How The Jupiter-Pluto Sextile On January 15th Will Change Your Love Life (For The Better!)

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Jupiter-Pluto sextile
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Prepare to move forward in love and life.

During 2018, we will experience three Jupiter-Pluto Sextiles, with the first being on January 15th. The dates of these three planetary alignments are like checkpoints with the universe, keeping every zodiac sign on their toes and directed toward the task of building a better "us" this year.

The following dates for this sextile are April 14th and September 12th.

A sextile is a harmonious or positive aspect between planets that is 60 degrees away from one another, which essentially means that the planets will be bringing out their best qualities.

For this transit, Pluto sits in Capricorn and Jupiter is in Scorpio. Because of the length of time each of these planets spends in the sun signs, they will be sitting here for all three sextiles, meaning that there is truly something the universe doesn’t want us to miss.

One of the biggest questions we are asked is if we should flow with the change or resist it. Our horoscope doesn't always have the answer.

We have known for a while that 2018 was going to be a game-changer year, but it’s never about just the finished product but rather the small steps along the way. These sextiles are going to provide points along the year to look at how far we’ve gone in comparison to how far we had hoped to go.

These sextiles will affect every area of our lives, but because Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is sitting in Scorpio, the sign of soulmates and sex, it’s likely that these transits will especially affect our love lives and the direction that they take over the next year.

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The reality is that who we have standing beside us in life actually matters more than where it is we think we are going. The person that we pair up with in life determines everything from our overall happiness to even our life direction.

If we have the right person in life, everything else somehow seems to take care of itself. But to decide on the right person for us, we often not only need to experiment with a lot of "almost" but also become fluent in who we really are as well.

After all, how can we love another if we don’t truly know ourselves?

This is the point that we are going to be thanking Jupiter because in Scorpio, he likes to go deep and expand everything he touches including our self-awareness and our level of consciousness. It’s not just enough to talk about love and what we want from life, but then we actually have to make the choice to back it up with our actions.

During the course of 2018, Jupiter and Pluto are going to be meeting in the skies just to make sure we don’t accidently decide to give up on ourselves or our dreams. They are there to ignite change in our lives in a big way and to remind us that, while we all have free will, sometimes it seems as if there is a greater plan in store for all of us, and no matter how we might try to ruin it, it just can’t be foiled.

This is the year to truly make the commitment to believe that it’s possible to have the love that we’ve always dreamed of having. At some point we all have to draw a line in the sand and decide that whatever came before a particular moment no longer matters. If we don’t, all we succeed in doing is dragging the past with us into the future.

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If Jupiter in Scorpio is going to be encouraging us to dive deep into the pool of consciousness, Pluto in Capricorn is there to activate change and transformation based upon what we find.

It’s like those lightening moments where suddenly everything becomes crystal clear, if even for just a moment, and we’re able to see the bigger picture. It’s those unique breaks in time where, suddenly, the clouds part and we see exactly how to reach our desired destination.

Pluto is the planet of deep transformation and it affects everything that it touches, but in this case, because this alignment is a sextile, it means that any transformations that occur will be positive and also growth-based. Not only is Pluto going to blast any remaining bits of dust or stagnation from our lives, but it has plans to replace it with something much more authentic and uplifting.

This doesn’t mean that we’re going to see a lot of breakups, though — quite the opposite. Many relationships that have already served their purpose were indeed finished by the end of 2017, which means that what will be occurring is us preparing our lives so we can move forward.

In areas of our love lives, we have been seeing a shift from basic relationships into dynamic and spiritual partnerships of two souls who literally want to help the other achieve their highest dreams. But this doesn’t occur instantaneously or because we just will it into existence; rather, it takes work and dedication to let change transform us.

We all have been conditioned on how to view relationships and love over the course of our lives, so we usually go in the direction of least resistance. But that was also so 2017.

This is the year for something different, a time for us to continue building what we began last year and to make the commitment to become the best people that we can be so we can cultivate and build the healthiest relationships that we can.

It’s the year for getting out of our own way and opening our eyes to the amazing things that are trying to come into our lives, and these beautiful checkpoints from the Jupiter-Pluto sextile are showing us what we have the ability to build anything we can dream of. 

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