How Venus Moving Into Sagittarius Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Venus moves into Sagittarius
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Sometimes, we just know.

During the early part of December, Venus moves into Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of freedom. According to astrology, Venus is the planet of love and this transit will not only open up the pathways of love, but it will also give our hearts time and opportunity to learn how to love outside of the shadows.

During your horoscopes the past few weeks, Venus moved through the dark and shadowy Scorpio which is sometimes seen as one of the darker phases for her to move through. Yet with everything else, there was a purpose.

If we recently began or contemplated a new love interest, it may have seemed like it was safer to keep it in the shadows quietly away from the scrutiny or judgment of onlookers. This is because deep Scorpio energy can be very dark, even if it is seen as passionate.

So when we add love into the mix, it can become confusing as to how to transition what we are feeling on the inside to what life looks like on the outside.

As much as those feelings or situations began to bloom, they still have been unseen. This transit confuses the difference between secrecy and discretion. In a world where it seems we are Snapchatting our every moment and tagging our way through our love lives, the very act of having a love affair out of the eyes of the world becomes rebellious simply by nature.

Venus in Scorpio was into the secrecy, not just discretion. She didn’t want anyone else to know what made her heart throb and the whole idea of keeping something hidden away from the rest of the world seemed illustrious, mysterious even, because we needed that quiet to process and experience Venus’s depths.

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But now, all that will begin to shift as Venus moves out of the depths and into the open expanse of Sagittarius. As important as a shift this is, it will only last for a few weeks before ending the year in Capricorn. But sometimes, it seems that we have to remember that all it takes is one moment, one choice, and one day to change our entire lives.

We all know those couples that dated for years before moving in, becoming engaged, or any other traditional next step aspect. And we also have heard of those crazy whirlwind romances that seem to defy any sort of logic. What’s interesting is that those relationships that last for years are seen as normal, whereas those that manifest more instantaneously are seen as reckless.

But sometimes, when we know, we just... know.

Perhaps there were moments over the past month that left us speechless because, somehow, what we experienced was beyond what we thought was possible or even just confused, because it didn’t seem that there was a way for us to show our hearts to the world.

When Venus moves into Sagittarius, she loves differently. She loves without borders, without secrets and, most of all, with an agenda of what love was supposed to be. She doesn’t live in the shadows nor is she afraid of what others would think.

Yet it’s not enough to just love or to even have love; in Sagittarius, it’s about where that love will go. How does life change because of the freedom to just be or to be creatively inspired by our love? This era, while just a few weeks long, truly has the possibility to change everything that we have known.

But Sagittarius doesn’t like to follow rules or really even acknowledge that there are any. It doesn’t matter what the expectations are or even what the predetermined plans were because all Sagittarius cares about is being free. It’s not just the act of freedom, but of loving freely, living freely, and having the audacity to design the type of romance that truly fulfills our hearts.

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So, what does this really mean for love over the next few weeks? To put it simply, anything is possible.

For those of us that have been in relationships, we might find ourselves venturing further out into the open, jumping expected stages altogether, and leaping into what feels like the next chapter for us. Sagittarius likes expansiveness and to go big.

This means that there will not be as much second-guessing or holding back. It’s going to forward motion and it may not make sense to anyone in particular, but Sagittarius won’t care because if it feels like freedom then that is the only thing that matters.

For those of us who have been home enjoying Netflix or the casual night out with girls, we can expect some big changes our way too, even if we’re not in a relationship. We will become clearer about what it is we want out of life, love and what that personally means to us. 

Sometimes we just need to know ourselves before we can truly feel like we know another.

The next few weeks might feel chaotic with all of our planetary activity but only because we’re being asked to step out from the darkness and into the light. To walk our truth with the same conviction that we speak about it, and if love is all that truly matters, are we actually living as if that is our reality?

Sometimes we just know and when we do, we usually want to act upon it, to move in the direction of whatever it is that is calling our hearts and igniting our passions. Love won’t always make sense and at times, two people will never find anything that is logical. But that doesn’t mean that it’s exactly the kind of relationship that can last forever.

We’re being dared by the universe to step out from the shadows, to believe in magic, and to take that leap of faith. After all, when we know, we just know. 

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