How The Celestial Venus-Jupiter Square On February 4th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Week

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Venus-Jupiter square
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Love can be amazing if we choose to make it that way.

On February 4th, we will experience a Venus-Jupiter square. Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Scorpio will square one another, resulting in helping us see the beauty in the life and love that we have around us.

But what is a square in astrology? A square is when two planets are 90 degrees apart but are in opposing zodiac signs. A square can be more difficult than other astrological transits, but depending upon the planets and sign, sometimes they create an aspect of pressure that ends up being beneficial for us, and especially for our love horoscopes.

During this particular square, we will still be feeling the effects of our super blue blood moon and lunar eclipse, which is set to shake things up for us in a big way, and the resulting transits that we are seeing for the beginning of February are all about breaking free from the status quo, creating a new set of standards by which to live, and throwing out the rule book all together on love. This square is no exception.

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Venus is the planet of love, desire and beauty, and in the sign of Aquarius she finds herself looking for something different, willing to try various scenarios to find what makes her happy and to set her wild spirit free. She’s not necessarily at home in Aquarius, but it does change how she loves, which will affect how we approach our romantic relationships as well.

Yet, we will also be feeling Jupiter’s energy just as strongly. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, fortune, wealth and good luck. Whatever Jupiter touches will grow, get bigger and will amaze even the harshest of disbelievers.

When these two planets collide, it means that Jupiter is going to be enhancing Venus’s natural tendencies and pushing all of us to love, to be happy, and to enjoy the best parts of life simply because it feels good to do so. Jupiter in Scorpio is even a little more intense than in other signs because Scorpio is the sign of depth, soulmates and sex.

If Venus in Aquarius is the free spirit who doesn’t want to be told how to love or how to live, then Jupiter in Scorpio is there pushing us to go deeper — to not just talk about the life we want to live, but to actually make the steps to create it.

These planets are here to remind us that we can’t go deep into love until we are free from what we first thought love was.

Venus in Aquarius doesn’t really care about the opinion of other people, and Jupiter in Scorpio can be single-minded when it comes to going after what it wants. While this Venus-Jupiter square can bring positive effects to our love lives in terms of making up the rules as we go and experiencing a deep, soulful connection with the one that we love, we also have to be wary of being too blunt with others.

Who and how we love isn’t the business of anyone else, but that doesn’t mean we should be careless when speaking to others or in living our lives. We may find ourselves more frustrated with those people or situations that stand in the way of us.

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During this time, any challenge becomes an obstacle that we have no tolerance for. It’s as if we are sick and tired of having love always be so difficult, so during this transit the only thing we really want to focus on are the good parts; the reasons that remind us it’s worth it no matter how hard it may be at times.

This square has the possibility of brining some truly amazing, positive energy into our lives. We may find ourselves drawn toward the more extravagant or physically pleasing aspects of life including delicious foods, shopping for new clothes, new sheets, bath oils, and anything that can take us from the mundane into the sensual.

Venus likes to slow down her love, to take her time to appreciate the finer things in life, and Jupiter likes to take her just a step farther into loving like never before. This square aims to not just be in love, but breathe love, to exude love, to practice love.

It’s not often that we slow down and just purely focus on why we love the people that we do. Perhaps we become focused on the everyday or the mechanics of a relationship, so within those moments we lose the joy in just simply loving. It becomes more about what we have to do than what we want to do, and within it all we forget why we loved someone to begin with.

This beautiful transit will help to remind us what love really is and why we spend so much time working on it, thinking about it and building it. It’s the sweeping free energy of Aquarius and the deep spiritual nature of Scorpio that together not only show us what true love really is, but why life just doesn’t feel the same without it.

We will be more likely to say yes to new dates, to try something different in terms of how we express our feelings, or to do something new with our lover. It’s all about what will not only draws us closer to love, but also to our soul as well, and hopefully we will find that is the same thing.

Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Scorpio have the power to truly transform our love lives and our relationships from the everyday into the amazing ,as long as we  make the choice to take advantage of the beautiful moments that come our way knowing there is no better time than now to love. 

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