How The Full Moon In Taurus Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Full Moon In Taurus November 2017
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Sometimes you just have to make the decision to be happy.

On Friday, November 3rd to the early morning of Saturday, November 4th, 2017 there will be a full moon in Taurus. The zodiac sign Taurus is represented by the bull, which means the two different personality paradigms will be present: stubborn and relentless or passive.

The question will be which path ultimately is going to lead to you manifesting the life you want?

Taurus likes to be steady about everything, to weigh its options and to know 100 percent without a doubt that it’s making the right choice. But how often is life really like that?

The reality is that for many of us, lately we’ve weighed all the options, the pros and cons, and still have found ourselves scratching our heads wondering what the right choice is. Yet, there is only left or right, not necessarily right or wrong.

This full moon is coming in on the start of a new month where we have so many planets aligning with Venus, the planet of love, that it will be impossible to not feel that there are some choices that need to be made in our romantic lives.

We all live within moments that mirror one another. We fall in love, we break down, and in between it all we laugh as much as we can. But there are also those who know that there is more to life than just leaving it all by chance.

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The sun is currently in Scorpio meaning that it’s all about going deep — within our psyches, our subconscious and even our hearts. Whatever is shallow or superficial will fall to the wayside or become absorbed by those feats that are more meaningful.

So perhaps the choice is really whether we are going to go within or keep pretending that what we need can really be found outside of ourselves.

Perhaps this seems like some moon mumbo jumbo that's an excuse for us to lose our minds underneath the stars and kiss strangers in the rain, but each moon serves a purpose. This moon is reminding us that as peaceful as the passive bull is, it’s not him who actually gets what he wants.

So, my dears what is it that you want? What makes your heart take flight? What boils your blood with passion and inspires you to create a new tomorrow? What can’t you imagine living without?

The misconception that we can’t all have what we want is a delusion that is easier to live within because then we don’t actually have to do the work to get it.

Yet, anything that you dream of can become your reality if you’re willing to admit that’s not only what you want but also that you might have to work damn hard to manifest it. No one will ever hand you anything, nothing worthwhile will ever come easy, and no forever amazing love is going to come in peacefully.

We have to expect to become rearranged, confused, spun around until we don’t know which way is up and then be willing to admit that maybe at one point we had it all wrong. Because admitting we didn’t know anything is the first step to learning all that we need to about ourselves.

This moon is a point on a timeline, but it’s not the final ending. It’s the climax, the shock point, the realization that nothing will ever be the same again.

Within each of our lives we have been weaving a story; perhaps it’s one about love and romance, or maybe it’s about endings and divorce. It might be a story of trying to conceive a child, or adopting one. Maybe it’s about a family member or a new job. But whatever your "it" is, it's going to reach a moment within the next week that will change everything forever.

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It sounds big, doesn’t it? Ominous even? Well, there is nothing to fear except change which really is just us unwilling to leave our comfort zones. This moment may happen like a lightning bolt to our lives, or perhaps it will arrive softly as a whisper upon our lips.

Taurus likes to make a stand. To be bold, courageous, steadfast. This moon, we will be that bull; we will take our own lives by the horns and wrangle any lingering confusion or doubt to the ground with our faith in what our future holds.

Because while we all say that there is a choice to move forward, that’s really a decision that doesn’t exist, because life doesn’t come with a rewind button; it only ever moves in one direction, whether we actually want it to or not.

We all knew that these last few months of 2017 were going to be ones for the record books and that means that sometimes we also have to decide to create our own destinies. We have to make the choice to stop making excuses or putting off living because it seems that eventually there will be a better time.

This moon will be the ignition for the month of November and its connection to soulmate and twin flame love affairs, which mean that maybe we all might be taking a stand for love. There is no mistaking that sometimes it’s not about stepping back and letting things happen, but rather, standing up and making them happen.

During the days leading up to this moon and following, we don’t have any need to be shy about what it is that we want because the truth is, it’s taken us long enough to get here. The last thing we need to do is start denying ourselves the very thing we’ve worked for.

It’s a time to stand up, speak up, and be more afraid of an unlived life than we are of taking a chance to give ourselves everything we’ve ever wanted. 

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