How Mars Moving Into Scorpio Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Mars moving into Scorpio
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Sometimes, it's just all or nothing.

The benefit of being in an all or nothing type of situation is that we can end up with it all if we’re brave enough to just go for it.

December is a hot and heavy month for astrology, and it’s not messing around. It’s almost like the heavens met and said, "Alright, not only are we going to set things right, but we’re going to go out with a bang this year." And that's exactly what will happen with Mars moving into Scorpio.

Sometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan, but only because we’re meant for so much more. This past year had so many twists and turns that it was impossible to know where we were ultimately going to land. 

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Part of the journey for all of us was to give into the not knowing. It seems that we all make plans for how we think our life will go and the greatest difficulties we encounter are when we struggle to let life deviate from the plan.

The biggest decision we can make is to let life be what it will instead of making it into what we think it should be. And perhaps that was one of the biggest lessons we had to learn over this past year: that it’s okay to trust sometimes not knowing where we’re headed but ultimately believing that we will end up exactly where we belong.

There is a lot happening at the beginning of December to set the stage for what is going to be brought our way. We have planets that are inspiring us to take the next step in our romantic relationships, clear the way for healing, help us reflect on where we’ve been, and now we have Mars moving into Scorpio, lighting a fire under each of us, whispering to go for it.

It doesn’t so much matter what it is, because we all have an "it" right now. We have something that we have been drawn to, a moment or a decision that we have spent possibly years preparing ourselves for. And now is simply the time to just go for it.

We can’t tip toe into change, nor can we build a safety net for big choices. In life, we simply have the choice to go all in or not, to hold back or resist or simply make the choice to jump all in. Take the leap, make the change, and leave no stone unturned in the process. By doing this, not only are we giving the new situation our full focus, but we also are leaving out the possibility of failure.

This time is all about not only going all in but also realizing that some things really do work, and sometimes when someone says forever, they actually mean it.

Because of the connection to Venus in Sagittarius, Chiron turning direct and the super moon we just experienced, many of us are feeling this big "it" in terms of our hearts and primary relationship. There will be many of us who feel inspired to just go for it, while some of us may get to that point where we have finally decided to end things in a significant relationship. But most of the energies point to that already having occurred during the months of October or November.

This means that it’s really not so much about endings this month, but about new beginnings and phases. So many times in terms of relationships I hear people describe an end point or a victory, but the reality is that the best kind of love stories simply have no ending. There is no happily ever after because real love never ends. But it does evolve and change and, most importantly, it grows.

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This month, even though we’re under the dark skies of December, we will be growing exponentially in a new direction and while it’s not one we ever anticipated going in, that also doesn’t mean it’s not exactly where we are meant to be.

To choose to go for it doesn’t mean that we know what tomorrow will bring. It doesn’t even mean that we know what is around the next bend or even at the top of our staircase. But it does mean that we’re choosing to take that next step and begin this journey by just going for it.

Maybe this month isn’t so much about love for you but career or family changes. Maybe you recently found out you were pregnant or are planning to start trying to conceive, or maybe this month is about you finally making the choice to do you. To stop dating Mr. What’s His Name because you'rE lonely and instead make the choice to just live life for you and enjoy this holiday season with the people that you really care about.

There isn’t anything wrong with changing our minds, but there is something about this month that is calling to us to make a change and in a really big way. Almost as if the universe is reminding us that there is no halfway when it comes to making our dreams come true. And that’s because there’s not — we either choose to go all in or we sit back wishing we had.

It’s going to be impossible to stand still this month even if it seems the changes are daunting and almost too big for us, because we’re ready even if it's still a question whether we are or not. We’ve been through so much recently that we are deserving of all the good that is coming our way: all of our blessings, the love, and even the success because the past is the past for a reason.

We have learned what we were meant to, and now the only thing left to do is leave the past where it belongs because we won’t need it where we’re headed.

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