there could be a plethora of engagements, and quite simply, people finally deciding to stop getting in their own way and to just love the people that they love.

As of right now, as the eclipses finish up it’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks’ time we will be in a completely different place — emotionally, mentally and physically. But nothing is meant to stay the same forever, so we have to decide if we’re going to be a part of the change or not. 

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