How Mercury Moving Into Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Horoscope The Next Few Weeks

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Mercury moves into Capricorn
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It’s time to get down to business.

On January 12th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, changing the way that we communicate and our ambition to get things done.

Mercury is the planet that governs communication which is why, when this planet retrogrades, it wreaks havoc on relationships of all kinds. This time around though, the planet has already turned direct but was in its shadow phase, meaning it hadn’t yet returned to its normal movement.

Now, we have Mercury leaving its shadow zone and entering to Capricorn, which means it's all business.

Capricorn energy is one that we start the year off with normally as it’s the sun sign for the beginning of January. Yet this year, we have seen several planets and even moons in Capricorn which really is lending itself to this “it’s time to get down to business” attitude we all have felt stirring within us.

This year going about business as normal is just not an option. With so much stirring change within us, it seems that not only are we meant to do things differently this time around but that we also are encouraged to take action now.

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Mercury is also known as the trickster planet because sometimes, in certain zodiac signs, he has a way of twisting our words or actions until we hardly recognize them ourselves. But in Capricorn, he’s making peace with the previous retrograde phase and will be leaving free-spirited, adventurous Sagittarius to action-orientated Capricorn.

Sometimes, Capricorn gets a bad rep for being boring or overly logical, yet this sign has some important qualities that we are in need of right now if we are actually going to do the work to start manifesting our dreams. 

Right now is only the beginning.

2017 was the year of beginnings, but so many were frustrated because it seemed like we were able to see where we wanted to be yet just couldn’t actually get to the door to open it. The reality is that we were building last year, in many cases without even knowing it. We were learning, experiencing and building the framework for our next big adventure, which is what 2018 is all about.

2018 is here not as whisper or as a chance to learn from our past mistakes; instead, it is the year that picks us up off the floor, dusts us off, kicks us in our ass a bit, and reminds us why we are here.

The energy of Capricorn that we are experiencing now along with having all planets direct until March is serving as that proverbial kick in the butt that we all so desperately need. But before we can actually move forward, we have to believe that we are capable of having that new beginning.

It seems that on a whole, even though we all ring in the New Year exuberantly, secretly we still are holding the past over our own heads. Yet to truly move on and make the decision to not only follow our hearts but also to create something new requires that we first release ourselves from all of our "would’ve" and "should’ve."

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No one is stopping us from going in a new direction but ourselves, and no one is going to be able to help us if we still don’t believe that it’s possible.

But this is where Mercury in Capricorn comes in, because it’s just not going to let us get off the easy way. This month we are seeing an incredible amount of planetary action, not just setting up the idea of new beginnings but also really motivating us to take a step toward that newness. This month is all about action.

We are being supported and challenged to walk our talk and to truly believe that it’s possible to get everything we’ve always wanted. Change happens slowly and in the time that it is meant to, but we also are often afraid of failing and of ending up right back where we are now.

There are no guarantees in life, but once we accept that ending up the same place is impossible, we will then free ourselves to accept and actively take part in the new beginning that is trying to edge its way into our consciousness.

For many, when Mercury moves into Capricorn over the next month, it's going to change the way we talk to ourselves and those that we love and work with. We are going to be more solution-orientated than just purely goal-orientated; instead of just talking about a problem, we’re also going to know what needs to be done in order to solve it.

We’re also going to be more descriptive and real with our lovers, talking about why we love them, thanking them for the role they’ve had in our lives, and also making plans for what the next steps in the relationship should be. The end of last year saw an influx of engagements and commitments, and with the Capricorn energy and green light of all direct planets, it’s a wave that will likely ride into early March.

During the new few weeks, we will also be more focused upon the details and how every little thing ends up affecting the bigger picture later on down the road. This isn’t a time for stagnation, but for planning and plotting so we can feel confident when we take action and move into our new beginning.

The reality is that we can have any life that we want, but we also have to make the decision to work for it. Not that everything has to be difficult or hard, but we can’t draw a sketch of our dreams and then hand it off for another to build.

It’s our job to take matters into our own hands and realize that there is no time like now to get down to business and make it happen.

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