How The Inspiring Venus-Saturn Sextile Will Affect Your Love Horoscope In The Next Few Weeks, Starting February 15th

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Venus-Saturn sextile
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Sometimes we have to get real about true love.

On February 15th, we will experience a Venus-Saturn sextile, a loving and inspiring transit. In astrology, a sextile is when the planets are 60 degrees apart and work in such a way to bring out the best in one another, just like the healthiest relationships hope to do as well.

Not only is this good news for your individual zodiac sign, but your love horoscope will reflect these major changes in the best possible way.

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Venus is the planet of love, beauty and attraction, and Saturn is the planet of karma and boundaries. So at first, it might seem that this aspect might make it difficult to find love and make it work with such rigidity.

Yet, this aspect doesn't have any negative aspects about it, especially because it is a sextile, and will bring those that are meant to be together, closer.

What’s so interesting about this is that all of the aspects we are seeing associated with this new moon, which is also on the 15th, have to do with relationships, true love and commitment. We move through different waves of phases in our lives, and sometimes we are seeking independence, career success; sometimes it’s the love of a committed partner that we are drawn toward, and this is the case for this week.

Sometimes in astrology, there are different ways to view a lunar or planetary event depending upon perspective. But with this Venus-Saturn sextile and the other aspects occurring on the same day as the new moon, it literally is pointing to one thing: an upgrade in all of our relationships.

When we think of an upgrade, we might balk away from this notion or become worried that it means we’re headed toward a breakup, but we upgrade the software on our phone so it runs more effectively, so it we have the latest software and don't need to trade our phones in and start over. Think of this as the relationship upgrade 2.0

Right now, Venus is in Pisces, the sign of the dreamer and the romantic, while Saturn is in his home sign of Capricorn, bringing out the more cooperative aspects such as responsibility and maturity. Given that this is a sextile, both planets are going to bring out the best in one another, which means the theme for this transit is commitment to true love.

But this is far from easy. After all, has anyone ever know of a case of true love that was also obstacle free and easy? I can almost hear everyone laughing at that, but it’s the truth.

True, real, amazing love is never the easiest choice or path that we will take, and in many ways it’s the ability to overcome the obstacles that actually make it so amazing to begin with.

It’s important to distinguish between true love that can be hard at times and the just plain hurtful love. Even when love is hard, it shouldn’t ever hurt our feelings or give ultimatums; it shouldn’t lie or abuse us. And it would never ask us to give up something that we love such as a job or a close friend.

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The obstacles that true love has to overcome often have to do with real life, like how we ARE going to take what we feel for one another and bring it down to the daily life of jobs, commitments, friends and possibly even kids.

The Venus-Saturn sextile is somewhat serious, but not in a stodgy or cold way; rather, in a practical "let’s makes this real" kind of way. Capricorn was responsible for the influx of engagements that we saw around the holidays because he's a big fan of commitment, and Saturn is fond of rules and boundaries of any sort, so it’s no surprise that together with Venus he has only one thing on his mind: forever.

There is another side to all of this seriousness though; eclipses are famous for taking away things that are no longer serving our best possible selves. Usually, it’s the lunar eclipse that we saw at the end of January that will have dramatic repercussions with his shock and awe tactics, but during these two weeks, we could still be seeing old relationships and situations come to a resolution.

In these cases, it seems that those relationships that aren’t meant to continue any further into 2018 will have reached a point of no return in which both partners, even if hesitantly, admit that what they share has run its course. It doesn’t seem to be with anger but rather a silent acknowledgement that just because someone fit at one point, it doesn’t mean they still do.

We are meant to grow and it seems this is something we have to learn to not feel guilt over. We won’t always fit where we were planted, we won’t love our first love forever, a job won’t feel fulfilling forever, and sometimes the people that matter most to us aren’t those we share any blood with at all.

This is the aspect of growing that we all do, and eclipse energy has a tendency to expedite this process which will be magnified by this particular sextile. Venus and Saturn are tired of one-night stands, are done with scanning Tinder, and all they want is someone who feels like home.

Venus and Saturn aren’t idealistic playmates nor are they foolishly following their hearts; instead, they are combining the best parts of love and together they are ready to get serious about their relationships.

The interesting thing about how this aspect will affect us is that it’s not going to be forcing our hand to do something that we just don’t feel ready for. It’s almost like we just woke up and realized that sometimes we have to be real in order to have true love last forever. 

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